Top 10 Things to Remember Before Rick and Morty Season 5



Top 10 Things to Remember Before Rick and Morty Season 5

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
Your favorite interdimensional travellers are back! For this list, we'll be looking at plotlines and character arcs to keep in mind before “Rick and Morty” returns on June 20, 2021. Our countdown includes Mr. Poopybutthole, President Evil Morty, Space Beth's Backstory, and more!

Top 10 Things to Remember Before Season 5 Rick and Morty

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Things to remember before season 5 of “Rick and Morty”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at plotlines and character arcs to keep in mind before “Rick and Morty” returns on June 20, 2021, especially since producer Scott Marder has promised “epic canon.” If you’re not caught up on the first four seasons, beware of some schwifty spoilers.

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#10: The Vindicators

Season 3 introduced the Vindicators, a team of superheroes who meet their match when Rick gets really intoxicated. Although all the Vindicators had their own issues, Supernova, in particular, has blood… or rather bugs on her hands when she takes out fellow hero Million Ants. But she faces no repercussions. The only other surviving member of the team at the episode’s end is Noob-Noob, the unsung hero of the Vindicators. While it’s unclear if either heroes will return, there’s lots of ideas that could be explored in Season 5. Will Noob-Noob ever be promoted from intern/janitor? Will a new group of Vindicators assemble? Will Supernova continue down her dark path? That last one is possible if Gillian Jacobs isn’t too busy voicing another superhero.

#9: Jerry & Beth Back Together

Although Beth and Jerry’s marriage has always been on the rocks, an ultimatum concerning Rick finally motivated the couple to divorce. The two remained broken up throughout Season 3, but they got back together in the finale, much to Rick’s annoyance. Due to cloning shenanigans we’ll get into later, it’s possible Jerry didn’t get back with the real Beth. But the couple’s relationship does seem to be solid even with that possibility hanging over their heads. While we’ll likely never describe Jerry and Beth as a completely happy married couple, they seem to be in a good place… Well, good for them. But if another Beth is added to the mix, their relationship may take a few interesting turns in Season 5.

#8: Mr. Poopybutthole

Despite only appearing sporadically since he was introduced in the same episode where he was shot, Mr. Poppybutthole has etched out his place as a fan favorite. He’s made a full recovery, got married, went back to school, and welcomed baby poopy-pants into the world mostly off-screen. After primarily being restricted to cameos, Mr. Poopybutthole had a more prominent role in a Season 4 episode when he joined Rick’s heist crew. His use of a cane doesn’t stop him from kicking ass. While a violent outburst cost Mr. Poopybutthole his job as a college professor, he’ll hopefully find other work in Season 5. Speaking of which, did we see another member of the Poopybutthole family in the trailer?

#7: Morty’s Girlfriend

In “The Vat of Acid Episode,” Morty takes a break from causing mayhem to find love. His longtime girlfriend isn’t given a name and their romance plays out without dialogue. However, they do share a sweet rapport that triumphs in the face of adversity. But Jerry ruins everything and resets the timeline to a point before the two connect. Although it’s suggested that she might remember him later, Morty fakes his own demise before we can find out. Since this took place in another reality, Morty might meet her counterpart in his dimension. Based on trailers and early footage, it appears Season 5 will delve deeper into Morty’s relationship with Jessica. But if his nameless ex-girlfriend reenters the picture, expect a complicated love triangle.

#6: Tammy’s Fate

Although this show has thrown plenty of curveballs, Tammy being an undercover Galactic Federation agent takes the wedding cake. Her relationship with Birdperson was a ruse to capture Rick and other enemies. When he gets revenge by launching a complicated scheme that brings down the Federation, Tammy is forced to go on the run. After breathing life back into the Federation, she finally gets her comeuppance in the Season 4 finale. Rick makes her pay for what she did to Birdperson and, even worse, making him go to a wedding. Since we seemingly saw Tammy meet her end, she’ll likely be absent from Season 5. But there are alternate versions of her in other dimensions. And characters have found ways to cheat death before...

#5: The New Galactic Federation

As mentioned before, the New Galactic Federation is formed after Rick takes down the old one. Tammy initially decides not to retaliate against Rick, knowing that he’ll only cause more trouble. Space Beth is another story. Mirroring “Star Wars,” Space Beth and her fellow rebels target what’s left of the Federation. Now that Tammy’s gone, it’s unclear who’s leading the New Federation. The organization is not nearly as powerful as it used to be - especially with their super-laster busted. But as long as there are loyal Gromflomites out there, the Federation still spells trouble for Rick, Space Beth, and Earth. If it does return, we hope Morty has a spare pair of Wrangler jeans on hand.

#4: Rick’s Past

Despite being one-half of the show’s titular duo, Rich Sanchez remains something of an enigma. There’s still much about his past that could be elaborated upon. But the biggest mystery of all concerns Rick’s ex-wife. In a false flashback, Rick leads Cornvelious Daniel to believe that a fatal accident involving Beth and her mother turned him into the cynical antihero he is today. Since that backstory was fabricated, we still don’t know what Mrs. Sannchez really looks like, if her name is Diane, or if she’s even alive. Now that Rick has accepted his failure as a father, he may confront his failed marriage in Season 5. With Space Beth in the picture, we could also learn more about his “hero phase.”

#3: President Evil Morty

Even more mysterious than Rick is “Evil Morty”. After disappearing into a crowd of counterparts, the villain returned as a candidate during the Citadel’s election. After Evil Morty emerged as President, he took care of his opposition. Most of the people who recognized his true nature were thrown out of an airlock or disposed of by other means. Anyone who stood in the way of his leadership had to fall. We last saw him making a brief cameo in a scene where he led a massive army. Although that scene technically never happened, only time will tell if the sequence foreshadows upcoming events or if it was just a fakeout. Either way, President Morty is bad news… and we assume Darth Poopybutthole is too.

#2: Phoenixperson

While Rick can be social when he wants to be, he doesn’t have many friends. But he had a genuine friendship with Birdperson. This made it all the more tragic when Tammy broke the bird man’s heart in more ways than one. After we believed Birdperson to be lost, a Phoenixperson rose from the ashes... with cybernetic enhancements. Rick was finally reunited with his friend in the Season 4 finale. Unfortunately, Phoenixperson isn’t as Rick remembers him and the two engage in a near-fatal fight. Unwilling to give up on his friend, Rick keeps him behind a storage shelf in the garage. It may be a while until Phoenixperson is ready to open up. But we suspect he’ll resurface at some point in Season 5.

#1: Space Beth’s Backstory

Towards the end of Season 3, Rick offers to clone Beth so that she can strike out on her own. Initially, Beth’s decision is left ambiguous. After nearly a season of theorizing, it was confirmed that Rick did indeed clone Beth. What remains unresolved is if Space Beth is the clone or the original. The two Beths ultimately don’t care and neither do the other Smiths. Rick, on the other hand, wishes to know the truth, and watches his own erased memory of the event. It turns out, he deliberately mixed them up, so that even he wouldn’t know which was which. Whether or not Season 5 reveals who the clone is, Dan Harmon confirmed that Space Beth isn’t a one-off character.