The Ultimate Superhero Bracket: Marvel | Part 1



The Ultimate Superhero Bracket: Marvel | Part 1

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
With such a vast line up, picking the best Marvel hero is going to be a tough one! This video is part of a series in which we'll be matching up heroes in brackets of single-elimination knockout rounds - with Marvel heroes in one video and DC heroes in another. We'll then pit the winners against each other in the ultimate Marvel vs. DC Versus. For this video we'll be looking at who reigns supreme in Marvel comics.
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Which do-gooder (or antihero) deserves the crown? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ve assembled Marvel’s top tier heroes to see who reigns supreme.

This video is part of a series in which we’ll be matching up heroes in brackets of single-elimination knockout rounds - with Marvel heroes in one video and DC heroes in another. We’ll then pit the winners against each other in the ultimate Marvel vs. DC Versus.

We’re not necessarily looking at who’d win in a fight, but rather who’s made the greatest impact and feels the most relevant across various media - including film, television, and (of course) comics. We’ll also be taking into account their powers, publication history, personality, name recognition, and yes… to a certain extent, their prowess in battle.

Round 1

Spider-Man vs. Daredevil
They both call New York City home and are known for their daring, high-flying acrobatics. Bbut this competition ain’t big enough for the both of them - regardless of their history of team-ups. Neither being a stranger to struggle, Spidey and Daredevil have each weathered public embarrassment in the form of lackluster films. But while Daredevil’s Netflix series was top-notch, Spidey joining the MCU has made the already-iconic hero more omnipresent than ever! And so the webslinger swings to victory.

Winner: Spider-Man

Luke Cage vs. Black Widow
One is a wrongfully imprisoned ex-con with unbreakable skin and superhuman strength. The other is an artificially-enhanced Russian spy with Olympic-level agility, balance and stamina. Not exactly two peas in a pod, but these heroes have one key commonality - they’ve overcome prejudice in their respective publications. Evolving from the racist / sexist caricatures they debuted as in the ‘60s and ‘70s respectively, both are now fully-fleshed out, nuanced characters. But Widow’s profile is undeniably higher, and so she moves on!

Winner: Black Widow

Hulk vs. Thing
When it comes to heavy-hitting Marvel superheroes, Hulk and the Thing are just about as big as they get. The former is a gamma-irradiated green creature fueled by rage; the latter is something of a gentle giant, but armed with his rock-like skin, he’s a master clobberer when the situation calls for it! The two have generated decades worth of debate as to who’s stronger, but given Hulk’s seemingly limitless strength (and big screen superiority) he wins this bout.

Winner: Hulk

Thor vs. Captain Marvel
Considering both these characters have been brought to life on the big screen in such spectacular fashion, this ain’t easy! Thor is a literal god with a lengthy comic book history, while Carol Danvers has slowly but surely risen from humble beginnings to become one of the publisher’s most important characters. Captain Marvel feels central to the future of both Marvel comics and the MCU, but until she fully realizes her potential, Thor’s legacy secures the win - for now...

Winner: Thor

Deadpool vs. Wolverine
Rarely have two characters shared so much in common and been more fundamentally different. Between their uncanny healing factors, enhanced physiologies and combat skills, they’re certainly evenly matched. But whereas Deadpool is a fast-talking lunatic, Wolverine is more of the strong silent type. Deadpool’s comedic stylings make him one of a kind, but unfortunately, just like at the Oscars, comedies rarely make as big an impact as a quality drama. And so Wolverine’s brooding ways win him the round!

Winner: Wolverine

Captain America vs. Punisher
Both of these men have committed their lives to the pursuit of justice, but they serve it up in VERY different ways. Captain America is the ultimate boy scout, a patriot who, even before being bestowed with superhuman abilities, was guided by a clear sense of right and wrong. Frank Castle, for his part, believes in playing judge, jury and executioner and relishes getting his hands dirty. His might be the more compelling story, but Cap is an inspiration.

Winner: Captain America

Iron Man vs. Black Panther
Before debuting in the MCU, both of these characters did alright for themselves. But thanks to the performances of Robert Downey Jr. and Chadwick Boseman, Iron Man and Black Panther are now pop culture icons. In 2019, Black Panther made history when his 2018 debut solo feature became the first superhero film ever nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. Be that as it may, Iron Man was the foundation for the entire MCU, and for that reason, Stark wins.

Winner: Iron Man

Doctor Strange vs. Ghost Rider
In a sea of similarly-dressed superheroes, Ghost Rider certainly stands-out. He’s a freaking flaming skeleton on a motorcycle who serves as the Spirit of Vengeance! And in the other corner, we have Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme and master of the mystic arts. Both characters are, quite frankly, woefully underappreciated by the masses, but Ghost Rider’s attempts to reach a wider audience have largely been painful to watch. That effectively hands Strange the victory.

Winner: Doctor Strange

Round 2

Spider-Man vs. Black Widow
These two make for an interesting pairing because they’re such different characters. Spidey has a no kill-rule, whereas Black Widow, as her name suggests, is lethal by nature. Spider-Man has long been among Marvel’s most popular characters, while Black Widow’s place in the MCU has seen her popularity explode. It remains to be seen how Black Widow fairs at the box office on her first solo outing, but Spidey’s recent financial history will be tough to top. Spidey webs another win!

Winner: Spider-Man

Hulk vs. Thor
As the classic Avengers lineup goes, Thor and Hulk are the team’s heaviest hitters. Both having made their debut in 1962, they’re also evenly matched in terms of comic book history. Considering they made for such a dynamic duo in “Thor: Ragnarok”, it pains us to pick favorites. But this is a competition, so we’re asking… which character resonates more? Anger issues are arguably more relatable than Norse god problems, and so Hulk smashes through to the next round!

Winner: Hulk

Wolverine vs. Captain America
Logan and Steve Rogers are both men from a bygone era. Due to Wolverine’s dramatically slowed aging and Steve Rogers having been on ice for decades, they’ve both seen more than their fair share of conflict, hardship and loss. We’d gladly watch Wolverine brood all day - thus his long-standing popularity with readers and cinemagoers alike. But at the end of the day, with his tactical know-how and level-headedness, Cap is the hero you can really count on.

Winner: Captain America

Iron Man vs. Doctor Strange
It’s the ultimate showdown between science and magic. As arguably the most technologically-minded genius around, Iron Man seems to have a suit for every situation. But the same could be said for Doctor Strange and his mental encyclopedia of spells. They’ve both saved Earth and/or reality more times than we can count. But when it comes to earthly concerns, Iron Man is the one who’s more likely to save the day. For being the hero we need, Stark wins!

Winner: Iron Man

Round 3

Spider-Man vs. Hulk
If both of these characters were complete unknowns… our money would be on the Jade Giant over the teenage webhead. But these two have got a lot of history to consider - and contend with. During their long publishing runs, Spider-Man and Hulk have both suffered for their art in terms of character development; Peter is the eternal teenager, whereas Hulk has often gotten drastic overhauls for fear of his rage angle becoming stale. All said and done, we prefer the ever-reliable Spider-Man.

Winner: Spider-Man

Captain American vs. Iron Man
These men are both natural leaders, albeit with very different styles. It’s a dynamic that has been explored at length across various mediums - with the two often butting heads. Cap sees the world in black and white, whereas Tony Stark is more utilitarian. He believes that the smartest person in the room should lead, and he always believes himself to fit that description. Cap always plays fair, but sometimes… you need Stark’s approach to get the job done.

Winner: Iron Man

Round 4

Spider-Man vs. Iron Man
This is a tough one to contemplate. Who wants to see a mentor pitted against the young hero he took under his wing? Even in the comics, Peter Parker and Tony Stark have (at times) been far closer than most heroes. At one point, Peter and his family were even living in Avengers Tower! It was Iron Man who, during Civil War, convinced Spider-Man to reveal his true identity to the world - with terrible repercussions. And therein lies the greatest distinction between them; both are brilliant and proven superheroes, but the flip side of Stark’s ability to focus on the big picture is that he can be detached to a fault. Spider-Man is a deeply human hero - and that makes him the people’s champ, and our winner for the Marvel bracket!
My favorite actually won for once! Usually in these kinds of things my favorite loses, often in the first round.