Top 10 Times Alicia Went Beast Mode on Fear The Walking Dead



Top 10 Times Alicia Went Beast Mode on Fear The Walking Dead

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
Walkers beware when Alicia from "Fear the Walking Dead" goes beast mode. Our countdown includes saving June in a waterpark, getting revenge against Mel, keeping the kids safe, and more!

Top 10 Times Alicia From Fear the Walking Dead Went Beast Mode

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 times Alicia from “Fear the Walking Dead” Went Beast Mode.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most amazing and awe-inspiring feats this apocalypse survivor has accomplished. Since some of these moments come at pivotal plot moments, a spoiler warning is in effect.

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#10: Saving June in a Waterpark

While trying to get away from infected at a waterpark, Alicia loses her knife. This becomes a huge problem when her ally June, known as Naomi at the time, unintentionally slides into hungry enemies. Alicia accidentally grabs the barrel shroud of a machine gun in all the chaos. But it becomes a happy accident when she uses it to take out an Infected that was threatening Naomi. Not only does Alicia save a life that day, she also gains a valuable tool. After making some modifications, it becomes her signature weapon. Humans and infected alike have little chance against Alicia when she has her iconic barrel shroud at the ready.

#9: Jumping Into an Elevator Shaft
“Do Not Disturb”

During the second season, Alicia finds herself in a hotel overrun with infected guests. When a group of them get too close, she decides to make a daring escape. Alicia pulls a pair of elevator doors open and jumps onto the cables. The infected that try to get her fall to their doom as she hangs on for dear life. While the courage she displayed here is remarkable, what really made this moment stand out is the fact that Alicia climbed up the cables to safety on another floor. The upper-body strength it took to make this escape was impressive. If you want to stay at this hotel, you’ve got to get as strong as Alicia.

#8: Fighting Bandits & Scaring Them Away
“Things Bad Begun”

Alicia was enjoying a nice drive when her car was suddenly hit by bandits. While most people might need a minute to recover from a crash, she doesn't waste a second to jump into action. Alicia forces one bandit away by using a small knife. When another enemy tries to steal her gun, she holds him at knifepoint and tosses him aside like he's nothing. Upon seeing that her friend Diana is in danger, she shoots into the air to scare the bandits away. If Alicia was feeling less merciful, she could have stopped those bandits permanently. But she probably left them alive so they could run and tell their friends not to mess with her.

#7: Getting Revenge Against Mel
“The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now”

Mel belonged to a group that cost Alicia a safe home and her mother’s life. So, when she sees him again, she’s completely consumed with a desire for revenge. Alicia nearly gets shot trying to pursue Mel. But after regaining her focus, she coolly and calmly blows up the ambulance he was trying to escape in. Upon seeing that he survived with severe burns, Alicia walks over, asks him a few questions about her next target, and ends his life. We’d never seen her treat anyone so coldly and cruelly. Although her memorable act of revenge didn't bring her mom back, it did give her some closure.

#6: Recovering the SWAT Vehicle
“Good Out Here”

When the core group of survivors fight inside of Al’s SWAT vehicle, the tanky transport is sent careening into a ditch. To make matters worse, it attracts a group of infected when the horn gets stuck and the noise draws them in. But none of this matters to Alicia. To get the SWAT vehicle out, she volunteers to attach a winch to it. Armed with her trusty and very sharp barrel shroud, she fights through the infected without fear while Al snipes the dead from a distance. It doesn't take long for Alicia to attach the winch and help get the SWAT vehicle back on the road. If we ever got into car trouble, we’d want this badass survivor on our side.

#5: Risking Radiation to Take Down Infected
“The Hurt That Will Happen”

Shortly after arriving in a new area, Alicia learns that some of the infected she’ll encounter have radioactive blood. Fortunately, the nuclear ones wear dosimeters around their necks to identify them. But that tidbit doesn’t help when a group of infected that Alicia volunteered to fight gets covered in mud. Unable to tell which are radioactive, she’s left with no choice but to take down anything that gets too close. She’s also forced to keep a hostile one at bay while her friends identify if it's radioactive or not. Although Alicia's choice to fight them all solo was a bit reckless, she definitely deserves props for risking radiation to take down as many infected as she could.

#4: Protecting Survivors From an Attacking Horde
“Brother's Keeper”

Not every battle can be won with strategy and skill alone. Alicia learned this lesson firsthand when her ranch home was overwhelmed by an impossible number of infected. She quickly realizes the survivors must reach an underground pantry if they want to live. Fortunately for them, Alicia’s there to protect the retreating survivors. After taking down a good number of enemies with a machete, she mows them down with her gun. When her gun runs out of bullets, she uses it as a melee weapon to stay in the fight. She then puts her life on the line to save as many people as possible. The tremendous amount of courage Alicia shows in the face of overwhelming numbers deserves to be recognized.

#3: Rushing Into Battle Right After a Plane Crash
“Here to Help”

The first thing Alicia chooses to do after surviving a harrowing plane crash is to battle infected. Since she didn’t have her usual weapon nearby, she picks up a plane propeller and starts swinging. Although Alicia’s impromptu weapon cuts up her hands, she doesn’t put it down - intent on protecting her friends. She gets so into fighting that she nearly attacks Morgan. Alicia also demonstrates her battle intelligence by quickly setting up a barrier that trips up approaching infected. And we have to remind you that she did all this shortly after crawling out of a wrecked plane. In one scene, Alicia demonstrated unbelievable endurance, extreme resourcefulness and her willingness to do whatever it takes to keep her loved ones safe.

#2: Keeping the Kids Safe
“Still Standing”

With the threat of a nuclear meltdown on the horizon, Alicia struggles to persuade a group of kids to abandon the area. When infected show up, she promises to defend every single one of them. Unsurprisingly, Alicia takes down her enemies with ease. But the battle takes a shocking turn when she’s covered in radioactive blood. Nonetheless, she continues to fight the infected on her own until the kids are safe. Alicia’s loyalty and bravery inspire the children to leave their dangerous home for greener pastures. And since the radioactive blood has no negative effects in future episodes, we have to assume she’s also basically invincible.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Breaking Free
“Damage from the Inside”

Ambushing Grace
“The Hurt That Will Happen”

Pulling Charlie Away From Warehouse Walkers
“Welcome to the Club”

Sliding Down a Boat to Get Away From Jack

#1: Surviving the Pantry
“This Land Is Your Land”

The survivors that escaped the horde and hid in the pantry faced another challenge when their hideout started running out of air. Although Alicia tries to stay conscious, she eventually passes out. When she awakes, almost everyone else has turned. She uses a combination of hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship to survive the pantry full of infected. But what pushes this up to the top of Alicia’s resume is that every enemy she takes down was once a person she tried to save. While seeing her fight so well moments after being passed out is incredible, the mental and emotional strength it took to keep going was beyond anything we’ve seen before. It’s one of the best beast mode moments in the franchise.