Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments Ever

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
These ninja know how to make us laugh. Join Ashley as he counts down the most hilarious moments from across the Naruto franchise, including the likes of "Kakashi and Guy's Race", "Naruto and Sasuke's First Kiss", "Rock Lee's Affection" and more!

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at those hilarious moments that prove Team 7 can deliver more than just brilliant fights.

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#10: Rock Lee’s Affection

Rock Lee needed only one episode to etch himself into the hearts of viewers, even if he just wanted to impress a specific person instead. Throughout the original "Naruto" anime, Lee is openly infatuated with Sakura, a one-sided romance that manages to combine unrequited declarations of love with dodges worthy of a shinobi in training. Lee's unabashed forwardness is hilarious and endearing, but Sakura's reactions steal the show. While the whole scene is incredibly silly, it also contains just the right amount of awkwardness and unpredictability to hit the mark.

#9: Kakashi & Guy's Race

An epic race worthy of an elite rivalry. Ever since they were young, Might Guy and Kakashi have engaged in healthy contests to decide who has the edge. The eternal rivals not only bring out the best in each other, but they are also a great comedic pair that elevate any scene. While this whole situation feels a bit random in its respective episode, the race is not just there for laughs, as it comes at an important moment just as Kakashi is declared the next Hokage. This race has it all: Character work, fun animation, and ladles.

#8: Sai Calls Sakura Ugly

Due to his training, Sai's emotions grew so dull that it became near impossible for him to form typical connections with other people. Conversations are not Sai's strong suit, but that did not discourage the former Anbu from hitting the books to try and fix that. Backed by an uplifting soundtrack and supported by his comrades, Sai took the first step towards forming everlasting friendships by picking out a nickname for Sakura. Unfortunately, Sai picked the wrong one. Sakura's response is gold and, as always, Naruto gets punched.

#7: Haku Reveals He's a Boy

After an enlightening discussion on the nature of strength, Naruto learns a valuable lesson about not jumping to conclusions. Introduced as a significant ally to Zabuza, Haku has quite an androgynous design. They’re so pretty, in fact, Naruto becomes immediately smitten, so naturally his world comes crashing down once the truth in regards to Haku’s true gender is revealed. What makes this moment especially funny is that it follows quite a tragic flashback that highlights Haku's childhood and meeting with Zabuza, and the juxtaposition in tone works wonders.

#6: Kaguya's Weakness

Unpredictability is a crucial ingredient for gaining an advantage in battle, but what could a single shinobi possibly throw out that would shock a celestial being like Kaguya? As Naruto clearly knows, sometimes an unusual attack is more effective than a powerful one, and nobody ever expects the Sexy Technique. Naruto catches Kaguya completely off-guard by transforming into a reverse harem of sexy guys, leaving the antagonist open for a direct punch to the face. If Sakura's bewilderment is anything to go by, even after more than 600 episodes, Naruto can still surprise people.

#5: Naruto Drinks Expired Milk

Unreciprocated love, expired milk, and a stolen identity; Team 7 really did get off to a rocky start. Once assigned to the same team as Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto quickly put together a plan to impress one partner and sabotage the other. Along with abusing the power afforded by his jutsu to transform into Sasuke and lure Sakura into a false sense of security, Naruto spends the majority of the episode battling diarrhea. Throughout the anime's run, Naruto would face plenty of tough opponents, but few would bring the ninja to his knees like that carton of milk.

#4: 1,000 Years of Death

A Jonin only needs four fingers to inflict the ultimate pain. Introduced as Team 7's leader, Kakashi challenges Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruo to steal two bells from him in order to pass his little test. While Sasuke and Sakura opt to take a more cautious approach, Naruto goes the other way. Something we’re sure he regrets since he ends up the victim of a legendary move that takes no prisoners. Kakashi’s technique leaves such a long-lasting impression on Naruto, the hero would use the move against Gaara later down the line.

#3: Beneath the Mask

Some things are better left to the imagination. Years after the formation of Team 7, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura finally find the courage to tackle the biggest mystery of them all: what does Kakashi sensei look like underneath that mask? Spurred by Naruto, the trio set out to discover the truth, even if it just to get the visual of Kakashi with buck teeth out of Sasuke's head. While Team 7's carefully devised plan fails at the last second, Kakashi does eventually satiate their curiosity by taking off his mask. The punchline is predictable but funny.

#2: Himawari Knocks Out Naruto

Naruto worked tirelessly to become the Hidden Leaf Village's Hokage, so it was a shame he missed his inauguration ceremony due to a ripped panda and an angry Himawari. Naruto's big day ends up taking a surprising turn when Himawari channels her mother and unleashes hell on Boruto, with the Seventh Hokage also getting caught in the middle. Naruto's reaction is priceless, but Kurama is the one who truly steals the show. Who would have guessed that Himawari was such a monster?

#1: Naruto & Sasuke's First Kiss

A relationship filled with memorable fights, betrayals, and character growth, Naruto and Sasuke have one of anime's most iconic rivalries. And to think it all started with a kiss. Even though they have quite a few things in common, Naruto and Sasuke instantly fail to see eye to eye. Unfortunately, they have no issue physically staring each other down, meaning that it only takes an accidental push to send all the Sasuke fangirls in class into a frenzy. Naruto getting unfairly beaten up in the aftermath might be a bit polarizing, but the kiss itself is comedy gold.