Top 10 Underrated Schitt's Creek Characters
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Top 10 Underrated Schitt's Creek Characters

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We love the Roses, but these "Schitt's Creek" characters are so underrated. Our countdown includes Mutt Schitt, Stevie Budd, Ted Mullens, and more!

Top 10 Underrated Schitt's Creek Characters

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Schitt’s Creek Characters.

For this list, we’ll be looking at characters from the hit comedy that don't always get the attention they deserve. We’re not including the Roses, but every other character is being considered!

Which of these Schitt’s Creek residents would you most like to hang out with? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Mutt Schitt

Mutt was essentially the town's dark horse. In effect, much of his initial appeal lied in how enigmatic he was, especially in comparison with the other townsfolk that the Roses crossed paths with. Who could have guessed that Roland and Jocelyn of all people would be his parents?! Mutt was always a pretty simple guy, a man who loved adventure and life’s little things. And while his relationship with Alexis ultimately wasn’t meant to last, the two helped each other grow up. One thing is for sure: with or without his beard, Mutt Schitt brought some valuable rustic edge to Schitt’s during his time there.

#9: Bob Currie

Bob was the owner of the garage that bore his name, but he was also so much more than that. A staple of the town, Bob was kind, and always eager to assist Johnny in any way he could. Let’s not forget he gave him office space! Sure, sometimes his actions were slightly missguided. Who could forget the bagel place plan? Or when he asked Johnny to speak at his brother’s funeral despite their lack of a relationship? But his intentions were always pure, and that was a huge part of his charm. Despite what Gwen seemed to think, we’ll always hold a special place for Bob - and his jog - in our hearts.

#8: Ray Butani

Ray was always a welcome and funny addition to the streets of Schitt’s Creek. He may not have been in as many episodes as other characters, but his appearances were always noteworthy. As the town’s multi-talented businessman, he had a hand in everything from real estate, to photography, to the Christmas tree market. And there was no job Ray Butani couldn’t do with the help of his signature attitude and humor. Even if it came at the expense of other peoples' wallets or feelings! Honestly, how would anybody have survived without Ray? We’re glad we never had to find out!

#7: Ronnie Lee

Ronnie was a no-nonsense woman who spoke her mind and had very little patience for shenanigans. Her personality against Moira's flamboyant one made for a pretty entertaining dynamic and friendship between the two. Especially during Jazzagals rehearsals and town council meetings! Ronnie never minced words, and the moments she was a part of were always better because of it. Her blunt and honest attitude meant that what you saw was what you got. More often than not, that involved a hilarious and astute comment aimed at the Roses or Patrick that cracked us all up. It goes without saying, but it was practically impossible not to love her!

#6: Ted Mullens

Ted started out as a character that many fans didn’t pay much attention to. But that was a big mistake. His character development was slow and steady, but extremely significant. Without fully realizing it, everyone - including Alexis - fell in love with Ted Mullens. It became harder and harder to picture Schitt’s Creek without him in it, though we all understood why he ultimately had to leave. Between his love of animals, his work in conservation, and his sweet and understanding nature, Ted was the whole package - and then some! What more could you possibly ask for in a human being?

#5: Roland Schitt

While Roland was a comical clown-like character, there was a lot more to him than just laughs. Sure, he often accidentally messed things up! But his heart was certainly always in the right place! Even though Johnny and Roland were essentially polar opposites, the mayor of Schitt’s Creek never let that get in his way. While they hilariously butted heads on more than one occasion, there was nothing Roland wouldn’t do for the Rose family. He went from being the quirky mayor to one of Johnny’s business partners and best friends. Needless to say, we all grew pretty fond of him in the process!

#4: Patrick Brewer

The beautiful relationship that bloomed between David and Patrick is beloved by fans of the show, and for good reason. But the latter character sometimes doesn’t get the credit he deserves as an individual. In effect, he went through a tremendous amount of personal growth during his time in Schitt’s Creek, learning to embrace himself and coming out to his parents. Not to mention he was always an incredibly loving and compassionate person in all aspects of his life. The fact that he was an amazingly talented musician with the voice of an angel was really just a bonus. In other words, Patrick was simply the best.

#3: Stevie Budd

Stevie started off as the sarcastic front desk worker at the motel, and her pivotal importance quickly became apparent. Before we knew it, she and David became the best of friends, and she was part of the family. A self-sufficient, intelligent, and bold woman, Stevie really found her footing and place in the world as the seasons progressed. She faced her fears head on, and it paid off big time! Her electric performance as Sally Bowles in “Cabaret” and her business partnership with Johnny are just a few examples of how. Stevie Budd always landed on her feet, and we were always in awe of her.

#2: Jocelyn Schitt

Jocelyn was always a warm, friendly, and dependable presence in the town we all know and love. And her quirkiness just added to how lovable she was. Importantly, Schitt’s Creek was near and dear to her heart, and she cared deeply for all of its residents. She was a teacher, after all! While she educated the next generation, Jocelyn also led the Jazzagals and made sure numerous town events were a success. Not to mention she was a truly wonderful mother and friend. Jocelyn undoubtedly did everything in her power to make the world around her better, while being honest about the challenges she faced. That’s an icon if we’ve ever seen one!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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#1: Twyla Sands

Twyla Sands was a calm, steady, and grounded force throughout the seasons. The way she hid her millionaire status until the very end was a testament to her character. In many ways, she was the town’s moral compass. While the Roses went to Cafe Tropical to eat, they often left having gained a lot more than a full stomach thanks to her. It’s how her friendship with Alexis turned into such a special one. Everybody could count on Twyla no matter what, because she was always there to listen without judgment. Her advice - and the hilariously disturbing stories that went along with it - were priceless. There’s only one thing left to do: give her a spin-off show!