Top 10 Times Ryan Reynolds Was Awesome
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Top 10 Times Ryan Reynolds Was Awesome

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Few celebs are as funny, charming, and downright awesome as this one! For this list, we'll be looking at the funniest, most heartwarming and/or memorable moments from the life of Ryan Reynolds, excluding movie and television roles. Our countdown includes His Appearance on “King of Mask Singer”, Lovingly Needling Blake Lively, His "Feud" with Hugh Jackman, and more!

Top 10 Times Ryan Reynolds Was Awesome

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Ryan Reynolds was Awesome.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest, most heartwarming and/or memorable moments from the life of Ryan Reynolds, excluding movie and television roles.

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#10: Getting Roasted by His Twin

Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy. That much is pretty obvious; after all, we’ve got decades of evidence to draw from. What makes Reynolds SO funny, however, is the fact that his favorite butt of the joke is himself. While most actors would rather not talk about their films that failed with critics or at the box office, he reframes his past flops as comedic gold. Taking this trademark self-flagellating humor to new heights, however, was this 2016 interview he did for GQ, in which he’s interviewed by his own twin. Spoiler: Reynolds doesn’t have a twin, it’s just Ryan Reynolds being a jerk to Ryan Reynolds. Oh, and that cameo from Jake Gyllenhaal? AMAZING.

#9: His Appearance on “King of Mask Singer”

It’s safe to say that most people have seen or heard of “The Masked Singer” by now. But in 2018, before its Western remake, Ryan Reynolds appeared on the original South Korean version. His star power made him one of the biggest and most shocking celebrity reveals up to that point. In honor of Deadpool, Reynolds wore a unicorn mask — complete with a sparkly silver cape and rainbow trim. As hilarious, absurd and unexpected as his appearance was, we’d just like to point out that Reynold’s performance was actually solid. Is he going to win “The Voice”? No, but he’s certainly earned himself a place in a musical, should the right role come along. And just look at the reaction he got.

#8: Helping the Peloton Actress Get a Shot at Redemption

Commercials come and go. We’re bombarded with so much advertising that it takes something really remarkable to leave a lasting impression. But when Peloton dropped this ad, it went viral in the worst possible way, with people labelling the whole thing sexist, uncomfortable, offensive and extremely out-of-touch. Some went so far as to call it “dystopian”. Unfortunately, actress Monica Ruiz found herself caught in the crossfire of all this bad press. Well, Reynolds knows all too well what’s it like to be the face of a project gone bad. And so, being the comedic class act that he is, he helped give Ruiz the chance to star in a commercial for Aviation Gin. a spirit he has an ownership stake in, poking fun at the whole thing.

#7: His Hilarious Apology

The 2020 sale of Aviation Gin involved a reputed sum of $610 million. Now, Reynolds is only a one stakeholder, so it’s not like he’s personally receiving a cheque for that amount, but it likely resulted in a solid payday nonetheless. In honor of the occasion, the actor set up a hilarious out-of-office reply in which he poked fun at his business savvy and the sale of the company. In short, it’s an apology to “everyone I told to go f**k themselves in the last 24 hours.” The list is VERY long and includes his mom, Blake Lively, The Rock, TGI Friday’s, AMC Theaters and George Clooney. For the record, this isn’t the first time he’s gotten creative with his work email

#6: Being Transparent About Anxiety

It’s easy to get laughs when talking about lighthearted subject matter, but making the world a better place with comedy? That takes serious talent. Reynolds has gotten involved with a number of official causes over the years, but one that seems personally important to him is mental health — anxiety, to be specific. Reynolds has acknowledged his own struggles with anxiety in a number of tweets over the years. Oftentimes, though not always, he laces them with humor. He’s also opened up about his battle with anxiety in a number of interviews, even acknowledging that, in his twenties, he self-medicated. His general advice? Give yourself “permission to be nervous”.

#5: Lovingly Needling Blake Lively

Being in a relationship is hard — especially when it involves raising children. But doing all of the above while also being in the public eye? That sounds downright exhausting. Thankfully, it would seem that husband and wife team Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have found a winning formula. They use humor, even on social media, to diffuse the tension. While so many couples work day and night to maintain a veneer of perfection, they crack jokes at each other’s expense. And you know what? Not only does it humanize the couple, but it also inspires far more confidence in their relationship than the most carefully curated life ever could. And when Reynolds gushes about Blake Lively and their kids, you can tell it’s 100% authentic.

#4: His Mint Mobile Ad

If we’ve learned anything from Aviation Gin, it’s this. If you’ve got a company in need of a committed, hands-on celebrity stakeholder, you can’t ask for better than Ryan Reynolds. In 2019, the actor bought into Mint Mobile, a telecommunications company offering low-cost mobile phone services. Just as he did with Aviation Gin, Reynolds put a lot of himself into the company. But the Mint Mobile Plus joke takes his metamarketing to new heights. Mint Mobile Plus was a faux streaming service launched to promote the company. It features only one movie — 2003’s “Foolproof” starring Ryan Reynolds. The website has since been taken down, but the hilarious memories live on.

#3: Everything He's Done to Promote Aviation Gin

As previously mentioned, Ryan Reynolds made quite the business deal. And you know what, it couldn't have happened to a nicer or more deserving guy! As any A-list celebrity will tell you, it’s crucial to diversify your revenue stream, because hey, what if the acting gigs dry up? Rather than just buy into a brand, like so many of his peers, when Reynolds purchased a stake in Aviation Gin in 2018, he made it a true passion project. Not only did he appear in a number of ads, but he helped the company find its marketing voice. Through a number of commercials and promotional videos, Reynolds made Aviation Gin synonymous with his own authentic and distinct brand of humor - which is equal parts false bravado and self-deprecation.

#2: His Make-A-Wish Work as Deadpool

Is Deadpool a kid-friendly hero? Not in the slightest. But there’s no telling children who they should or should not look up to, and Deadpool’s unique brand of humor and antiheroism has resonated with fans of all ages. And for all the character’s unsavory elements, the guy underneath the mask couldn’t be more caring, considerate or worthy of a child's adoration. Since the release of the first “Deadpool” film in 2016, Ryan Reynolds has volunteered his time to make dreams come true - specifically those of children fighting cancer. So while Deadpool might not think of himself as a hero, we think that the actions of Ryan Reynolds, when in costume, prove otherwise. Furthermore, he continues to do good work in various outfits,

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Crashing the X-Men Reunion Call
Shutting Down the Shirtless Handstand Challenge
His Reaction to the Leaked “Deadpool” Test Footage
His On-Point Twitter Game
Getting Involved in COVID-19 Awareness

#1: The Odyssey of Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman

With due respect to Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon, we’re giving the award for “Greatest Frenemies” to these two guys. For years now, Reynolds and Jackman have been playing up a supposed epic feud. It reportedly dates back to 2008, when Jackman gave Reynolds a hard time about dating his friend Scarlett Johansson. They’ve since traded plenty of shots about Deadpool being the black sheep of the “X-Men” franchise, but this battle has spread to encompass all aspects of their respective personal lives and careers.They’ve called a truce on a few occasions, but more often than not, it’s all part of the bit. Most recently, they’ve put it on pause for charity. The prize? Their combined involvement in running a lemonade stand.