Top 20 Scariest Dolls in Horror Movies



Top 20 Scariest Dolls in Horror Movies

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These movie dolls are downright terrifying! For this list, we'll be looking at horror cinema's absolutely creepiest, scariest, and murder-y-est dolls. Our countdown includes Chucky, Annabelle, Vampire Clay, Pin, Slappy, and more!

Top 10 Top 20 Horror Movie Dolls

Hello Dolly! No, wait, goodbye Dolly!!. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 20 Horror Movie Dolls.

For this list, we’ll be looking at horror cinema’s absolutely creepiest, scariest, and murder-y-est dolls. We’re looking at horror movie dolls only, so creepy toys like Sid’s creations from “Toy Story” are not eligible. Good luck sleeping if you have one of these in your bedroom.

#20: Lilly

“Finders Keepers” (2014)
Some scary dolls play it subtle, looking outwardly innocent if maybe a little bit creepy. But this tiny terror goes all-in, looking like pure nightmare fuel right from the start. Found by a young girl in the vents of her new home, the first doll on our list is one of the scariest looking, featuring deadly pale skin, numerous scars and marks, and lifeless black eyes. She almost looks like the world’s scariest Funko Pop. What child in their right mind would look at this and not immediately run for the hills? It’s also possessed by a murdered child, so we’d advise leaving this one be if you find her.

#19: Wooden Doll

“Suddenly in the Dark” [aka “Suddenly at Midnight”] (1981)
This little-known Korean horror film begins when a family hires a new housemaid, Mi-ok. Things seem fine until Mi-ok is seen holding a spectacularly creepy doll, one that housewife Seon-hee had been seeing in her nightmares. Seon-hee begins to suspect Mi-ok of trying to take her place, and her visions of the doll become more and more violent and nightmarish. But is it all just in her head, or are Mi-ok and the doll really up to no good? Honestly, we’d want that doll out of our house either way. This flick is definitely recommended for fans of evil doll movies and Asian horror.

#18: Vampire Clay

“Vampire Clay” (2017)
Another creepy doll that puts its creep-factor front and center, the lump of killer clay at the center of this Japanese horror-comedy is not something you want to see your kid bringing home from art class. A shapeshifting entity formed out of old clay found in the woods after an earthquake, the clay monster looks terrifying even before it begins feasting on human flesh. Much like our last few entries, it’s the dead, lifeless eyes that really bring the look home and makes this doll scary enough to make our list. And, y’know, all the murder and mayhem it spreads around.

#17: Pinocchio

“Pinocchio's Revenge” (1996)
The eponymous wooden puppet has been delighting children for over a hundred years, having first appeared all the way back in 1883. From the classic Disney film to more modern adaptations, he’s almost a cultural icon. But this ain’t your great-great-great grandfather’s Pinocchio. The doll is brought home by an attorney, whose daughter bonds with it upon finding it. The doll was formerly owned by a supposed killer, but it soon becomes clear who the real culprit was all along when the doll comes alive and goes on a murderous rampage. We’re guessing Jiminy Cricket didn’t last very long as this guy’s conscience.

#16: Billy

“Dead Silence” (2007)
With a few exceptions, ventriloquists and the dummies they speak through aren’t nearly as popular as they used to be. Part of this just comes down to shifting cultural trends and tastes, but it’s also because ventriloquist dummies are just plain creepy. This unsettling doll was once used by a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw, who was killed by the townsfolk of Raven’s Fair after kidnapping a child. Her vengeful spirit remained, however, with her once-beloved dummy seemingly housing her tormented soul. Let this be a lesson, kids, don’t ever make fun of ventriloquists, especially ones whose dummies already look straight out of a horror movie.

#15: Blade

“Puppet Master” franchise (1989-)
Charles Band’s ‘Puppet Master’ series is all about creepy dolls, and it amassed quite the cast of creepy and murderous playthings over the years. But without a doubt, the franchise’s most iconic character is the blade-and-hook handed doll who serves as the poster boy for the series. With a ghostly white face and a serious knack for spilling blood, this puppet quickly rose to become a fan favorite and even got his own spinoff movie, a first for the franchise. Like all the puppets from the series, this one is animated by a human soul, in this case, a surgeon who worked with the Nazis during WW2.

#14: The Dolls

“Dolls” (1987)
You know what’s scarier than one creepy killer doll? Well, that’s easy: a whole horde of the darn things! After being stranded by a thunderstorm, a family takes shelter in a creepy, secluded house only to find that it’s occupied by a seemingly kindly couple and their massive collection of handmade dolls. Honestly, we would have run screaming in the other direction right away, but the family sticks around long enough to see the dolls come alive and try to punish them for their selfish attitudes. For the sheer volume and variety of tiny terrors, this movie has to offer, it easily earns a spot on our list and in our nightmares.

#13: Hugo

“Dead of Night” (1945)
The dummy from this entry is definitely the oldest on our list, having appeared way back in the 1940s. But that doesn’t diminish the creep factor even a bit. Appearing in one segment of an anthology horror flick, this is probably the archetypal evil ventriloquist’s dummy, bullying and demeaning his hapless partner with a cruelty that’s sometimes hard to watch. Despite only occupying a relatively small chunk of the film, the dummy’s sequence is by far its most memorable, thanks in no small part to the stellar performance by screen legend Michael Redgrave, who manages to be both sympathetic and terrifying.

#12: Mannequins

“Tourist Trap” (1979)
We’ve all probably been creeped out by a department store mannequin at one point another, but if you haven’t, this movie will change that. After getting a flat tire, a group of friends finds an old tourist spot filled with creepy store mannequins and managed by the shotgun-wielding Mr. Slausen. Jeez, why are so many people running into killer dolls after car trouble? Obviously, the tourist trap turns out to be just as sinister as it looks, and the hapless friends are soon menaced by a masked man and his army of plastic foot soldiers, who are looking to add to their numbers.

#11: Zuni Doll

“Trilogy of Terror” (1975)
Another anthology movie with a segment dedicated to a killer doll, this entry should serve as a warning against impulse shopping. After going shopping, Amelia (played by the great Karen Black) returns home with, among other things, a doll carved in the likeness of a Zuni hunter. But rather than just a piece of harmless decoration, the doll is revealed to be a malevolent entity possessed by a spirit called “He Who Kills.” The spirit lives up to its name and viciously attacks its new owner, who by now is definitely feeling a hint of buyers remorse. Next time, leave it on the shelf, lady!

#10: Pin

“Pin” (1988)
Anatomical dummies can be a great way to teach anatomy and medicine, but you’re not alone if the sight of a life-sized, skinless human gives you the heebie-jeebies. The mentally unbalanced Leon, on the other hand, develops a strange fixation on the anatomical dummy created by his doctor, and even starts hearing it talk to him. Soon Leon is being ordered by his new friend to kill, an order he carries out. Other movies take the concept of a killer doll or dummy literally, this one instead deals with plain old human insanity that heavily features an unnerving doll. Either way, this lesser (and Canadian) horror film is one we definitely encourage you to seek out.

#9: Dolly

“Dolly Dearest” (1991)
You know how it goes sometimes. You buy an old doll factory in Mexico and wouldn’t you know it, a nearby archeological expedition accidentally releases an ancient Mayan spirit that possesses a nearby doll. Next thing you know, your daughter has picked the doll up and your household is thrown into turmoil. We’ve all been there, really. While it may have a pretty bonkers premise, this early 90s killer doll movie generates a lot of scares by playing to the inherent creepiness of porcelain dolls and throwing in some good old fashioned demonic possession for good measure.

#8: Brahms

“The Boy” franchise (2016-)
Babysitting isn’t the easiest gig, but this probably sounded like a cushy, if unusual, job. After traveling to England, Greta is offered a job as a Nanny in a big spooky mansion. The catch? She’s serving as a nanny to a doll named Brahms, which is doted on by a kindly couple. We’d be a little skeptical, but in this economy you take a job where you can get it. Naturally, being alone in a gothic mansion with a creepy doll boy, Greta gets spooked out and begins to suspect that Brahms is more than just a doll. Unfortunately for Greta, her suspicions just may be correct.

#7: Slappy

“Goosebumps” franchise (2015-)
Undoubtedly one of, if not the, most iconic face of the “Goosebumps” franchise, R. L. Stine’s entry into the canon of horrific dolls is one 90s kids should know well. First appearing in the 1993 “Goosebumps” book “Night of the Living Dummy,” he started out as a normal ventriloquist’s dummy before coming alive and wreaking his own very special kind of pint-sized havoc, talking some serious smack the whole time. Naturally, his place as one of the breakout characters earned him appearances on the Goosebumps TV show and movies, allowing him to terrify whole new generations of children even after all these years.

#6: Fats

“Magic” (1978)
Before he was terrifying the world as Hannibal Lecter, the legendary Anthony Hopkins starred as Corky, a mentally ill ventriloquist whose foul-mouthed dummy seemingly served as a mouth for Corky’s inner turmoil and anger. This is another dummy who’s terrifying not because of some magic spell or demonic possession, but because he’s a manifestation of a far more human kind of darkness, one that can lurk just under the surface waiting to be given a voice. He’s also creepy as all get-out to look at, so much so that Hopkins refused to have it in his house, and the trailer was removed from TV broadcasts after scaring too many children.

#5: Tiffany

“Child's Play” franchise (1988-)
Psychos whose souls have become trapped inside a doll need love too, y’know. After three cinematic outings, serial killer turned possessed doll Chucky was given a love interest when an old flame found herself similarly trapped in a doll’s body, and she’s been a staple of the franchise since. The Bonnie to Chucky’s Clyde, she’s followed him through good times and bad, spilling blood and serving one-liners the whole time. The two even eventually had a kid together, making them the premier killer doll family in all of horror. Not the most hard-fought distinction, but a distinction all the same.

#4: Clown Doll

“Poltergeist” (1982)
Between ghosts, portals to the afterlife, and corpses exploding from the ground, Tobe Hooper’s 1982 horror classic has no shortage of stuff to be terrified by. But when we think back to the film or revisit it on Halloween, nothing gets the hairs on our neck raised quite like this clown doll that comes alive in the final act to menace young Robbie Freeling. Maybe it’s the slow buildup, the stretching arms, and demonic face, or the fact that clown dolls are always scary anyway, but this scene has us pulling the covers over our heads every single time without fail, even after nearly four decades of repeat viewing.

#3: Billy

“Saw” franchise (2004-)
Imagine you wake up in a dingy bathroom, chained to a pipe totally unaware of how you got there. By this point, you’re probably already scared out of your wits, but then in trundles a creepy doll on a tricycle who tells you he wants to play a game. Yep, we’d probably have a complete breakdown around now too. The avatar for the mysterious Jigsaw Killer and poster boy of the “Saw” franchise, this iconic and often-misnamed puppet is one of the most recognizable faces in horror these days. Just pray that the next time you see him is on a t-shirt or movie poster, and not when you wake up in a strange bathroom.

#2: Annabelle

The Conjuring Universe (2013-)
Over the course of their years as paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren claim to have encountered numerous terrifying entities, but few have become as indelibly linked with their legacy as this demonically possessed doll. In real life, the doll in question is a normal enough looking Raggedy Ann doll, but when the Warrens went to the big screen in the “Conjuring” movies, the doll was reimagined as a petrifying plaything with a face that screams, “I am absolutely evil and should be run from at high speeds.” Hey, at least the movie version of the doll is one you can immediately tell should be avoided.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Mannequins of Horror
“Asylum” [aka “House of Crazies”] (1972)

“May” (2002)

Voodoo Dolls
“Tales from the Hood” (1995)

#1: Chucky

“Child's Play” franchise (1988-)
He may not be the first killer doll, but this notorious toy is undisputedly the most iconic. First appearing in 1988’s “Child’s Play,” the serial killer turned evil toy has become horror royalty, with numerous sequels, the aforementioned family, and a devoted fanbase. Once a human occultist named Charles Lee Ray, he transferred his soul into a Good Guy doll after being fatally wounded, a move that probably seemed like a good idea at the time. All these years later, he’s still around and kicking, and still in doll form despite his efforts to find a new body. After all, you can’t keep a good guy down.