Top 10 Most Disappointing Video Games of 2020
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Top 10 Most Disappointing Video Games of 2020

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
These titles may not necessarily be bad, but in the state they came in, things could have been significantly better! For this list, we're looking at games that failed to live up to their hype. Our countdown includes “Resident Evil 3” (2020), “Kirby Fighters 2” (2020), “Battletoads” (2020), “Minecraft Dungeons” (2020) and more!
Script written by Ty RIchardson

Top 10 Disappointing Games of 2020

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Disappointing Games of 2020!

For this list, we’re looking at games that failed to live up to their hype. These titles may not necessarily be bad, but in the state they came in, things could have been significantly better!

#10: “Resident Evil 3” (2020)

Okay, let’ make one thing perfectly clear - the “Resident Evil 3” remake is by no means a terrible game. It reintroduced an exceptional title to hundreds of players by modernizing the visuals and controls while taking advantage of Capcom’s powerful RE Engine. However, it was disappointing in ways we didn’t expect. Scenes featuring the rampaging Nemesis were heavily scripted, which mitigated his intimidation. Some scenes from the original game were inexplicably cut. And the multiplayer mode was less “let’s terrorise our friends” and more “What the hell is going on? Who knows, but let’s open lootboxes and get to the exit”.

#9: “Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix” (2020)

Admittedly, there wasn’t an obscene amount of hype surrounding this game. But it’s worth mentioning because of how much promise it had and how it underdelivered. In case you didn’t touch it’s disastrous and underwhelming predecessor, “Nickelodeon Kart Racers” lacked a diverse roster, and its mechanics left it feeling like a “Mario Kart” rip-off. The sequel here added a significant amount of representation from Nicktoons old and new, but still lacks personality as none of the characters speak and several tracks have been recycled from the first game. And God save you if you’re playing on anything other than a high-end PC or a PS4 Pro. Holy crap, we’ve never seen a game stutter and lag this badly!

#8: “Predator: Hunting Grounds” (2020)

The “Predator” franchise has basically been the Luigi to “Aliens’” Mario - one gets several exceptional video games, while the other occasionally gets to join the fun. Sadly, “Predator: Hunting Grounds” was NOT one of those fun occasions. Similar to developer Illfonic’s “Friday the 13th” game, one player takes control of a Predator while other players attempt to complete tasks and escape before being brutally murdered. Playing as the Predator was alright with its diverse moves, but when you play as the soldier, you may as well be playing “Call of Duty” or “Far Cry”. Way to go, “Hunting Grounds” - the bad half of the game has now put “Predator” in Jason Voorhees’ shadow!

#7: “Kirby Fighters 2” (2020)

Unexpected launches can have one of two aims - to immediately drive up hype and catch everyone by surprise, or to do as little marketing as possible, hoping everyone will forget about it. “Kirby Fighters 2” falls under the latter. Launching the day after its leak and announcement, players hoped the game would expand more on the predecessor’s “Smash Bros”-esque gameplay. What they found was a slower game with absurd difficulty spikes and a repetitive formula. As the rushed marketing implies, it felt like there simply wasn’t much thought put into this.

#6: “Rocket Arena” (2020)

EA had a potential contender for the ever-competitive multiplayer market, but man...this SHOULD HAVE gone better! Launching in July 2020, “Rocket Arena” is a 3v3 third-person shooter where all players are equipped with rockets, but each character has different abilities. The game is enticing to play for its mechanics, but what kills it is the slow pacing, slower progression, and visuals that look too close to “Fortnite”. Founding players also got burned out after the game got a price cut merely two weeks after launch. Yeah, the game is only thirty bucks. However, when you’re slashing it down to five or ten dollars so soon after launch, that hurts your relationship with your original player base.

#5: “Crysis Remastered” (2020)

For an IP as reputable as “Crysis”, you would think the remaster would have been handled way better than this. If only it were that easy to rewrite history, but alas, here we are. “Crysis Remastered” was nothing more than a visual upgrade, and even then, that’s said with some hesitation. While it’s still just as fun to play as the original game, it’s also just as hard to look at. Graphics are not as impressive as the 8K support and raytracing made it sound, and the game runs about as smoothly as a snail trudging through a salt mine. How do you take a game known for technical achievements in gaming history and fail to evolve with the times?

#4: “Battletoads” (2020)

This is yet another classic IP that returned and failed to regain glory. In an attempt to bring back the classic brawler-platformer that kicked our teeth in back in 1991, “Battletoads” succeeded in replicating a campy 90’s kids cartoon, but failed to do anything interesting. Rather than being the “Battletoads” we knew and loved with exaggerated violence and difficulty, it threw the toads into levels that delved into so many genres, we forgot what game we were playing. Sure, the series roped in a handful of levels that played differently, but it was never this erratic about it! Needless to say, this wasn’t the “Battletoads” experience we were dreaming of.

#3: “Panzer Dragoon: Remake” (2020)

The “Panzer Dragoon” franchise has been dormant for nearly two decades, with “Panzer Dragoon Orta” releasing in 2002. After all that time, SEGA was finally ready to put the IP back in the spotlight - only to suddenly crash and burn any and all interest. Not only did the remake look subpar visually, but the game is an arcade-style shooter that lasts roughly an hour. This really should have been a full-blown remake that expands upon what the other games brought to the table. Instead of a roasted turkey with gravy and seasoning, we got a small bucket of chicken that was missing its eleven herbs and spices.

#2: “Minecraft Dungeons” (2020)

The announcement of a new “Minecraft” raised many eyebrows, but the more we saw of “Minecraft Dungeons”, the less exciting it became. What could have been a “Minecraft” dungeon-crawler that delved deeper into its lore turned into a generic “Diablo” clone that does absolutely nothing with the “Minecraft” IP nor the dungeon-crawling genre. The lack of classes made any reason to replay null and void, and even twenty bucks seems like too much for something so bare minimum. Needless to say, “Minecraft Dungeons” quickly became known as the half-assed failure of a cousin to the more thrilling and successful “Minecraft: Story Mode”.

Before we reveal 2020’s most disappointing game, here are some Dishonorable Mentions…

“Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise” (2020)

More Like a Curse in Disguise

“Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX” (2020)

Doomed to a Life of Tedious, Archaic Design

“Exit the Gungeon” (2020)

Why Would We Want to Leave the Gungeon When We Just Entered?

“Disintegration” (2020)

This Title From Halo’s Co-Creator Seemed Promising, But Was Utterly Mediocre

#1: “Marvel’s Avengers” (2020)

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics could have done SEVERAL things with the “Avengers” IP. A fighting game, an interactive narrative Telltale-style, a side-scrolling platformer, a freakin’ “Ultimate Alliance” clone… And what did we get instead? A live service cobbled together with a confusing currency system, uninspired combat, a cringey portrayal of Kamala Khan, a greedy Battle Pass system, a plethora of technical issues, obscene product placement, and one Spider-Man held hostage for PS4 users. “Marvel’s Avengers” could have - and SHOULD HAVE - handled the IP with the same level of integrity and honor as its heroes. And after Insomniac raised the bar with 2018’s “Spider-Man”, this was completely unacceptable.
Why wasn't The Last of Us Part II on this list? It belongs here. In fact, it belongs on the #1 spot.