Top 10 Times Cole Sprouse Was Awesome



Top 10 Times Cole Sprouse Was Awesome

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There are so many times Cole Sprouse was awesome. For this list, we'll be looking at various inspiring, funny, and bold moments from the life of Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse. Our countdown includes twin antics with Dylan, trolling Donald Trump, acknowledging his misgivings about “Riverdale,” and more!
Who says child stars are doomed to grow up troubled? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Cole Sprouse Was Awesome.

For this list, we’ll be looking at various inspiring, funny, and bold moments from the life of Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse. Please note, we will not be including his film and television roles, like Cody Martin, which was included in our list of the Top 10 Best Cole Sprouse Moments.

#10: Twin Antics with Dylan

Growing up, it's not uncommon to fantasize about having an identical twin; think of all the wacky antics and pranks you could pull! Realistically though, we doubt that many twins out there continue to take advantage of having a doppelganger as they enter adulthood. It’s hard to imagine Mary-Kate and Ashley, now in their 30s, trying to dupe a waiter or their parents. But hey, Cole and Dylan Sprouse aren’t your average twins! A natural pair of jokers, the Sprouse brothers took advantage of their twin-tastic looks and actually swapped places at their college graduation. “The Suite Life” may have ended in 2011 when the characters graduated high school, but this little stunt felt like it was pulled right out of the playbook of Zack and Cody!

#9: Talking about “Five Feet Apart”

When films center their narrative around a health condition, they often get the facts wrong or misrepresent illnesses in the name of drama. For his starring role in the 2019 film “Five Feet Apart”, Cole Sprouse was all too aware of this issue and chose to address such concerns head on. As he explained to Vice Magazine, he felt confident playing the role of Will Newman because the director was working so closely with cystic fibrosis experts and patients. As Cole explains, for him, the film was a “good opportunity to bring representation to a community”. Some still took issue with using cystic fibrosis in a teen romance, but many parties praised it for raising awareness, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

#8: Acknowledging his Misgivings about “Riverdale”

As a general rule, you never bad mouth the film or series that you’re working on. Unless done just right, it has a high risk of blowing up in your face. Speaking candidly with WWD in 2017, Sprouse admitted "At first when I received the script for the Archie show, I was immediately turned off". Later that year, explaining why his brother doesn’t watch the show, Cole told Elle that "this kind of programming has never really been our flavor of choice.” Both comments could have resulted in a backlash, but Cole has a way with words, and always manages to put such statements in a thoughtful context and avoid offense. In the end, fans just love him all the more for being honest!

#7: Trolling Donald Trump

Cole Sprouse is many things, but shy isn’t one of them. Back before he deleted his Twitter account, Cole Sprouse used the platform to have a bit of fun with the 45th President of the United States in 2017. On April 17th of that year, Donald Trump published one of his trademark tweets questioning the accuracy of what he deems the “Fake Media”. Throwing a curveball POTUS’s way, Sprouse replied asking Trump to prom if he got enough retweets. Sadly, it would seem that over 38,000 retweets was not enough to make Trump show up. While this particular tweet might be fairly lighthearted, Sprouse didn’t hold anything back when Trump was facing impeachment, tweeting “SLEEeep im-heavenlllly-peachhhh. #happyholidays2019”.

#6: His Instagram Accounts: @camera_Duels and @sprousemasterworks

Being a celebrity certainly comes with its perks, but it also makes for an exhausting day-to-day experience. Imagine not being able to leave your house without people trying to photograph you. Rather than get angry or ignore fans when they attempt to take covert pics of him, however, Cole Sprouse has turned it into a game. The instagram account @camera_Duels features photos that Sprouse has taken of people attempting to snap secret pics of him. The popularity and contents of the account are a testament to not only his wicked sense of humor, but also the fact that he’s quick on the draw! Speaking of drawing, he used to run another account where he shared fan-art, aptly named @sprousemasterworks, but the official account was sadly deleted.

#5: Studying Archeology

Considering he started acting at such a young age, Cole Sprouse could have easily forgone academia after graduating high school. Wanting to stay grounded and have a taste of normal life, both Sprouse brothers took time off from acting in order to pursue higher education. Like tv dad Ross Geller, Cole Sprouse chose to pursue archeology. He completed his studies at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where students largely determine the curriculum themselves. Dylan, for his part, studied video game design. Speaking with WWD, Cole explained that the break from acting was a very intentional attempt to have a more normal experience removed from the public eye, saying "The goal for me to go to college, and my brother as well, was to fade out".

#4: Talking About his Mom’s Role in His Career

Child stardom is a real gamble. Actors often come out the other side often with complex feelings towards their parents. While Cole has acknowledged the trappings of child stardom, and is open about not having any choice in getting into acting, he seemingly has nothing but respect for his mom’s decision. In a Tumblr post, Cole has explained that he and Dylan began acting when they were just eight months old, and that their mom did it, quite simply, because they needed the money. He also stated “I probably never would have thought of it as a career choice for myself." Considering he ultimately returned to acting after University, however, it’s probably safe to assume that he’s glad his mom gave him that initial push.

#3: Explaining His Feminism

When asked whether he considers himself a feminist by Elle in 2017, Sprouse responded with enthusiasm, and went on to give the interviewer likely far more than they bargainined for. Rather than simply set himself up as an ally to women, he also voiced disappointment with those who throw around the term too liberally without “backing it up with any real action”. As for those people who hesitate to respond “yes”, he also simplifies the matter by saying “the core of that question is do you support equality for women”. And that should be a simple answer! Ever self-aware however, Sprouse ended the interview by voicing his regret for all the times he hasn’t done more.

#2: Getting Arrested at the Protest & His Response

In 2020, many celebrities have spoken out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and condemned acts of police brutality. But, while active on social media, Sprouse did more than just tweet, he went out to protest with the masses inspired by the death of George Floyd. And on Sunday, May 31st, Sprouse was arrested along with fellow protestors for demonstrating Santa Monica, California past curfew. His eagerness to get directly involved is admirable, but his statement concerning his arrest and the movement was even more inspiring. In a lengthy instagram post, he emphasized the need to keep the focus on the movement, not him, a “straight white man, and a public figure”, while inviting others to really contemplate how to best be an ally.

#1: His Activism and Advocacy

Cole may be focusing his efforts on the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, but it's by no means the first or only such cause that he’s gotten behind over the years. He’s actually quite outspoken! The actor uses his popularity and reach to bring attention to politics, the environment and various social issues. In 2019, he used his popularity to encourage more men to get involved in the fight for women’s rights, specifically relating to access to abortions.When he was younger, Cole worked alongside his brother Dylan as goodwill ambassadors for the Koyamada International Foundation, an organization focused on youth leadership, education,empowering women, fighting poverty and more! Now that’s the sort of celebrity you can feel good supporting.