Top 10 LGBTQ+ Comic Book Characters



Top 10 LGBTQ+ Comic Book Characters

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These LGBT+ comic book characters are beacons of inspiration for so many reasons. Our countdown includes Hooded Justice, Iceman, Harley Quinn, and more!

Top 10 LGBT+ Comic Book Characters

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 LGBTQ+ comic book characters.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best heroes, villains, and characters in between who have appeared on the page and identify as LGBTQ+. We won’t be looking at manga because they deserve a list of their own. And since some of their stories reveal major plot points, a spoiler warning is now in effect.

#10: Kevin Keller

While Betty and Veronica are usually swooning over Archie, they gave a lot of attention to Kevin Keller when he arrived in Riverdale. But he had to let them down gently after revealing that he was gay. The 2010 comic he appeared in sold so fast that Archie Comics had to reprint the issue. After generating a lot of buzz, Kevin struck up a friendship with the asexual Jughead, appeared in multiple comic spin-offs and the character became a series regular on the CW's “Riverdale” TV series. Kevin's immense opularity among fans and critical acclaim from organizations like GLAAD elevated him from the new kid on the block to an essential character for gay representation within the “Archie” universe.

#9: Hooded Justice

The first official superhero in the Watchmen universe was a brutal vigilante who kept his identity hidden from his allies and enemies. Hooded Justice also attempted to keep his sexuality a secret from everyone around him. When his teammates suspected he was dating Captain Metropolis, they either ignored the relationship or helped cover it up. While Hooded Justice’s sexuality wasn’t fully explored in the original comics, the 2019 HBO series greatly expanded upon his story. The hero was presented as a gay black man who hid his race and relationship with Captain Metropolis in the oppressive 1930s. Hooded Justice’s struggle to publicly embrace his sexuality may resonate with LGBTQ+ readers who have faced or continue to face societal backlash today.

#8: Rictor & Shatterstar

This pair of powerful male mutants has been fighting side-by-side for decades. Although there were hints that they were more than teammates, the confirmation came in “X-Factor Volume 3 Issue #45”. After Shatterstar is freed from mind control, he and a relieved Rictor share a kiss. Their panel is widely believed to be one of the first times two male superheroes were seen kissing in a mainstream Marvel comic. Since their historic moment together, their relationship has been rocky. Rictor's relationship with his ex Wolfsbane and Shatterstar’s desire to explore his sexuality caused no shortage of strife between them. But even if the two heroes don't end up together, they still deserve praise for encouraging LGBTQ+ representation in Marvel.

#7: John Constantine

During “Hellblazer #51”, John Constantine casually mentioned that he’s dated both men and women in the past. In the decades following this brief reveal, his bisexual identity has become a bigger aspect of his storylines. Constantine flirts, has long term relationships and puts his life on the line to save the men and women he’s fallen for. His bisexuality has also extended to Matt Ryan’s live-action portrayal of the character in The CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow”. Whether Constantine appears in the comics or on television, his identity is accepted and treated as normal. His continued presence throughout the DC Universe may help give more depth and visibility to bisexual characters in pop culture.

#6: Iceman

After a young Bobby Drake, AKA Iceman is taken out of his timeline into the future and comments on a female mutant’s attractiveness, Jean Grey reveals that she knows he’s gay. However, he’s confused because his older self is straight. But after the young Iceman has a candid conversation with his future self, his older counterpart decides to come out as well. While Iceman’s coming out story was a bit complicated, the character is definitely facing the future as a gay man. Bobby was initially worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle being a mutant while identifying as a gay man. But he’s handled his coming out with grace and complexity. Bobby’s courage now serves as an inspiration to other LGBTQ+ mutants.

#5: Wonder Woman

Over the course of Wonder Woman’s nearly eighty years fighting crime, she’s become an icon for feminists and the LGBTQ+ community. Although her comics have dropped more than few hints that she might be queer herself, the truth was only confirmed within the last decade. In 2016, writer Greg Rucka confirmed that Wonder Woman was bisexual. He said that since she grew up on an island populated solely by women, same-sex relationships were the norm. While Wonder Woman hasn’t had many explicit relationships with women in comics, she’s shared intimate moments with both men and women, told reporters she didn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and officiated a gay wedding. Her efforts to support and embrace her community have definitely not gone unnoticed.

#4: Deadpool

Everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth has expressed his attraction to a wide variety of characters. He’s flirted with Spider-man, dated Vanessa Carlysle, and fell for the literal embodiment of death. After years of bouncing between various love interests, Deadpool was confirmed to be pansexual by more than one person involved with the character. The chatty mercenary has no reservations about hitting on anyone who strikes his fancy. Deadpool’s pansexuality has been depicted in both live-action movies through his relationship with Vanessa and his overt attraction to Colossus. While some of the merc’s flirtations may seem like jokes, he’s absolutely serious about following through. Deadpool will go for anyone he’s attracted to… if they don’t get too annoyed by his conversations.

#3: Harley Quinn

When Harley Quinn was first introduced, she couldn’t dream of being with anyone but the Joker. But after their turbulent relationship ended, she relied on friends like Poison Ivy to get her through. The friendship between Harley and Ivy slowly blossomed into a romance over time. Within the comics, the two have shared many intimate moments and contemplated moving in together. The “Harley Quinn” animated series took their relationship one step further by having them declare their love for each other after Ivy breaks up with her fiance Kite Man. While “Birds of Prey” didn’t feature Ivy, the movie still contained a subtle reference to Harley’s bisexuality. Now that she’s away from the Joker, she’s free to pursue healthy relationships with both men and women.

#2: Batwoman

Although earlier incarnations of Kate Kane, AKA, Batwoman identified as straight, the character came out as a lesbian when she was relaunched in 2006. Her new origin story showed audiences that she was expelled from military school after revealing her sexuality to protect her girlfriend from being discovered. After that heroic act, Kate eventually moved to Gotham and fought crime as Batwoman. But the character still faced adversity in the real world. Some time after a story around Batwoman earned a GLAAD media award for LGBTQ+ representation, two writers quit after they were told that Kate couldn’t marry her girlfriend Maggie Sawyer. Despite this disappointing development, Batwoman still continues to be a beacon of lesbian representation in her comics and live-action show.

Before we highlight our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Miss America [aka America Chavez]

Wiccan & Hulkling

Joe & Nicky

Midnighter & Apollo


#1: Northstar

Writer John Byrne originally intended for the speedy mutant superhero Northstar to identify as gay. But when the character was initially introduced in the late 1970s /early 1980s, his sexuality wasn’t allowed to be addressed beyond subtle hints. Everything changed in 1992’s “Alpha Flight #106” when Northstar could finally announce he was gay. The comic quickly sold out as one of the series’ most popular issues. In the years after Northstar came out, he continued to pave the way for other LGBTQ+ superheroes and became the first man to have a wedding with another man in Marvel comics. Watching Northstar grow from a person forced into the closet to a superhero who is embraced by dozens of his peers at a wedding is truly inspiring.