Top 10 TV Co-Hosts Who HATE Each Other
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Top 10 TV Co-Hosts Who HATE Each Other

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They may seem perky on TV, but these are the talk show co-hosts who hate each other behind-the-scenes. For this list, we'll be looking at various co-hosts from a variety of reality and talk shows who allegedly don't get along. Our countdown includes “American Idol,” “MythBusters,” “The View,” and more!
Talk about work drama! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Talk Show Co-Hosts who hate each other.

For this list, we’ll be looking at various co-hosts from a variety of reality and talk shows who allegedly don’t get along. At least, not in a friendly, “let’s go get a drink after work” way.

#10: Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman
“MythBusters” (2003-18)

One is loud, exaggerated, and deliriously wacky. The other is reserved, quiet, and introspective. It’s no surprise to hear that they never exactly friends. Now, Adam and Jamie don’t necessarily hate each other. But it’s also a well known open secret that they do not get along on a personal level. Hyneman told Entertainment Weekly that they have never gone out to dinner in the 25 years they have known each other, and also told Access Hollywood that there are times when they “really dislike dealing with each other.” As for future seasons of “MythBusters?” Yeah, we probably shouldn’t count on that…

#9: Ryan Seacrest & Brian Dunkleman
“American Idol” (2002-16; 2018-)

Do you remember when Ryan Seacrest had a co-host? We wouldn’t blame you if you forgot, as it was only for one season way back in 2002. Brian Dunkleman co-hosted “American Idol” with Seacrest during its first season, although it seems like he absolutely hated it. It’s been said that he didn’t like the way the contestants were treated, which reportedly included staging arguments and re-shooting reaction shots with fake tears. He eventually quit the show - just before he supposedly would’ve been fired - and still holds animosity towards Seacrest. He threw a lot of shade before the 2018 Oscars, retweeting critical tweets and explicitly referencing a sexual harassment claim against Seacrest.

#8: Tamar Braxton & Co-Hosts
“The Real” (2013-)

Following a music career that included Tamar Braxton being dropped by one of her record labels, she began hosting the Fox talk show “The Real.” Unfortunately, she was fired in 2016, and no definitive reason was ever given - though a behind-the-scenes ‘betrayal’ was hinted at. Despite this, Braxton pursued music and acting, but the subject of her firing continued to come up. In fact, after appearing on “The Wendy Williams” show in 2019, allegations of a steamy feud between her and her co-hosts were spoken of again, with Braxton referring to her co-hosts as “catty” people who talked behind her back. Braxton followed up her appearance with now-deleted social media posts that implied that her former co-presenter Loni Love was the one responsible for orchestrating her termination. “The Real” hosts then fired back on social media and the show itself, so it seems like this feud is far from over.

#7: Leah Remini & Sharon Osbourne
“The Talk” (2010-)

Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were both dismissed from “The Talk” in 2011, and Remini immediately placed the blame at Sharon Osbourne’s feet. She took to Twitter and claimed that “Sharon thought me and Holly were ‘ghetto,’” which Osbourne in turn called “false gossip.” Osbourne also referred to the allegation as “unprofessional and childish behavior,” and the public feud continued from there. A few years later, Remini also claimed in her memoir that Osbourne called her a “loser” with “nothing else going on in [her] life” However, it seems like Remini has since moved on from the feud, as she told Howard Stern in 2015 that she was not angry with Osbourne. Not only that, she also seemed to take responsibility for the firing, saying, “I wasn’t my best self there.”

#6: Steve Doocy & Gretchen Carlson
“Fox & Friends” (1998-)

Gretchen Carlson was a leading figure in taking down Fox CEO Roger Ailes after accusing him of sexual harassment. This in turn launched a flurry of similar harassment claims, and Ailes eventually resigned from his post. Her sexual harassment claim also implicated Steve Doocy, her co-host on “Fox & Friends” before she left the show in 2013.. According to the allegation, Doocy “engaged in a pattern of severe and pervasive sexual harassment” against Carlson. This included openly mocking her, acting in a sexist and patronizing manner, and treating her like “a blond female prop.” Despite this, Doocy is still employed at “Fox & Friends” and even received a “12 out of 10” loyalty rating from Donald Trump!

#5: Clinton Kelly & Stacy London
“What Not to Wear” (2003-13)

Kelly and London spent nine seasons together as the co-hosts of “What Not to Wear,” a TLC reality show wherein stylists / consultants gave a physical makeover to a nominated participant. When Clinton Kelly took over for Wayne Scot Lukas after season one, he found a personal rival in Stacy London. In his memoir entitled “I Hate Everyone, Except You,” he detailed his personal relationship with London. He says he immediately found the show “mean-spirited and judgmental” and took an instant disliking to his co-star, which came about from a combination of the long hours, persistent proximity to each other, and London’s supposed constant vying for the spotlight. In the end, Kelly states that it “would be just fine if [he] never saw her again.”

#4: Kelly Osbourne & Giuliana Rancic
“Fashion Police” (2010-17)

It seems like Sharon isn’t the only Osbourne embroiled in a personal feud - “Fashion Police” co-hosts Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic have also thrown their share of shade. Much of the rancor stems from the 2015 Academy Awards, when Rancic stated that she felt that Zendaya, who was sporting dreadlocks, “smells like patchouli oil.” Someone else chimed in “or weed,” and the blame was placed on Osbourne. However, Osbourne took to Twitter to clear her name, stating, “I do not condone racism” in a not-so-subtle jab at her co-workers. She subsequently left the show over the debacle and later told The Wrap that she does not like Rancic. In her words, “I don’t think she’s a good person and I think she’s a liar.”

#3: Rosie O’Donnell & Elisabeth Hasselbeck
“The View” (1997-)

“The View” is full of drama. Rosie O’Donnell wasn’t a fan of Whoopi Goldberg and reportedly stated that working with her was “the worst experience [she’s] ever had on live television.” If O’Donnell wasn’t feuding with Goldberg, she was fighting with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Their bitter feud stretches all the way back to 2007, when O’Donnell left the show earlier than previously announced over an on-screen incident involving her working relationship with Hasselbeck. When it was announced that Rosie would be returning in 2014, Hasselbeck was quick with a condemnation. Things got even more awkward when Rosie revealed in a 2019 book that she had a non-sexualized” crush” on Hasselbeck and that there were “underlying lesbian undertones on both parts.” Hasselbeck in turn called O’Donnell’s comments as “disturbing,” wrong, and offensive.

#2: Ann Curry & Matt Lauer
“Today” (1952-)

Ann Curry and Matt Lauer served as co-anchors of “Today” from June 2011 to June 2012. She tearfully announced on-air that she was leaving the show, and speculation as to why immediately began to dominate pop culture consciousness. New York magazine placed the blame on Lauer, saying, “[Matt] simply didn’t like her.” The magazine claims that they had no off-air chemistry and that Lauer ignored Curry’s requests for advice. She later appeared on “CBS This Morning” and was frustratingly cagey about the behind-the-scenes drama, although she did reveal that she “wasn’t surprised” by the sexual abuse allegations aimed at Lauer. She also claims to have warned NBC executives about Lauer’s controversial behavior five years before he was fired.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Pat O’Brien & Nancy O’Dell
“Access Hollywood” (1996-)

Meghan McCain & Co-Hosts
“The View” (1997-)

Star Jones & Barbara Walters
“The View” (1997-)

#1: Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan
“Live with Kelly and Ryan” (1983-)

In 2016, it was announced that Michael Strahan was leaving “Live with Kelly and Michael” to pursue a co-anchoring opportunity on “Good Morning America.” However, this announcement came as a complete surprise to his co-host, Kelly Ripa, who was reportedly left “completely blindsided” and “furious” over the surprise announcement. She subsequently took time off work and their personal relationship completely fell apart. They are now on unfriendly terms, with Michael saying, “Toward the end of it all, we didn’t really communicate that much.” He also adds, “At one point I think we were friends,” implying that they are no longer.