Top 10 Funniest Damon Salvatore Moments
Trivia Top 10 Funniest Damon Salvatore Moments



Top 10 Funniest Damon Salvatore Moments

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The funniest Damon Salvatore moments show that even vampires can have a sense of humor. Our countdown includes first impressions, Taylor Swift fan, "Twilight" reference, and more!

Top 10 Funniest Damon Salvatore Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Damon Salvatore Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the wittiest and most memorable Damon Salvatore quotes and scenes from "The Vampire Diaries.” We’re also issuing a spoiler warning!

What’s your favourite Damon one-liner? Let us know!

#10: First Impressions
“Memory Lane”

When meeting someone new for the first time, most of us strive to make a good first impression. Though it’s pretty clear that Damon Salvatore isn’t your average guy. So when he’s introduced to werewolf Mason Lockwood, he opts for some self-deprecating humour in response to Mason’s attempt at being friendly. He basically tells him his intel is faulty. The relationship between these two sours pretty fast, so that by the end Mason probably agrees with Damon’s self-assessment. It turns out he was being comical and honest, which is the perfect combination, if you ask us.

#9: Ms. Cuddles
“Fade Into You”

Everyone can agree that a good stuffed animal can provide comfort and joy in dark times, no matter your age. A trapped Bonnie stores her magic inside her teddy bear, Ms. Cuddles, and sends it to the mortal realm. When Damon finds it, he’s not above having some fun. So when Stefan messes things up with Caroline, his big brother uses Miss Cuddles to poke some fun at him. He mimics the bear’s voice, saying even she could see what happened between them coming. It’s definitely a nice moment of comic relief amidst the drama, wrapped in adorable bear packaging. We only have one question: where can we get one?

#8: Learning to Spell Doppelgänger
“I Know What You Did Last Summer”

It’s no secret that “The Vampire Diaries” loved to play with different supernatural phenomena. One example of this was the continuous use of doppelgängers throughout the years. Even the most loyal fans might have lost track of how many there were. So when Silas tells Damon that Stefan is actually his dopplegänger, he says he might have to learn to spell the word if he keeps hearing it. What makes this extra humorous is the fact that the writers are poking fun at themselves. In reality, Damon is just saying what the viewers are thinking. It’s funny because it’s true!

#7: Taylor Swift Fan
“Family Ties”

The eldest Salvatore brother is a catch and he knows it. So when Stefan tells him that Elena wears a vervain necklace that protects her from being compelled, he’s a little offended. Damon quips that he doesn’t need to get inside her head in that way. According to him, some girls simply can’t resist him: he’s attractive, charming, and can get down with some T.Swift. Honestly, we can’t say we disagree with him. He may be a villain at this point, but these witty remarks definitely make him an endearing one. We wonder if Damon is more of a “Folklore” or “Fearless” era Swiftie.

#6: Explosion Denial

What do you do if people are accusing you of a crime you didn’t commit? Well, if you’re Damon, you make sure to add a little bit of sarcasm and attitude to your denial. After an explosion kills members of the Founder’s council, nobody knows who’s responsible except the viewers. The council, with Pastor Young at its helm, wanted to destroy vampires. The pastor even kidnapped Stefan and Elena. So it’s not too far-fetched to wonder if Damon was behind it, and pretty much everyone does. Therefore, when Elena asks him if he’s responsible, he’s tired of the question and snaps back with this hilarious response. It’s nice that no matter what, he always remains quick-witted.

#5: “How I Met Your Mother”

To feel or not to feel, that is the question vampires must grapple with. In fact, Damon explains that they have a humanity switch. If they turn it off, they stop feeling. As a result, they become ruthless and cold. He makes the argument that it’s a vampire's instinct not to feel. He presents Stefan as the exception, saying he wants the “human experience” with all the suffering it brings. Funnily enough, his example is his brother wanting to truly experience “How I Met Your Mother”. He says it with such disdain that it’s amusing, especially since the show is supposed to be a comedy. There are probably a few people who agree with Damon on this one.

#4: “Twilight” Reference
“Family Ties”

One of the things that sets this show apart is its ability to seamlessly reference popular culture in clever ways. A prime example of this is when Damon reads “Twilight”. He is not impressed by Edward’s love for Bella. Plus, his criticisms don’t end there. When Caroline asks him why he doesn’t sparkle in the sun he tells her that’s not how it works in the real world. The sun actually scorches their skin. Basically, “Twilight” got it all wrong. He even says he misses Anne Rice, author of “The Vampire Chronicles”. She knew how to write vampires. It’s particularly funny when you consider the fact that the “Twilight” franchise made vampires mainstream. In other words, “Twilight” walked, so that “The Vampire Diaries” could run.

#3: Dear Diary

Damon and Stefan are vastly different from one another: with Damon being free-spirited and Stefan being more serious. At this point, Stefan is struggling, recovering from a ripper rampage. He did a lot of things he regrets while his humanity was off, even almost hurting Elena. And when Damon walks in on him brooding while writing in his diary, he can’t help but crack a joke. He begins narrating a fake journal entry about how bad he feels for lying to a chipmunk about his name. He’s poking fun at how Stefan has a hard time forgiving himself for his mistakes. Dear diary, we definitely think these two balance each other out perfectly.

#2: Awkward Interruption
“Children of the Damned”

Every family has its problems. For the Salvatore brothers, sometimes it’s boundaries. When Damon barges in and interrupts a tender moment between Stefan and Elena in bed, they’re understandably uncomfortable. Especially given the fact that they don’t trust Damon at this point. They tell him to get out. But when has Damon ever done what he’s told? Instead, he stays at the edge of the bed, and delivers this witty line. It has the potential to be a really tense and awkward situation, yet he diffuses it with this light-hearted jab. And to be fair, he’s been alive for so long, we doubt there’s much he hasn’t seen. It’s all part of his charm.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Forest Animal Fears, “Brave New World”
Damon Can Never Help Poking Fun at His Brother

Vampire Procreation, “Bloodlines”
Vampires May Not Be Able to Procreate but They Sure Like to Try

Witchipedia, “The Five”
Damon Mocks a College Professor

Eternal Stud, “Family Ties”
Being Immortal Has Its Perks.

Amazing Race, “The Turning Point”
Damon Tries to Convince Stefan They’re a Team

#1: Killing the Messenger

Leave it to Damon Salvatore to infuse a little humour into everything he does, even his threats. When it’s revealed that Elena’s birth mother, Isobel, is up to no good, Damon is furious. It turns out she’s trying to get a vampire-killing gadget for none other than Katherine Pierce, her daughter’s evil look-a-like. Basically, she’s the middle man. However, Damon doesn’t buy into the old “don’t shoot the messenger” adage, which he makes crystal clear with this line. In the middle of strangling Isobel and telling her not to mess with Elena, he makes sure to emphasize how he would have no problem hurting her to send Katherine a message. Well, we certainly hear him loud and clear.