Top 10 BenDeLaCreme Moments on RuPaul’s Drag Race



Top 10 BenDeLaCreme Moments on RuPaul's Drag Race

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
These BenDeLaCreme moments on RuPaul's Drag Race were the crème de la crème. For this list, we'll be looking at BenDeLa's most iconic performances from her multiple runs on “Drag Race.” Our countdown includes Miss Congeniality, the cougar, Bianca puppet, and more!
You know what they say, the Crem always rises to the top. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 BenDeLaCreme Moments on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

For this list, we’ll be looking at BenDeLa’s most iconic performances from her multiple runs on “Drag Race.” We’re basing our choices on a mix of sheer hilarity, creative ideas and performances that left us in awe of her talent. We’ll be looking at events from multiple seasons, so a SPOILER ALERT is in order.

#10: Miss Congeniality

BenDeLaCreme had succeeded early on in season six, and established a solid rapport as a funny queen. So when she was eliminated by Darienne Lake, it rubbed many fans the wrong way. The backlash had even resulted in petitions to return Crem to the show. With such a huge community behind her, BenDeLa satisfyingly won the viewer-decided Miss Congeniality title. Her nod to fans who loved her drag was an especially heartwarming addition to the acceptance speech too. Though it didn’t hurt that she had given a gift to Darienne that episode to show there were no hard feelings. And since Ben wore her victory dress on “All Stars,” the title clearly meant a lot to her.

#9: Hairy Runway
“The B*tchelor”

For an “All Stars” runway set to feature multiple wigs, each queen had to get creative with their reveals. So as BenDeLa walked out with a truly large do, she mixed a vintage look with hints of Michelle Visage. And the judges didn’t miss this detail either. Her three-foot wig reveal was wonderfully unexpected, especially under her already massive locks. Plus her second skirt doubled as another set of wigs. BenDelaCreme was one of the few queens to incorporate hair into her wardrobe as well. Along with the colorful commentary it spawned from the judges, this extended wig reveal was a knockout that earned her an early win.

#8: The Cougar
“The B*tchelor”

A “Bachelor” parody challenge saw BenDela embody a saucy, old cougar, and add her own spin to it. Her antics had Michelle Visage laughing from the get-go, since she hysterically exposed herself while leaving the limo. Ben would also cleverly use her drink to earn laughs between lines, and added a whole goofy stumble to her persona. It was all her handsy grabbing and body shaking towards Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman that transfixed viewers over Bebe Zahara Benet. Though BenDeLa’s motherly comments instilled a gross-out factor that made the character comically off-putting too. This endless stream of character quirks showed how well BenDeLa could outshine her competitors without ever stepping on their lines.

#7: Rainbow Runway
“RuPaul’s Big Opening: Part 1”

With just a box of “The Golden Girls”-themed fabric, BenDeLaCreme had to craft an entirely original look. The result was a stunning blend of rainbow fabric topped with extravagant neck and headpieces. Her look was glam but also funny, and BenDeLa brought out a cheesecake just to ham it up further. She also kept the judges equally amazed and entertained when she implied how maniacally the outfit came together. BenDeLaCreme’s colorful mélange led to a win as well, since it was one of the only frocks to commit to a full concept. Amongst her many unique looks on “Drag Race,” this Golden Girls look set off her run on the show with style.

#6: Julie Andrews Dance
“Divas Lip Sync Live”

A full-blown “All Star” lip sync competition had BenDeLa performing RuPaul’s “Call Me Mother.” The challenge was that she also had to impersonate Julie Andrews from “The Sound of Music” between all the dancing. BenDeLa absolutely nailed all the lightning fast wordplay and laughably kept some of her choreography conservative to match Andrews’ elegance. This allowed her twerking and bombastic moves to feel more comedic by comparison. Though her singing in “Shade: the Rusical” was a wonderful show of talent, the Divas lip sync blended her comedy and character more excitingly. Besides, BenDeLaCreme deserved credit simply for getting the often critical Todrick Hall to cheer for her dancing.

#5: Bianca Puppet
“Glitter Ball”

BenDeLaCreme was given Bianca Del Rio for a puppet competition, so of course she gave it messed up teeth. Her loud and gravelly voice for Bianca really had us in hysterics, and added a humorous tone to everything she said. Her angry shouts about Del Rio’s repetitive wardrobe had Bianca laughing at her own faults. And there were plenty of good jokes about Bianca’s narcissistic attitude. BenDeLa hilariously made fun of herself as well, just to mock Del Rio’s constant insults. By dialing this caricature up to eleven, BenDeLaCreme even brought giggles out of Bianca’s catchphrases.

#4: Eliminating Herself
“Handmaids to Kitty Girls”

On “All Stars,” BenDeLa won handfuls of challenges, and secured one of the strongest runs on any “Drag Race” season. And her lip sync win against Bebe Zahara Benet left everyone wondering if Shangela, Trixie Mattel or Kennedy Davenport would go home. So jaws were on the floor when she shockingly revealed a custom lipstick to send herself home instead. The self-destructive choice was unexpected, and particularly disheartening considering how well BenDeLa had done on the season. After her previous controversial elimination, this decision left fans upset again. This said, it was great to see BenDeLa go out on her own terms for once.

#3: Bug Runway
“Queens of Talk”

An animal themed outfit request had queens embody birds, cats and in BenDeLa’s case, insects. Her crawling fly illusion was creepy and impressive, while her commitment to the postures really enhanced the look. By the time the oohs and aahs from the judges had settled, BenDeLa had made the impressive transformation into her full dress. Her use of purple and black was a nice combination, and the fact that her skirt doubled for leg-bends showed she had artistic vision. BenDeLaCreme was also the only person to attempt an illusion, let alone two complete looks in one. So though she didn’t win, Ben took this concept to a much more creative end than anyone else in the competition.

#2: “Anaconda” Lip Sync
“All Star Variety Show”

In the first episode, Ben was facing off with Aja in a lip sync for your legacy set to “Anaconda.” Though she had fun outfit props in her talent show, this head-to-head would demand more of her abilities. Aja was pointing and kicking out furiously, which made for some exciting and technically impressive dancing. BenDeLa on the other hand was accentuating all of Nicki Minaj’s sass in her movements and pouty lips. This comedic approach to the song played to the production hilariously, and had the judges hollering through her interpretations of samples. When she choked her way through Nicki’s raspy laugh, it was enough to have the viewers and RuPaul in stitches.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Horror Film Trailer Character
“Scream Queens”

All Purpose Soup
“Pop Art Ball”

Darienne’s Top
“Scream Queens”

All Star Library
“All Star Variety Show”

Runway Narration
“Pop Art Ball”

#1: Maggie Smith Snatch Game
“Snatch Game”

RuPaul was skeptical about Maggie Smith in a Snatch Game, but BenDeLaCreme insisted it could work. Her version of Smith’s sassy “Downton Abbey” character as a person out of touch with modern life allowed for constant period humor. Ben hysterically played oblivious to technology and her innocence to partying was even funnier. Her old-timey comebacks to digs at her accent showed how well she could improv, and she kept it going when other queens slipped up. BenDeLa never missed on her answers, and was entertaining just moving her head around. Next to her other comedic performances, Maggie Smith has endured as her best work to date.