Top 10 Times Teen Dramas Were Overly Dramatic



Top 10 Times Teen Dramas Were Overly Dramatic

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We're still giggling about the times teen dramas were overly dramatic. Our countdown includes "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," "Dawson's Creek," "Riverdale," and more!

Top 10 Times Teen Dramas Were Overly Dramatic

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Teen Dramas Were Overly Dramatic.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the times these shows went over the top. We’re only looking at series specifically classified as dramas, because sitcoms and comedies deserve a list of their own.

What’s your favorite melodramatic moment? Let us know in the comments.

#10: Ben & Amy Getting Married
“The Secret Life of the American Teenager” (2008-13)

Teen dramas have become infamous for teenage marriage proposals, but usually they have at least some substance to them. But this one was absolutely ridiculous. Ben and Amy are so gung ho that they are meant to be together that they jumped the gun and got married for pretty much no reason. They barely even know each other. Ben is obsessed with Amy before he even knows her, and Amy leans on Ben because she’s pregnant. That’s all their relationship is based on. There’s no long history that makes you want to root for them. And even more ridiculous: they didn't go through the proper channels, sot the wedding didn't even count.

#9: Spencer Finds Out She Has a Twin
“Pretty Little Liars” (2010-17)

This show has some pretty wild twists and turns, but an evil twin reveal may have been a step too far. The elusive A.D. had been torturing the liars for ages. Many minions have been fought and foiled, but A.D. outsmarts the liars again and again. Finally in the series finale of the show, we find out the truth. Spencer had a British evil twin all along. This moment is so crazy you basically have to go back and watch the show all over again to make sense of it. It’s kinda like when Hallie and Annie met for the first time in “The Parent Trap”...except more psychotic.

#8: Rory Quitting Yale
“Gilmore Girls” (2000-07)

All Rory has ever wanted was to be a journalist. Pretty much everything she has done in her life has been to reach that goal. So it’s understandable that she would be upset when she is discouraged by Logan’s father. But there is no doubt that Rory’s response is a huge overreaction. After Mr. Huntzberger tells Rory that she is talented, but he doesn’t think that she has what it takes to make it as a journalist, Rory steals a boat and quits school. Not only is this moment hugely out of character; it honestly just doesn’t make sense. One sign of rejection and Rory throws away everything she worked her whole life for? Come on.

#7: Clare Runs Away
“Degrassi: The Next Generation” (2001-15)

Pretty much the whole point of “Degrassi” is the sensational relationships, and Clare is definitely a common denominator in some of the more dramatic ones. Her break ups are legendary. When she and Eli broke up, she confronted him at a teenage club in front of many of her schoolmates with a screaming fit. Her break-up with Jake was no better. Granted the guy did break up with her at prom and then started hooking up with her friends, but running away to live in a drug den was a bit of an over correction on Clare’s part. Luckily, the cops bust the operation and put an end to Clare’s new living arrangements.

#6: Dawson Crying
“Dawson’s Creek” (1998-2003)

With Dawson’s admitted obsession with the fantasy of movies, it’s no surprise that he can be a serious drama king. When Joey and Pacey start falling in love, Dawson gives Joey an ultimatum, telling her that she can’t have them both. We understand how upsetting your best friend and ex-girlfriend getting together can be, but to threaten to throw away a life-long friendship if Joey chooses Pacey is absurd. Thankfully, he eventually gets his wits about him and tells her to go after Pacey before he sails away, but this leaves Dawson a blubbering sobbing mess on the dock. This moment was so ridiculous that it has spawned one of the most popular meme formats.

#5: Marissa Yells at Her Mother
“The O.C.” (2003-07)

The O.C. is a teen drama that is somewhat more grounded in reality than others, but Marissa and Ryan’s relationship is the definition of dramatic. When Marissa is upset about Ryan leaving for the summer, Julie confronts her about why she’s been so surly, and finally asks her flat out to just talk about what’s wrong. Marissa responds by screaming at the top of her lungs, flipping a lounge chair into the pool, and storming off in a huff. Geez, Julie was just trying to help. Xref Thankfully, that wasn’t the end for Ryan and Marissa, but their real ending is even crazier. Marissa dies in Ryan’s arms after they are run off the road. That slow motion walk away from the burning car is truly heartbreaking.

#4: Archie & the Bear
“Riverdale” (2017-)

Much of Riverdale’s third season was a mess of overly sensational stories: Xref there’s the Gryphons and Gargoyles saga, which is basically a generation-transcending, fantasy game involving murder. Equally ludacris is the Vixens’ unnecessarily sexualized performance of “Jailhouse Rock” just outside the prison fence during Archie’s juvie football game. But the moment we’re ultimately choosing happens while Archie is staying in a cabin in the woods following Riverdale’s shut down. While out on the trails with Vegas, Archie is ambushed by a bear. Though the mauling is so bad that he suffers hallucinations and park rangers find him apparently dead, the next episode sees him back in Riverdale as though nothing had happened. What did we miss here?

#3: All the Kidnappings
“One Tree Hill” (2003-12)

One of the best things about OTH is how relatable the characters are, but the scenarios they live through aren’t exactly realistic. Peyton was kidnapped by her fake brother stalker, Jamie was kidnapped by his crazy nanny, and Nathan was kidnapped by some criminals who were after his money. All resulted in huge horror/thriller style arcs. Haley’s undercover stint and Dan’s rounding up of the boys to rescue Nathan is also laughable. And that cornfield scene with Nanny Carrie looked like something out of a Wes Craven movie. This is supposed to be a show about two estranged half brothers who play basketball right?

#2: Chuck & Blair Watch Bart Fall off the Roof
“Gossip Girl” (2007-12)

Unlike “One Tree Hill”, the characters on this show have always been larger than life- just like the plots. But even on a show as dramatic as this one, this moment was really over the top. Bart’s first “death” clearly wasn’t memorable enough, so he comes back from the dead and conspires to kill his own son. After the huge reveal that Chuck is in fact still alive at an event celebrating Bart Bass, father and son end up on the roof of the building fighting to the death - and Blair witnesses Bart going over the edge. The music swells as he clings on, reaching out for help, but Chuck and Blair just stand and stare as Bart falls to his death at his own party.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Blaine Dates Kurt’s Former Bully, David Karofsky
“Glee” (2009-15)

Annie’s Hit & Run
“90210” (2008-13)

Blair Banishes Jenny from New York
“Gossip Girl” (2007-12)

Quinn Wants the Baby She Gave Up for Adoption Back
“Glee” (2009-15)

Elena Erases Her Memories of Damon
“The Vampire Diaries” (2009-17)

#1: Rachel Gives Sunshine the Wrong Directions
“Glee” (2009-15)

Rachel has always been overly ambitious; it’s even part of her charm to a certain extent. But this time, she takes things way too far. When New Directions is looking for new members, Rachel is excited at first to have some fresh blood. But when that comes in the form of Sunshine Corazon, Rachel gets so jealous she tries to destroy the foreign exchange student’s chances. Upon hearing Sunshine sing, Rachel starts to fear that Sunshine could steal her star power. So, she sends Sunshine to a crack house instead of the actual location of the auditions. This kind of behavior isn’t out of character for Rachel, because she frequently puts herself before the team. But sending an innocent person to a potentially dangerous residence where illicit activities may be carried out is pretty over the top. Also, how would Rachel even know where to find a crack house?