Top 10 Shocking Moments in Succession (So Far)



Top 10 Shocking Moments in Succession (So Far)

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
The most shocking moments in "Succession" have set the bar high for Season 3. Our countdown includes Kendall opens up to Shiv, Logan's offer to Shiv, Boar on the Floor, and more!
Script written by Nick Spake

Top 10 Shocking Moments in Succession

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Shocking Moments in Succession.

For this list, we’ll be looking at moments from this HBO series that had you either gasping, laughing, or maybe a little bit of both. In any case, we definitely weren’t prepared. For anyone who hasn’t seen the first two seasons, consider this your spoiler alert.

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#10: Million-Dollar Home Run

For a lot of people, a million dollars is more than they could ever hope to make. For the Roy family, it’s pocket change. When a young boy fills in for Kendall during a softball game, Roman decides to make things interesting. He offers the boy, whose family is working class at most, a million dollars to hit a home run. While this sounds generous, Roman is just dangling hope over the family’s head to pull it away for his own amusement. The kid only makes it to third base and just to make the moment crueler, Roman rips up the check right in front of him. Logan’s subsequent stroke may have greater repercussions, but it’s Roman’s immature actions that stick with us.

#9: Kendall Opens Up to Shiv
“Safe Room”

Sarcasm is like a second language to the Roys. So, when one of them expresses sincerity, it’s hard not to be shocked. To conceal a secret, Kendall finds himself at his father’s mercy. Shiv can sense that Kendall and Logan are hiding something. When Shiv confronts her brother, though, she’s completely taken aback. While Kendall doesn’t confess what he’s done, Shiv sees that he’s not trying to take her place as Logan’s successor. Asking his sister for a hug, it becomes clear to Shiv that Kendall is in a dark place and needs a shoulder to cry on. In a heartbeat, Shiv’s skeptical expression evolves into one of empathy. For a brief moment, the pursuit of power takes a backseat to the bonds of family.

#8: Logan’s Scars

An extended therapy session isn’t going to sort out the Roy family’s many issues, but it does expose some of their scars - both emotional and physical. The character who’s arguably humanized the most in this episode is Logan. While it’s hard not to view Logan as a ruthless titan, we’re given a glimpse of how he became such a cutthroat businessman and an even harsher father. As hard as Logan is on his children, we imagine that they all had a better childhood than him. If you need proof, look no further than the scars on Logan’s back, which he received from his Uncle Noah. While not much has been revealed about Logan’s father figure, the “evil” title isn’t unwarranted.

#7: Executive-Level Business
“Safe Room”

Cousin Greg is like a lost puppy that we can’t help but pity. While a part of us will always root for him, we’d be lying if we said that his misfortune didn’t make us laugh. In over his head, Greg tells Tom that he wants to transfer elsewhere. While this news agitates Tom, it’s Greg’s suggestion of a “business open relationship” that pushes him over the edge. Ever since Shiv told him that she wanted an open marriage, Tom’s frustration has been building inside. Tom doesn’t take out all of his anger on Shiv, but he’ll gladly unleash it upon Greg. What follows is reminiscent of the ending from “There Will Be Blood.” Thankfully for Greg, Tom hurls water bottles instead of bowling balls.

#6: Logan’s Offer to Shiv
“The Summer Palace”

“Succession” is the name of the show, but throughout the first season, there isn’t a clear favorite to take Logan Roy’s place as the head of the company. The Season Two premiere throws a curveball as Shiv steps out in front. Most would agree that Shiv is an appropriate choice, being smart, driven, and more level-headed than any of her siblings. So, when Logan offers Shiv the position of CEO, it doesn’t feel unearned. Given Logan’s crafty tendencies, though, Shiv and the audience have a hard time telling if he’s being serious. Navigating her way through the conversation with skepticism, Shiv ultimately expresses interest. Still, whenever you enter negotiations with Logan, there’s always a degree of doubt and dread looming over.

#5: Kendall’s Rap

Season Two takes Kendall to some surprising places. While “L to the OG” isn’t his most unexpected moment, it’s up there for sure. At Logan’s 50th anniversary gala, Kendall lays down a rap that celebrates his father while also making a mockery of his legacy. The fact that Kendall performs in a baseball uniform and bowtie only adds to the surrealism. The audience reactions range from Shiv cracking up to Connor dropping his jaw in bewilderment. Of course, Logan manages to maintain his composure throughout, although we can only imagine what’s going on in his head. A fair deal of the laughs on “Succession” stem from cringe humor, but this is next level. And yet, we can’t resist watching it over and over again.

#4: Boar on the Floor
“I Went to Market”

If you thought thanksgiving with the Roy family was brutal, that was only an appetizer compared to the dinner party in Season Two. Logan seizes this opportunity to figure out who tipped off the Pierces. He singles out Karl, Tom, and Greg. Making all three get on the floor, Logan orders them to oink like pigs and wrestle over sausage. Greg comes out unscathed, but matters get ugly as Karl “steals” Tom’s sausage. It’s like something of out “Game of Thrones,” although there would be more bloodshed on that show. Even so, scenes like this demonstrate why the Roys are essentially 21st-century Lannisters.

#3: Logan Fires Kendall
“Which Side Are You On?”

In an effort to strip Logan of his position, Kendall conspires to hold a vote of no confidence. Nothing goes according to plan, as Kendall gets stuck in traffic. He has to call into the meeting while rushing to the office. Since Logan is there in person and refuses to leave, he’s given the upper hand. By the time Kendall arrives, Logan’s already intimidated most of the board members into taking his side. Even Roman and Ewan have allied with him. As for the ones who voted against him, Logan fires them all, including his son. The whole sequence is akin to watching a train wreck, topped off by a fiery explosion courtesy of Logan. That doesn’t stop Kendall from pursuing a hostile takeover, however.

#2: The Accident
“Nobody Is Ever Missing”

After spending most of the first season trying to get his father out of the way, Kendall is forced to crawl back into Logan’s good graces. At Shiv and Tom’s wedding, Kendall does drugs with a former waiter named Doddy. They decide to keep the night going, although Kendall isn’t even the best sober driver. Echoing Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick incident, the car ends up going over a bridge. While Kendall makes it out alive, he’s unable to retrieve Doddy or his keycard. The accident is almost as harrowing as what follows with Kendall returning to the castle and washing off any evidence. Only Logan can make this mess disappear, however. When the father and son embrace, we’re not sure whether to feel touched or disturbed.

#1: Kendall Blames Logan
“This Is Not for Tears”

As Logan searches for a scapegoat in the Brightstar cruises incidents, the pressure falls on the shoulders of his number one boy. Arriving at a press conference in New York, Kendall appears ready to accept fate. With one “but,” though, he changes everything. Going off-script, Kendall shifts the blame to Logan and airs his father’s dirty laundry. Kendall has the evidence to back up his claims thanks to Greg. After a rollercoaster of a season, this was a genuinely shocking note to go out on. One of the most surprising instances is saved for the final shot as a marginal smile emerges on Logan’s face. It’s a look that seems to say, “well played, son,” but that doesn’t mean he’ll go down without a fight.