Top 10 Sexiest Anime Demon Girls



Top 10 Sexiest Anime Demon Girls

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
They're the best that hell has to offer! Join Ashley as he counts down our picks for the most attractive demon girls in anime, as seen in series such as "Overlord", "Inuyasha", "Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun", and more!
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Sexiest Anime Demon Girls

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Anime Demon Girls.

For this list, we’re looking at the most bedazzling of hell’s minions that got us more than a little hot under the collar. Think we missed a crucial demonic waifu? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Yura

“Inuyasha” (2000-10)

She may not have the same grandstanding as the likes of Kagome and Kikyo, but this little demon has still managed to hold onto her own share of popularity as the years have gone by. One of the first of Naraku’s henchmen to pose a real threat to Inuyasha, Yura’s mastery of her own killer hair is only matched by her flirtatious attitude. It’s easy to see why one might be distracted when going toe to toe with her, especially with an outfit as revealing as that.

#9: Melascula

“The Seven Deadly Sins” (2014-)

On the positive side of things, this member of the Ten Commandments is really, really handy when it comes to her tongue. On the negative side, she’s likely to use it to swallow your soul, and if that fails, she’ll turn herself into a giant snake to tear you to pieces. In spite of her small frame, Melascula is certainly a troublemaker, one that can snare and use the dead to her liking. Though we’re sure there are still plenty out there who’d still love to snuggle up with her inside her cocoon of darkness.

#8: Ameri Azazel

“Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun” (2019-)

There’s a thin line between being adorable and drop dead enticing, and Ameri casually walks it everyday. On the frisky side of things, she’s a demon fox girl who can kick the crap out of just about everyone, complete with an intimidating height difference and absolute authority from her position as student council president. But then that’s beautifully contradicted by her adoration of cutesy manga. She’s a sweet soul deep down, one who effortlessly falls for Iruma’s innocent charm right from the get-go. Lucky lad.

#7: Scanty & Kneesocks

“Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt” (2010)

Forget about those angels, we’re all in on these devilish sisters who love to stir up trouble whenever they go. Oddly enough, even with their revealing attire, scarlet skin and sinful personas, both Scanty and Kneesocks have far more grace and a sense of manners when compared to the smut-train that is their angelic counterparts. And that’s kind of hot. Guess we just have a weakness for demon spawns with fabulous vernacular who also know how to rock the second circle of hell.

#6: Eve Reese

“Redo of Healer” (2021)

Look, we feel as dirty as you do, but we still have to pay our respects to a fabulous demon girl, no matter which anime she crawled out of. As a candidate for the next Demon Lord, Eve certainly has the magical chops to be a powerful foe, it just so happens she’s extremely self-conscious about her delectable frame. Even amongst all of Keyaru’s…less than modest conquest, Eve still stands out as an adorable, winged death machine. Just a shame she had to end up in this isekai harem.

#5: Ariel

“So I'm a Spider, So What” (2021)

If a literal spider isekaier can be cute, then so can said spider isekaier trapped inside the body of a flamboyant yet enticing demon lord. While a devastatingly strong being by herself, Ariel’s view on life slowly starts to shift as her mind becomes infected with some of Kurome’s essence. As a result, while she’s still open to the occasional rampage, all of that free-spirited, teenage goodness starts to affect her personality – making her a million times more relatable. Must be weird for Kumoko to be fighting herself.

#4: Mio Naruse

“The Testament of Sister New Devil” (2015)

I mean, if you have to go the incest route, then why not invest in the next demon lord and all of her flaming lewdness? While very much playing the shy card, Mio is one of ecchi anime’s more prominent devils, especially with all the fun she gets up to with Basara on a daily basis. Not that we can really blame him given how much of a firecracker she can be when push comes to shove. Forget about being burned by her magic, just a casual glance will have you in need of an ice bath.

#3: Heine

“Combatants Will Be Dispatched” (2021)

Rare is the waifu who is supposed to be a villain, yet continuously earns our sympathy whilst remaining utterly dazzling. The newest and arguably hottest best girl on the block, all Heine wants is to be treated seriously as a demon, and yet thanks to the hilariously lewd antics of Agent 6, the only thing she suffers is one humiliation after another. Which, as you might expect, just keeps adding to her adorability meter. That blush is something truly out of this world. We demand more!

#2: Rias Gremory

“High School DxD” (2012-18)

You knew she’d have to show up here sooner or later. Very much the poster girl for when it comes to all things anime, sexy and demon, Rias is the unequivocal head of the hierarchy when it comes to Issei’s ever-expanding harem. Which is pretty impressive since the rest of his demon lovers aren’t slackers when it comes to both looks and power. With her destruction magic wiping out everything before her, and her abundant assets bringing them right back to life, Rias has cemented herself as that one thing worth braving eternal damnation for.

#1: Albedo

“Overlord” (2015-18)

You can look lads, just make sure you don’t touch, otherwise she’ll tear your head off. The devoted (and obsessive) servant of Bone Daddy Ainz, Albedo has no problem slaughtering for the praise of her beloved master. Not that does anything to diminish just how elegant her fallen angel design is. She’s also no stranger to lust either, since her feelings for her master can get so explosive at times that…yeah, let’s just say Ainz should really get on that before she explodes and takes the world with her.