Top 10 Greatest Video Game Demons



Top 10 Greatest Video Game Demons

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
From the fires of Hell, we call upon thee! For this list, we're looking at the most ghastly, sinister, and malicious demons we've encountered in our favorite video games. Our countdown includes Calypso “Twisted Metal” series (1995-2012), Mundus “Devil May Cry” series (2001-), Diablo “Diablo” series (1997-), Cyberdemon “DOOM” series (1993-) and many more!
Script by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Video Game Demons

From the fires of Hell, we call upon thee! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Demons!

For this list, we’re looking at the most ghastly, sinister, and malicious demons we’ve encountered in our favorite video games. Vampires, while a form of demon, do not count as they have a list of their own.

#10: Calypso

“Twisted Metal” series (1995-2012)

The host of the Twisted Metal demolition derby, Calypso is one thoroughly despicable creature. His backstory is a bit muddled by the 2012 reboot, but the consensus is that he’s definitely demonic. He organizes the event to harvest souls for hell, but also for his own sadistic entertainment. Calypso promises to grant the wish of whoever emerges victorious from the competition, but, being evil… he usually finds some interpretation of their words that allows him to fulfill their request in the worst way possible. Fun fact: after Needles Kane overthrew him in “Twisted Metal 4”, Calypso actually competed. And when you meet a man who drives a mobile missile launcher equipped with a nuke, well… it brings a whole new meaning to “facing your demons”.

#9: Mundus

“Devil May Cry” series (2001-)

When you hear that chilling, deep, sinister voice, there can only be one demon in your presence - the Prince of Darkness, Mundus. Once the ruler of the Demon World, Mundus saw his reign end when he was betrayed by the demon swordsman, Sparda, during his attempt to conquer the Human World. Now, we’ve come to expect merciless attacks from video game demons, but even by demonic standards, Mundus’ approach is overkill, wielding the powers to summon lightning, meteors, and even lava dragons. As if that’s not already excessive enough, he also has the ability to create an entire universe! Seriously, how many freakin’ powers can one demon have!?

#8: Johnson

“Shadows of the Damned” (2011)

Johnson is certainly one of the more oddball demons we've come across, but he's also among the most efficient. Not only can he transform into a wicked motorcycle, but he possesses the ability to shapeshift into a wide array of guns! For those who prefer that their combat be of the more up-close and personal variety, Johnson is once again all too happy to oblige; he can equally turn himself into a magical staff. Basically, if you're ever lost and defenseless in the Underworld (or are just looking for a pal to eat some juicy strawberries with), Johnson is your, demon...gun…? Ah, whatever.

#7: Glottis

“Grim Fandango” (1998)

In a nice change of pace, this unassuming sidekick is one of the very few demons we’d actually want to hang around with. In fact, Glottis is the sort of friend that anyone would be lucky to have - demon or otherwise! He might serve primarily as comic relief, but he’s a multi-talented fellow, as evidenced by his skills as a mechanic, chauffeur and on the piano. Sure, he can be a little loud and rambunctious, but Glottis remains loyal to his friends and will do anything he can to help. Besides, who wouldn’t want to get drunk and bet on cat races with this guy?

#6: Morrigan Aensland

“Darkstalkers” series (1994-2013)

Single and ready to mingle? Looking for someone more alluring than your exes? Well, you better look elsewhere because Morrigan isn’t just an ordinary demon. This succubus will lure you in with her beauty before proceeding to give you the beating of a lifetime. And she’ll do it in style! If that’s not intimidating enough, we should mention she’s taken on vampires, mummies, werewolves, zombies, and all manner of mythical creatures. And then you need to consider the countless big name characters she’s fought against in crossover games like the “Marvel vs. Capcom” series! With the combat experience she possesses, you might want to steer clear and take that crush elsewhere.

#5: Devil Jin

“Tekken” series (1994-)

What is it with fighting games and demons? Well, whatever the case, we couldn’t leave out Devil Jin. He has been a mainstay in the franchise since “Tekken 3”, though it is worth noting that he wasn’t playable until “Tekken 5”. You gotta hand it to him - Devil Jin knows how to wreak havoc and take down his foes! He’ll utilize flight attacks, divebombs, laser beams... anything to rain death down upon those inferior life forms foolish even to face him! Needless to say, there’s plenty of reason to fear Jin Kazama; clearly, that Devil Gene makes him WAY too powerful when it is unleashed!

#4: Diablo

“Diablo” series (1997-)

He has been known under many names - the Lord of Terror, the Prime Evil, the Destroyer of Souls, but most know him simply as ...Diablo! It probably helps that his name is also the title of the franchise. For decades, Diablo has unleashed Hell (literally) upon the world. The guy even had the audacity to turn against his own kind to become the sole ruler of Heaven AND Hell! Well… if nothing else, you've gotta admire him for being persistent and ambitious, right? But conquest is just part of his process; what really drives him is hunger to inspire terror. We know that the whole point of the series is to defeat Diablo, but just look at this demon! That’s no small feat.

#3: Satan

“Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell” (2015)

Yeah, we're very well aware of just how odd this choice is. After all, he doesn't really do much to make the fight against him a challenge. However, you gotta give credit where credit is due- Satan really knows how to make a spectacle of a fight, and we aren't just saying that for the magnificent blasts of hellfire. What earns this version of Satan such a place of prominence on the list are those heavenly singing chops of his! If only all demonic villains had such angelic voices! Come on, Satan, are you really the Ruler of Hell? Because to us, you seem far better suited to being the Ruler of Broadway!

#2: Catherine

“Catherine” (2011)

Whereas Morrigan is somewhat more disciplined. focusing her energies into delivering smackdowns, Catherine is more of a traditional succubus - attractive and seductive, sure, but also bloodthirsty. Given Catherine’s obvious attractiveness, it’s little wonder as to why someone like Vincent would fall for her, but she can become your worst nightmare - literally! Catherine has the power to invade the dreams of men, killing them in their sleep by forcing them to undergo the Great Trials. Die in the nightmare and you die in real life! We’ve navigated our fair share of messy love triangles in gaming, but when Catherine comes between Vince and Katherine (with a “K”) she raises the bar.

#1: Cyberdemon

“DOOM” series (1993-)

"DOOM's" most infamous boss has been terrorizing players for decades. So, why wouldn't it be the top dog of video game demons? When you're a horrifying amalgamation of flesh and metal equipped with a massive arm cannon, no one will dare cross paths with you! What's worse is that some entries in the franchise make him a somewhat common enemy, and given how much of a hassle it is to kill him, you better come armed to the teeth. Face him unprepared and the last thing you see will be a rocket flying into your face!