Top 10 Funniest Horror Movie Villains Ever



Top 10 Funniest Horror Movie Villains Ever

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Run for your life! These villains are frighteningly funny! For this list, we'll be looking at the most hilarious baddies in horror - but excluding antagonists that are so bad they're funny. Our countdown includes Pennywise the Clown, Beetlejuice, Freddy Krueger, and more!

Top 10 Funniest Horror Movie Villains

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Horror Movie Villains.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most hilarious baddies in horror - but excluding antagonists that are so bad they’re funny.

Which scary villains left you screaming with laughter? Let us know in the comments!

#10: The Gremlins

“Gremlins” Franchise (1984-)
What do you get when you mix a cuddly critter with some midnight snacks and a splash of water? Hundreds of creepy reptile-like monsters who love to party and cause chaos! These freaky fiends are terrifying in numbers, bashing, slashing, laughing maniacally and terrorising whoever they find! But all of these troublemakers are just trying to have a good time, even though it’s always at someone else’s expense - whether they’re drinking, pulling pranks, or even dressing up as humans! Some might consider them the “Minions” of horror movie villains.

#9: Billy & Ricky Chapman

“Silent Night, Deadly Night” Franchise (1984-2012)
These psychotic brothers would be terrifying if they didn’t have such comedic timing! “Silent Night Deadly Night” features Billy Chapman going on a psychotic rampage dressed as Santa Claus. Repeating his catchphrase “punish”, he throws his victims out of windows, and chops heads off mid-sleigh ride. It’s ridiculously stupendous! But his brother Ricky takes it up a notch in the sequel. While recounting his own story of becoming a killer to a psychiatrist, Ricky is straight-up cartoonish with his responses. To top it off, his slapstick ways of killing are almost Looney-Toon Esque. Billy Chapman might’ve done well as a clown, and his brother Ricky could’ve done sketch comedy - if either of them had any self-awareness. Or, you know, a conscience.

#8: Bee & Her Satanic Cult

“The Babysitter” Franchise (2017-)
You ever wondered what your babysitter got up to when you were sent to bed? Hopefully it wasn’t what happens in these Netflix movies. Bee and the gang are teenagers with big dreams! So they sacrifice the innocent to the devil to make their wishes come true. These movies pull no punches with the blood and gore, but this cast of hormonal high-schoolers plays up the ridiculousness of the situation. Their reactions to what disgusting lengths they themselves go to make for a relentless and hilarious ride.

#7: Pennywise the Clown

“It” & “It: Part 2” (1990)
For a terrifying shapeshifter, It can be surprisingly humorous. Clown phobias are a real thing, and Pennywise the Clown of 2017 is the epitome of that fear. But back in 1990, Tim Curry’s portrayal was more camp horror and left room for some frightening laughs. Even as he instilled fear into the hearts of the Losers Club, he had as much fun as possible along the way. Sure, the red-nosed joker had a particularly dark sense of humor. But his murderous antics and jokes were entertaining all the same.

#6: GhostFace

“Scream” Franchise (1996-2011)
Wes Craven created Scream to be a “Meta-Slasher” film, and its characters are astutely aware of the genre’s tropes. This means that Ghostface knows exactly how to toy with his victims. It also results in a fair few slapstick moments when the characters take on whoever dons the mask. Ghostface is on the receiving end of slamming doors, falling bookcases and even beer bottles to the groin. The villain remains human, and that’s why we get these funny moments. It’s also ironic that it then went on to inspire Scary Movie, which was the original title for the film!

#5: Beetlejuice

“Beetlejuice” (1998)
Beetlejuice is a devious trickster, who… Wait, did we just say Beetlejuice three times? [under breath] Damn it! This deceased deviant is not the kind of guy you want to invite to your wedding. He’s crude, can turn into a giant nightmarish snake, and gets all up in your personal space. But with those creepy vibes, Michael Keaton delivers a bizarre and hysterical performance as a ghost con-man in this family horror movie. All of his scary moments are offset by his farcical behaviour. Just as he unnerves you, he pulls out some manic gags to keep you on your toes.

#4: Leprechaun

“Leprechaun” Franchise (1993-2018)
The fairy tales about leprechauns are nothing like what Warwick Davis brought to screens. This supernatural being will stop at nothing to find his stolen gold and kill anyone who stands in his way. Even though he’s small, he’s incredibly powerful, so don’t underestimate him. He’s also quite creative, and every single one of his kills gets more ridiculous than the last. Over the course of the series, he goes from slightly terrifying to completely surreal, as he learns to gamble in Vegas, goes to space, and works on his rap lyrics.

#3: Evil Ash

“Army of Darkness” (1992)
Sam Raimi has always had a knack for dark humour in his horror movies. Lamia, the demon from Drag Me to Hell, was as funny as it was terrifying. But the Evil Dead Franchise takes the cake, with Evil Ash being one of the funniest antagonists in the series. He starts off as many tiny versions of Ash Williams. But eventually our mischievous doppelganger grows out of our hero full sized, ready to have a cartoonish fist fight. He later turns into a terrifying undead warlord, but never loses his nutty and frantic character, making him a fearsome but comical watch.

#2: Chucky

“Child’s Play” Franchise (1988-2019)
When you think about it, a serial killer using a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into a kids doll sounds more silly than scary. But Chucky has solidified himself as a Horror Movie Icon, thanks to his psychopathic personality and hilarious wit. As this weird doll hunts down his victims, he gets into even weirder situations, like having relations with his doll wife, splitting his soul into other dolls, and having a doll offspring. Due to the amount of films he’s featured in, he’s been given ample opportunity to run his foul-mouth and make cinema-goers chuckle.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Jennifer Checks, “Jennifer’s Body” (2009)
Dealing Out Savage Burns Along the Way

The Klowns, “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” (1988)
For a Bizarre Combination of Laughter & Murder

Jack Frost, “Jack Frost” (1997) & “Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman” (2000)
This Terrifying Frosty-Lookalike Loves His Chilling Puns

#1: Freddy Krueger

“Nightmare on Elm Street” Franchise (1984-2010)
Despite being hell-bent on slaughtering the sleeping children of Springwood, Freddy isn’t afraid to have a laugh or two while he’s doing it. One of the few great horror villains who actually speak, he’s the King of Horror Movie one liners, pumping out memorable quotes in every movie he appears in. Thanks to his clever zingers, this hand-bladed villain solidified himself in the minds of movie lovers. Freddy may gut you like a fish, but he’ll leave you with a pun or two along the way.