Top 10 SNL Feuds
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Top 10 SNL Feuds

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These epic comedy feuds are the stuff of legend! For this list, we'll be looking at the most notorious confirmed or rumored conflicts between “Saturday Night Live” cast members, as well as guests, hosts, and staff. Our countdown includes Will Ferrell vs. Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan vs. Jimmy Fallon, Mike Myers vs. Dana Carvey, and more!

Top 10 SNL Feuds

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 SNL Feuds.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most notorious confirmed or rumored conflicts between “Saturday Night Live” cast members, as well as guests, hosts, and staff.

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#10: Will Ferrell vs. Chris Kattan

Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan were beloved during their times on “SNL,” with characters like the Roxbury Guys still making us laugh hysterically. However, things allegedly got frosty during production for the “Night at the Roxbury” movie. Kattan, in his memoir, claims he was pressured by "SNL" creator Lorne Michaels to pursue a romantic relationship with a prominent potential director for the movie. Kattan reportedly went along with it and maintained that Ferrell then disapprovingly gave him the silent treatment before ending the friendship. We hope they can mend fences and bring the Roxbury Guys back at least one more time.

#9: Tracy Morgan vs. Jimmy Fallon

One of the most fun parts of watching “SNL” is seeing cast members try and fail to contain their amusement on-air. However, Jimmy Fallon’s habit of laughing during sketches, or ‘breaking,’ is notorious among ‘SNL” fans. It also reportedly earned him an enemy in his “SNL” co-star, Tracy Morgan. In a 2007 interview, Morgan talked about his dislike for Fallon's cracking up and dropped hints that Fallon only did so for attention. Morgan also said that he instructed Fallon not to laugh during their sketches together. Morgan has appeared on the Fallon-hosted “Tonight Show” multiple times. So… feud over?

#8: Victoria Jackson vs. Everybody

When you think of labels to describe “SNL” cast members, “religious conservative” isn’t necessarily the first thing that springs to mind. But Victoria Jackson reportedly rubbed numerous cast members the wrong way, for among other reasons, proselytizing about her faith. Some also took issue with her demeanor and even her high-pitched voice, which Jackson says is caused by a medical condition. In a confrontation with cast member Al Franken, Jackson reportedly suggested it was her mission to save the other cast members from Hell. Unsurprisingly, Jackson has become even more outspoken about her beliefs since leaving “SNL.”

#7: Kanye West vs. Backstage

Kanye West has had numerous memorable appearances on “SNL,” for good - and less than good - reasons. In one particular case, the drama happened backstage. Before the show, West went into a rage over part of his set being dismantled by stagehands. Audio from this moment later leaked online, and in the recording, West infamously goes off about breaking the internet. But West’s bad manners didn’t get him banned from the show, though. He was back two years later for the Season 44 premiere... and his behavior — although not a feud — once again made headlines.

#6: Eddie Murphy vs. David Spade/The Show

Eddie Murphy left “SNL” in 1984, six years before David Spade joined the cast. However, some bad blood reportedly formed between Murphy and the show after he left. In a sketch, Spade referred to Murphy, who had just appeared in the poorly received “Vampire in Brooklyn” as “a falling star.” Murphy says he didn’t take too kindly to this teasing and that the negative feelings lasted for years. However, Murphy soon resumed making box office hits, and in Season 45, he returned to host for the first time in 35 years, in a well-received comeback.

#5: Tracy Morgan vs. Chris Kattan & Cheri Oteri

“SNL” cast members are professionals, so it’s not easy to tell just by watching who does and doesn’t like each other. Aside from Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan says he also had a conflict with two of his castmates: the aforementioned Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri. In his autobiography, “I Am the New Black,” Morgan says - in very profane terms - that he received poor treatment from Kattan and Oteri, and mocked the state of their post-“SNL” careers. He didn't just leave it there. When the time came to record the audiobook, Morgan went further into his issues with the stars. Be good to Tracy Morgan, or he won’t be good to you.

#4: Mike Myers vs. Dana Carvey

The stars behind one of “SNL’s” greatest duos, “Wayne’s World” hosts Wayne and Garth, weren't always so friendly behind the scenes. There were reportedly some pretty big wedges between Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. Word was that Myers tried to keep Carvey from playing Garth in the first "Wayne's World" movie since he didn't want to be potentially outshone. Carvey also reportedly had a grudge, claiming that Myers had stolen his impression of Lorne Michaels and used it for the Dr. Evil character in the “Austin Powers” film. Myers and Carvey have reunited multiple times since “SNL,” so bygones may be bygones.

#3: Chris Kattan vs. Norm Macdonald

Chris Kattan is certainly no stranger to ‘“SNL” feuds. In a Rolling Stone interview, cast member Norm Macdonald - not known for his sense of restraint — had some choice words about Kattan, saying, among other things, he didn't think Kattan was funny. Kattan is quoted in the same article as calling Macdonald an offensive word that starts with an "A." This all took place when both Kattan and Macdonald were on the show, and, according to at least one source, Macdonald didn’t keep his dislike for Kattan private on-set, either. However, after Macdonald unexpectedly died in 2021, Kattan revealed the feud had been partly embellished for the sake of the media, and that these two wildly different comedians actually shared a mutual respect and a “comedic love.”

#2: John Belushi vs. Female Writers/Cast

John Belushi is widely considered to be one of the best cast members in the history of “SNL.” But it seems that his views on gender were anything but good. According to fellow cast member Jane Curtin, Belushi and others involved with crafting the show did their best to prevent material from female writers from getting through the draft stage. And Belushi also reportedly claimed, on numerous occasions, that women weren't funny. While a cast member doesn’t have to like every idea they’re offered, they obviously don’t have to take it to an offensive and wrong generalization.

#1: Chevy Chase vs. Bill Murray

There have been plenty of disagreements between "SNL" cast members, but this one became physical. When Chevy Chase returned to "SNL" as a host, he wasn't welcomed by all. Chase was confronted by Murray, and it soon turned from a war of words into a more intense altercation, right before airtime. Things stopped before it had a chance to get really ugly, but apparently there was no sustained animosity between Murray and Chase, and the two later shared a memorable scene together in "Caddyshack." In an interview with Howard Stern, Chase revealed that, although not close, they are friendly with one another and are on good terms.