Top10 Beloved Disney Songs That Almost Got Cut



Top10 Beloved Disney Songs That Almost Got Cut

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We can't believe these beloved Disney songs almost got cut. Our countdown includes "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," "Frozen," "The Lion King," and more!

Top 10 Beloved Disney Songs That Almost Got Cut

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Beloved Disney Songs That Almost Got Cut.

For this list, we’ll be looking at songs from our favorite Disney movies that you simply won’t believe we almost never heard. We won’t however, be including songs that were ultimately repurposed for a different Disney flick.

Which song could you never imagine being cut from your favorite Disney movie? Let us know in the comments.

#10: “Hellfire”
“The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (1996)

As one of Disney’s most sinister songs, it’s no surprise that at one time its fate rested on a knife’s edge. Covering themes such as lust, sin, hell, and damnation, not to mention seductive imagery, we imagine it probably made the execs over at Disney break out in a cold sweat. The song had to undergo alterations to adhere to the G-rating regulations and naturally was a big talking point after the movie’s release. As well as providing the perfect contrast to “Heaven’s Light,” it gave us a multi-dimensional villain, stunning visuals, and of course, a hauntingly beautiful melody.

#9: “If I Never Knew You”
“Pocahontas” (1995)

Initially, this song was written for the scene where Pocahontas visits John Smith after he’s imprisoned for the death of Kocoum. However, after failing to engage young audiences during a test screening, the song’s writer, Alan Menken, called for it to be cut. A version sung by Jon Secada and Shanice can be heard over the end credits and was even released as a single, following the success of Vanessa Williams’ recording of “Colors of the Wind.” In 2005, for the movie’s tenth anniversary, the song was reinstated, finally giving it its much deserved day in the sun.

#8: “Human Again”
“Beauty and the Beast” (1991)

Described as an “upbeat waltz,” Disney had to cut the song due to “story problems which [were] difficult to solve in a timely manner.” The 11-minute song in which the enchanted household objects dream about life after Belle breaks the curse was considered too long and, subsequently replaced with “Something There.” It did, however, make a great addition to the 1994 Broadway musical adaption and in 2002, a shorter version was integrated for the movie’s IMAX rerelease, as well as home media releases that followed. In the 2017 remake, it was replaced with “Days in the Sun,” although a directorial error nearly changed our understanding of the story.

#7: “Bella Notte”
“Lady and the Tramp” (1955)

As perhaps the most iconic scene in the entire movie, it’s hard to imagine that it was nearly left on the cutting room floor. As the pooches share a romantic night over a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, they’re serenaded to the sounds of “Bella Notte.” It was Walt Disney himself who thought this scene would never work and suggested they remove it. However, directing animator Frank Thomas fought for it and managed to convince him to keep it in. And thank goodness he did, as this song and the entire scene is beloved by generations of Disney fans everywhere.

#6: “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”
“Frozen” (2013)

We can hardly believe it either, but this beloved song almost didn’t make it into the movie. The song was repeatedly cut and put back several times as they struggled to make it work with the narrative. There were also concerns that it contained a complicated overload of exposition and would be deemed as too sad. Songwriter Robert Lopez recalled receiving emails from Disney demanding they leave it in, but Kristen Bell revealed that the final decision wasn’t made until the last minute. As one of our favorite songs to sing-along with, we reckon they made the right call.

#5: “One Jump Ahead (Reprise)”
“Aladdin” (1992)

While we love the cheeky and action-packed “One Jump Ahead,” we also have a soft spot for its reprise. Taking on the role of the “I Want” song, it replaced other choices like “Proud of Your Boy” and “You Can Count On Me,” but at one point the directors toyed with taking it out altogether. They planned for Aladdin to speak the opening lines of the reprise, but Alan Menken strongly believed that this should be a musical moment. Considering how music can take the emotion behind the words and really elevate them, we have to agree with Mr. Menken here.

#4: “Show Yourself”
“Frozen II” (2019)

Following the immense success of the multi-award-winning “Let It Go,” the pressure was on for a new show-stopping number. While “Frozen II” treated us to two iconic belters, that wasn’t always going to be the case as months of struggles nearly resulted in “Show Yourself” being axed. In the Disney+ docuseries “Into The Unknown,” we learn that a mere eight months before the movie’s release, they were still fighting to make it “land.” Fortunately, they established the role this song would play in the story, and if you ask us, it should have been nominated for an Academy Award too.

#3: “Reflection”
“Mulan” (1998)

Talk about “a [song] worth fighting for!” Disney initially called for “Reflection” to be cut, worrying that audiences would find it boring. The decision came after audiences started “dialing out” during a song while watching a screen-test for “Hercules,” which was released the year before. However, the song’s writers, Matthew Wilder and David Zippel, knew they were onto something special and “fought tooth and nail to keep it in.” They compromised by only featuring half the song in the movie and later brought in Christina Aguilera to cover the full song, turning it into a commercial success as well.

#2: “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”
“The Lion King” (1994)

While “The Lion King” soundtrack became a multi-platinum best-seller, we almost missed out on hearing one of its most famous songs. When Elton John learned that his epic love ballad had been axed, he insisted they put it back in, citing that writing it was the key reason he agreed to take on this project. He also refused when Disney gave it the comedic edge by having Timon and Pumbaa sing the entire thing. Fortunately, his persistence and confidence in the song paid off as it ended up winning both an Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

#1: “Part of Your World”
“The Little Mermaid” (1989)

It’s almost unthinkable, but Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg actually called for this legendary song to be cut. During a test screening, the young audience seemed to get restless, and fearing that they would lose interest, he suggested that the song should be removed. However, lyricist Howard Ashman absolutely refused. The crew was also keen on keeping Ashman’s “I Want” track, comparing it to “Snow White’s” “Someday My Prince Will Come.” “The Little Mermaid” is credited with launching Disney’s Renaissance era and who knows what might have happened if Katzenberg got his way. We’ll always be grateful that Ashman and company fought for this song to be “Part of [our] World.”