Top 10 Times Anime Made Us Feel Dirty



Top 10 Times Anime Made Us Feel Dirty

VOICE OVER: Todd Haberkorn WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
Now we need to scrub our souls clean. Join Ashley as he counts down the scenes from an anime that made us feel oh so unclean, as seen in such hit series as "Interspecies Reviewers", "Hunter x Hunter", "Prison School", "Gintama", "Aho Girl", "Arifureta", "Monogatari", "Golden Boy", "Kengan Ashura", and more!
Top 10 Anime Moments That Will Make You Feel Dirty

Why must you leave me feeling so unclean?! Welcome to WatchMojo and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anime Moments That Will Make You Feel Dirty.

For this list, we’ll be counting down our picks for the scenes in anime that left us feeling like we needed to scrub our eyes and souls from the sheer lewdness and depravity these series presented to us.

#10: Hisoka's Antics

“Hunter x Hunter” (2011-14)

By himself, this magician is already one creepy customer. Not only is he constantly trying to hold back his bloodlust, but his whole back of tricks often involves someone getting dismembered. That being said, his most disturbing moments came via his infatuation with Gon and the gang, where he wasn’t so much fascinated by their determination to get stronger as he was…aroused. There are too many moments of this jester visibly displaying his fully charged Nen at the lads for us not to feel uncomfortable…

#9: How to Train Your Dragon

“Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest” (2019)

I mean, pets do need discipline, but don’t you think that shoving a pile bunker up the arse of a female dragon in order to make her submit to your will is a bit…excessive? Not if you’re Hajime, who manages to not only tame the fire breathing beast thanks to his rectum intrusion technique, but also gets a new waifu along the way when it’s revealed the dragon can change into a voluptuous human form whenever she chooses. Well, that’s certainly one to tell the future grandkids.

#8: Mockey & Honald

“Kengan Ashura” (2019)

If you’re a Disney purist, look away now. While the enterprise known as Tochigi Destiny Land is obviously a clear satire of the Mouse House, the most unsettling aspect doesn’t come from the mere existence of the bootleg version of the famous mascot duo, it’s actually from Tomoko’s reaction to seeing them backstage of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. Sure, seeing her get all giddy at the nostalgia is all well and cute, but then you learn that her sexual awakening involved some heavy yaoi fun times between anthropomorphic versions of said mascots, complete with visual re-enactment. Too much information lady!

#7: Shinpachi’s First Kiss

“Gintama” (2006-)

The follies of youth may cause some people to make a mistake due to hormones and the first blush of a potential romance but…seriously dude?!
Yes, the thing before you has a beautiful face and is likely one of the few people to ever show you interest, but did you suddenly forget that up to a few second ago she looked like a giant, soaked bug conjured out of your grossest nightmares? Apparently the alure was just too much for Shinpachi, who after accidently kissing this hideous creature becomes infactuated with it. He may not regret, but we sure do!

#6: Toilet Time

“Golden Boy” (1995-96)

In fairness to Kintaro, if your employer chooses to dress in a red, latex outfit which leaves zero to the imagination, then you’re bound to have the occasional lewd thought during the course of your workday. The problem stems from his seeming inability to stop himself fantasizing about her whilst scrubbing the toilets, loudly at that. You’d think him ranting and raving about how he wants his new Queen to punish him while toilet water gets splashed over him would be as cringey as it gets. But then she happens to walk in to witness the final flush. HR probably had a field day with this one.

#5: Sayaka’s Test

“Aho-Girl” (2017)

Like mother, like daughter, in the worst ways possible. In order to ensure that the pure-hearted Sayaka isn’t going to steal away the uninterested boy of her dreams, Yoshiko devises a test – expose her panties.
Because in her mind, if they’re cute, she gets a pass and there’s nothing to worry about. But even if they’re slightly enticing, then Sayaka must be a man-eater and shall be purged as such. Of course, Yoshiko’s mother is all for this, considering that Akuru is the only way her daughter will ever leave the damn house. Honestly, poor Sayaka should probably lawyer up after this whole incident…

#4: Golden Shower

“Prison School” (2015)

Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy seeing a passionate, hateful love story as much as the next person, and while Hana and Kiyoshi’s hilariously violent relationship is oh so entertaining, we were hoping that it wouldn’t have to involve so much…uh…bodily fluids. After accidentally spying on the school council member going about her business outside, Hana railroads Kiyoshi in a bathroom stall, where she demands compensation via him peeing in front of her. One scuffle later and Hana finds herself regretting her actions, on in this case, having them stained all over her uniform.

#3: The Toothbrush

“Nisemonogatari” (2012)

I feel like I’ve talked about this one scene involving two siblings brushing teeth in an erotic fashion way longer than I’m contractually obliged.
While their mouths are certainly clean, the situation itself is about the furthest thing from hygienic as you can get, with Koyomi’s precision with the toothbrush eventually causing Karen to concede about getting jiggy with him. Honestly, the only thing dirtier than the incestuous intentions between these two is how they exploited the holy practise of dentistry in the process. Now I can’t brush without hearing the moans!

#2: The Whole Damn Show

“Interspecies Reviewers” (2020)

It says a lot when an anime is apparently so risqué that every major streaming service drops it like the plague, which is shocking if you think about it. Not only has similar content made it to air in the past without so much a hitch, but beneath all its outrageous fanservice, this show had heart! And brothels. And monster girls. And whole lot of other crazy stuff we can’t mention! Yeah, by risqué, we me RISQUE.

#1: Put That Cookie Down!

“Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist” (2015)

Baking is truly one of the greatest ways one can express their love for a person, especially if they’ve got a true talent for making cookies. Anna happens to be one such baker, who happens to be hopelessly in love with her chosen white-bread protagonist.
Oh, you’re wondering where the vulgarity is? Well, Anna’s love isn’t only one-sided but it’s so dangerously potent it might as well be its own cult, to the point where she was more than happy to mix her womanly fluids in with the cookies. No wonder they tasted so…moist.