Top 10 Video Game Remakes That Got It WRONG



Top 10 Video Game Remakes That Got It WRONG

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When it comes to video games, if it ain't broken, don't fix it! For this list, we're not necessarily looking at the worst video game remakes, but remakes that got its source material wrong and/or messed with the design of the game too much. Our countdown includes “Resident Evil 3” (2020), “Secret of Mana” (2018), “MediEvil: Resurrection” (2005), “Luigi's Mansion” (2018), “Conker: Live & Reloaded” (2005) and more!
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Top 10 Video Game Remakes That Got It WRONG

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Video Game Remakes That Got It WRONG!

For this list, we’re not necessarily looking at the worst video game remakes, but remakes that got its source material wrong and/or messed with the design of the game too much. Just to bring a little more positivity to the list, was there a remake you felt made the original better? What’s a game you’d like to see get remade? Share with us in the comments below!

#10: “Resident Evil 3” (2020)

We’d like to start off by saying the 2020 remake of “Resident Evil 3” is not a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination. Its story is excellent, and seeing our lovely Jill with an arguably better redesign was a dream come true! Unfortunately, when this game flubbed, it flubbed hard. For starters, an entire segment from the original game was cut completely from the remake without any explanation. Then, there’s Nemesis, who was demoted to a completely scripted enemy unlike the terrifying and free-roaming Mr. X from the original. With RE2’s remake being as good as it was, why couldn’t Capcom give RE3 the same treatment?

#9: “Secret of Mana” (2018)

While the “Mana” remakes have gotten a little bit better lately, “Secret of Mana” was a rocky start. “How so,” one might ask. Well, the music played a major part in making the original such a memorable experience. So, one has to wonder why the developers went through all the trouble to completely remake the soundtrack in a totally different way. With the drastic shift in tones and rhythms, certain beats didn’t hit the same way as they did back in 1993. Thank goodness they were able to get mostly everything right about “Trials of Mana”...mostly.

#8: “MediEvil: Resurrection” (2005)

Poor Sir Daniel, left behind by the PlayStation family and without a new game since this awful PSP remake of the 1998 original. “Resurrection” was supposed to reintroduce the world of Gallowmere to players and integrate a storyline cut from the original game. The problem? The story sucked! Not only did it fail to retain the identity of the series, it also focused more on gimmicks, minigames, and awful jokes. Basically, nothing in “Resurrection” replicated the fun and wondrous atmosphere of the first game. Where was the basic combat and goofy charm? We suppose those were the only things that even Zarok couldn’t resurrect.

#7: “Luigi’s Mansion” (2018)

Even to this day, “Luigi’s Mansion” is an absolute blast to play. With excellent controls and equally excellent gameplay, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t enjoy the GameCube classic! So, how did Nintendo mess up a remake of it? Simply put, it was because they threw it onto the Nintendo 3DS. As a result, the game wound up having abysmal controls, and it didn’t help that the game desperately wanted you to use the gyro controls, too. One thing was obvious - this mansion was not meant to be pocket-sized. Scratch that, two problems - pocket-sized mansion and NOT PUTTING IT ON SWITCH!?

#6: “Space Raiders” (2004)

Look, “Space Invaders” may look laughably ancient compared to even modern pixel games. However, there was absolutely no need for a remake of it - not in 2021, not in 2010, and certainly not in 2004. This game messed up “Space Invaders” in the worst ways possible. Bland graphics, boring gameplay, and an unnecessary edgy spin made “Space Raiders” a painful experience from start to finish. And get this - one of the first scenes in the game is of the female protagonist showering! We’re fine with games getting provocative from time to time, but throwing this in felt like a desperate move to revitalize the IP.

#5: “Shadowrun” (2007)

Yeah, you all remember “Shadowrun”, right? That one first-person shooter set in space with all the online multiplayer deathmatch modes? ...Oh, are we wrong? Yeah, you’d be wrong for thinking this was actually a “Shadowrun” game. It is, but not anywhere close to the source material. No, this online multiplayer sci-fi shooter was supposed to be based on the tabletop fantasy RPG of the same name. So, what prompted them to completely change the IP itself? We’re not entirely sure, and fans were incredibly quick to reject it and make their disdain well-known. It probably didn’t help knowing the game was prototyped using “Halo: Combat Evolved’s” engine. See the problem here?

#4: “Conker: Live & Reloaded” (2005)

“Conker’s Bad Fur Day” was that one mature-rated game every kid hoped would trick their parents into buying it for them. It was obscenely funny, ultra-violent, and, you know, something we weren’t supposed to have. Plus, the story and characters made it one of the best games of its era. Put all this stuff into an HD remake, and you unfortunately have “Conker: Live & Reloaded”. This iteration would censor pretty much every foul word uttered no matter how harmless, and the multiplayer was completely thrown away in favor of a team-based shooter mode for Xbox Live. Needless to say, these seemingly minor changes were enough for players to notice the charm and beauty of the original.

#3: “XIII” (2020)

If you haven’t picked up this underrated shooter, log into your Steam account right now and nab this. “XIII” was a game we had been desperately wanting a remake for! Heck, we even would have settled for a port on modern platforms! How can you not want more with beautiful cel-shaded visuals and comic book aesthetics? And yet, this would turn into another case of “be careful what you wish for” as the 2020 remake was an utter disaster. Not only did it launch in a poorly optimized state, but the visuals were ALL WRONG. Yes, they were still cel-shaded to some extent, but only enough to have the appearance of “Fortnite”. In the end, “XIII” wound up looking like any other first-person shooter.

#2: “Ape Escape: On the Loose” (2005)

With the way that “Ape Escape” is designed, it is absolutely essential to have two analog sticks. This is how it has been since the very first game, and it is because of “Ape Escape” that Sony went and created the DualShock controller. Yes, it was a very historic moment for PlayStation. With that in mind, how in the monkey-loving hell do you forget this necessity and throw “Ape Escape” on PSP? The system only has one analog stick! Because of that, you make the game incredibly frustrating to play! Players need that camera control, and without it, “Ape Escape” is impossible to play.

#1: “Super Mario 64 DS” (2006)

We don’t froth at the mouth over “Super Mario 64” for just its worlds, level design, and fun gameplay. No, it’s primarily because of the sweet and satisfying controls. To this day, Mario handles like a sexy sports car, and it’s why we still go back to it all these years later. Nintendo would try to bring this to the DS with new characters and features, but it ultimately ruins what the original achieved. Gameplay is much slower with the DS’s D-pad and running is now tied to a button. What made the OG fantastic was the fluid movement and platforming. Here? It makes this legendary title a slog to sit through, and it almost destroys the experience. (...Minigames are fun, though.)
How dare you Super Mario 64 ds was my childhood.