The Funniest Moment From Every Season of Modern Family



The Funniest Moment From Every Season of Modern Family

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Jesse Singer
The funniest moment from every season of "Modern Family" are only a broken step away. Our countdown includes Lily swears, the godfather, the escape room, and more!

The Funniesst Moment From Every Season of Modern Family

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the The Funniest Moment From Every Season of Modern Family

For this list, we’ll be looking at those hysterical “Modern Family” moments that hit our funny bone like a model plane to the face.

We know Phil's-Osophy on things, but give us your-Osophy on the funniest moments in the comments below.

#1: Dylan Sings "In The Moonlight"
"The Incident"

Cam introducing Lily to the family a la “The Lion King” is still one of the series’ funniest and most memorable moments and it happened all the way back in the first episode. But it was another musical moment three episodes later that tops our list as the funniest moment of that first season. When Dylan sings the family a song he wrote for Haley it all seems very sweet at first. But unlike other TV and movie love songs that rely on sentimentality or humor, this one really leans into its raw sexuality. Probably not the best idea when playing a song for your girlfriend's family. Although, no one can deny that the song is catchy.

#2: Claire & Phil Caught in the Act
"Caught in the Act"

This season two episode features two terrifying things. The first is walking in on your parents doing the dance with no pants - or, from the other perspective, having your kids walk in on you! The second is having a discussion together about what you just saw. Both moments are wonderfully awkward and perfectly funny - but only because they’re happening to someone else. We definitely couldn’t forget about Jay slapping the chicken. But it’s Phil and Claire getting caught in the act that takes our entry.

#3: Lily Swears
"Little Bo Bleep"

Cam’s sidewalk Stanley Kowalski was definitely a contender here. But it was another moment that took the top spot in season three. Cameron apparently has two weaknesses: old people rapping and children cursing. In this episode it’s the latter that leads to the funniest moment of the season. When Lily learns her first curse word, Cam isn’t able to keep himself from laughing. And as parents know, if you laugh at something your kid does, they’ll keep on doing it. Fortunately, in this case Lily uses her new found ability for good not evil. When she sees Cam crying at a wedding she drops a few F-bombs to make him laugh, and it turns out Cam isn’t the only one who thinks children swearing is funny.

#4: The Godfather

There aren’t many film directors who can say they’ve had one of their movies parodied brilliantly on “Seinfeld” and “Modern Family,” but Francis Ford Coppola can. “Seinfeld” did it with “Apocalypse Now” when Elaine had to go to Burma to get Peterman’s signature in order to save her job. Years later “Modern Family” did it with “The Godfather.” Sure, the scene is funny even if you haven't seen the movie. But if you have, it reaches funniest-moment-of-the-season level. And that’s saying a lot, given that season four also featured Cam and Mitch taking Lily to a Vietnamese restaurant.

#5: Lily Visits the Dry Cleaners
"The Wedding, Part 1"

Who can remember the last sitcom wedding that went smoothly without any issues or mishaps? Well, it certainly wasn’t Mitch and Cam’s wedding, which might hold the record for the most issues of any sitcom wedding ever. While firemen are putting out actual fires, Mitch and Cam have some metaphorical ones to deal with, like a mixup with their suits. The guys try to make it right by having Lily climb into the locked dry cleaners and find their tuxes, but she just ends up going for a ride on the conveyor. At least they didn’t lock her in the car.

#6: Where's Waldo
"Halloween 3: AwesomeLand"

We can all admit that finding Waldo isn’t easy. If it was then, to quote Leonard Hofstadter, it would be called, “There’s Waldo.” Yet still, the trouble Cam has finding that red and white striped dude goes beyond just difficult. But it also goes beyond just funny when he dresses Lily up as Waldo for Halloween at school and then loses her in the playground. He has to Facetime Mitch in order to find their daughter. Of course, speaking of Facetime, we can’t talk about season six without mentioning “Connection Lost", the brilliantly original episode played out entirely via email, text, and video chatting.

#7: Virtual Reality Phil
"Phil's Sexy, Sexy House"

When Phil gets a listing for a “sleek and sexy” house, the rest of the family has the bright idea to take advantage of the empty house for their own fun times. Unfortunately, they all pick the same day to sneak over there and that is when the hilarity ensues. There are plenty of laughs as each of them arrive, then hide to avoid the others, but the funniest moment of the whole thing is virtual reality Phil. Wearing his VR glasses and headphones, Phil is immersed in a role-playing game and is unaware of the members of his family standing frozen all around him.

#8: Sleeping Pills
"Five Minutes"

If Mitch and Cam taught us anything over the course of 11 seasons it's that you should never take sleeping pills on an airplane until you're completely sure that the plane has taken off. In season eight, the couple pop their pills a little early and are forced to make other arrangements while the pills slowly take control. What follows are the funniest 5 minutes of the season as the guys drowsily make their way through the airport. They do make it to their destination, but with a few unexpected additions with them …

#9: The Escape Room
"The Escape"

Cam, Phil and Gloria want to go to an escape room but their Pritchett counterparts say no. However, when the three non-Pritchetts decide to go anyway they get locked in a basement and have to figure out how to escape so they can then go to the escape room. The scene is filled with one great laugh after another from Phil trying to “Die Hard” his way out, to considering the possibility of “Shawshanking” it. In the end they are able to “escape” but only by thinking like their Pritchett partners, which is something they obviously must never talk about again.

#10: “Sophie's Choice” the Musical
"Can't Elope"

Who knew that trying to get almost sold-out tickets online could be so funny? We’ve all been in that situation and while it isn’t funny when it happens to us, watching others struggle with the process definitely is. “The Big Bang Theory” played it for laughs with Comic-Con tickets, and in season 10 of “Modern Family”, Mitch and Cam cracked us up refreshing their screens for “Sophie’s Choice” the musical. Unlike the guys from the Big Bang, Mitch and Cam were able to purchase a couple of tickets. Mind you, it did involve some CAPTCHA help from their daughter as well as the use of her credit card.

#11: The Prescott
“The Prescott”

When Alex’s new job puts her up at the fancy Prescott luxury apartments, the rest of the family is excited to take advantage of all the amenities. From the high-end screening room to the water slide and the gourmet dining, everyone wants to try something. The problem is that the complex has a strict policy forbidding unaccompanied guests, which of course doesn’t stop the family from memorizing Alex’s resident ID code and sneaking back in. What follows are classic “Modern Family” crossed-paths, misunderstandings and double-entendres that lead to lots of great laughs – and a hefty bill for Alex.