Top 10 Anime Characters That Got Cancelled On Social Media
Trivia Top 10 Anime Characters That Got Cancelled On Social Media



Top 10 Anime Characters That Got Cancelled On Social Media

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
Twitter was not having any of their shenanigans! Join Ashley as he counts down our picks for the anime characters that recieved negative attention on social media, as seen in series such as "Horimiya", "Haikyuu", "Darling in the Franxx", and more!
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Anime Characters That Got Cancelled On Social Media

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anime Characters That Got Cancelled On Social Media.

For this list, we’re going to be looking at the anime characters that caused outrage online either due to something they said, or some other factor that made Twitter implode.

Which fictional character do you think felt the biggest sting? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Naofumi

“The Rising of the Shield Hero” (2019-)

Our boy truly got no respect during the start of his isekai experience, not only from the kingdom that betrayed and vilified him, but also from many viewers. In order to survive as the outcasted Shield Hero, Naofumi did whatever he could do to survive, including buying Raphtalia when she was kept caged as a slave. While he would go on to treat her as a person, many couldn’t get over the fact the hero of an anime was involved in purchasing a slave, and as such dropped the series then and there. It’s a pity since they wouldn’t get to see just how epic this property turned out to be.

#9: Kenma

“Haikyu!!” (2014-2020)

The star of the much beloved team of cats that stood as Karasuno’s first true rivals, Kenma was a rather aloof player who nonetheless endeared himself to many. Alas, even stoic cinnamon rolls can’t escape the hate wagon forever. Turns out Kenma became somewhat embroiled in one of the earlier scenarios that would lead to the joke “cancel the cartoon” movement, some taking issue with this little piece of dialogue from the manga. Apparently, that constitutes toxic behaviour, leading to a few to call for him to have his kitty cat claws clipped!

#8: Rudeus

“Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” (2021)

It’s a tale of slow growth, of righting wrongs, of bettering oneself. Even if oneself is now trapped inside the body of a younger man while still having the less than noble urges of a middle-aged otaku. That’s what’s made Rudeus’ journey so fascinating to watch. Alas, many took issue at just how…forward he could be with the ladies in his life. Some scenes were undoubtedly uncomfortable. For many on social media, that line had been crossed several times over, and they were not afraid to be vocal about it. Wasn’t Paul a million times worse?

#7: Tanjiro

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” (2019)

Spearheading one of the most celebrated anime of the modern age, Tanjiro’s journey to save his sister from her demonic fate garnered universal acclaim. The controversy, at least according to Twitter, isn’t so much to do with Tanjiro’s bloodsoaked struggles, his personality or anything he may have said. It’s his earrings. Some saw the hanafuda-card inspired design, and interpreted it as the Imperial Japanese flag, which was used during the country’s colonisation efforts. Seems like a stretch, but it was enough to get some people riled up.

#6: Endeavor

“My Hero Academia” (2016-)

This man is never going to be out of the spotlight, and unfortunately for him, it’s always for a rather unflattering reason. The new number one hero’s shady past remains a vital part of both his character as well as the anime’s narrative as a whole. A man willing to physically and mentally abuse his family on the path to power, Endeavor’s antics were condemned by fans outright. But it’s only since his recent attempts to redeem himself and make amends that the fanbase has become split down the middle, and a solid half of them are not in a forgiving mood. It’s gotten so bad that the mangaka has been sent death threats!

#5: Asuka

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” (1995-96)

Get ready, because we’re diving deep for this one. As fans are no doubt aware, the Evangelion franchise refuses to sit still when it comes to making various media. Turns out a 1996 audio drama resurfaced recently, in which Asuka went on the record to call Shinji a homophibic slur due to his interactions with Kaworu. Asuka is a fourteen year old loudmouth firecracker, and given the time period, we can somewhat see her spouting something vulgar like this. Didn’t stop fans from going loco though.

#4: Nagatoro

“Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro” (2021)

People were already taking bets on when this little lady would get herself cancelled, just from the trailer alone. The whole premise has the trappings of your classic call to arms from the outrage squad. After encountering a rather meek senpai, Nagatoro proceeds to tease him and bombard him with verbal whippings that could be seen as excessive, especially with her poor victim left in tears by the end. As fans already know, this rather out-there beginning is the set up for the comedy and genuine romance that follows. Of course, that secluded incident was all it took to start fires online.

#3: Master Roshi

“Dragon Ball” franchise (1986-2018)

One of the OG pervs out there, for all of his actions (that were often met with a violent rebuttal across the series) Roshi quickly became a beloved member of the Dragon Ball cast. As Goku’s mentor, he has a special place in everyone’s hearts. Save for those that found his tasteless actions so offensive that they began to accuse fans of pardoning his “sexual misconduct” just because he introduced the Kamehameha into the mainstream. We would say that it seems like a bit of waste to drag up such an old property, but if Super ever gets a sequel, there’s every chance Roshi’s detractors will follow.

#2: Hori

“Horimiya” (2021)

What? The darling of the year’s most celebrated rom-com somehow earned people’s ire? That’s right. In what was supposed to be a comedic scene, Hori expresses to her now-boyfriend Miyamura that while she could handle it if he left her for another woman, under no circumstances was he to go off with a man. Considering this outburst cropped up in the middle of an episode that focused on one of Miyamura’s former bullies struggling with his own sexual preference, many took her comments as homophobic, and as such swiftly brought the hammer down.

#1: Ichigo

“Darling in the Franxx” (2017)

Now this is a big one. There was so much hatred and vitriol surrounding the actions of this pilot that she had her own hashtag trending. In order to stop her childhood crush from going after the girl he obviously adored, Ichigo decided to confess her feelings then and there…while also forcefully kissing on him. The whole thing exploded, Ichigo’s attitude and intrusive lips forever damning her to the realm of #Bitchigo and staff involved with the anime even received threats. Jeez, with so much heat coming her way it’s good a thing she had Goro to fall back on.
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