Top 10 Shocking Things We Learned in Adele: One Night Only



Top 10 Shocking Things We Learned in Adele: One Night Only

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Val Namaki
"Adele One Night Only" was full of shocking revelations. For this list, we'll be looking at the most surprising and interesting tidbits we got from Adele's interview with Oprah Winfrey. Our countdown includes new songs, dating again, motherhood, and more!

Top 10 Shocking Things We Learned in Adele One Night Only

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Shocking Things We Learned In “Adele One Night Only”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most surprising and interesting tidbits we got from Adele’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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#10: New Songs

Luckily for us, this iconic special contained both an interview with Oprah Winfrey and a concert at Griffith Observatory. During the show, Adele treated us to classic tunes like "Hello,” and "Someone Like You.” But she also gave us a little sneak peek at her upcoming album, "30" by singing some of her new songs! Of course, this included "Easy On Me,” the record's first single. And while we've been listening to it since its release, watching her perform it live was something to behold. We also heard the unreleased "I Drink Wine,” "Hold On,” and "Love Is A Game.” Unsurprisingly, they were all exquisite. It goes without saying, but November 19th can’t come soon enough!

#9: The Creative Process

We've all wondered how the star is able to create music that's so meaningful and deep. Well, as it turns out, Adele often doesn't realize she's doing it at first. She undoubtedly uses her music to work through things - especially with her upcoming album. It's a crucial part of her creative - and personal - process. But Adele admitted to Winfrey that she's not quite sure how she accesses those cathartic emotions, or where they come from. In fact, the songs often end up being a surprise to her as well, highlighting just how influential our subconscious can be. Whatever she's doing, we hope she never stops!

#8: Her Courage

It's no secret that Adele lets us in on some of the most intimate and private moments of her life through her art. But how does she feel comfortable doing that, especially in a culture driven by clickbait and "gotcha" moments? Well, that's what Oprah was wondering. And the singer's answer was incredibly compelling. She feels it's important to put her story out there, as she hopes her songs will help others feel less alone. After all, that’s what music has always done for her. And per the vocalist herself, a little public scrutiny is nothing compared to what she’s endured over the last few years privately!

#7: The Story Behind “Hold On”

Lyrically, “Hold On” appears to be one of the most poignant and heartbreaking songs on “30.” According to Adele, it’s about a time when she felt down and lost, as things had gotten chaotic in her personal life. Getting divorced, the resulting changes in parenting, and the work required to care for herself while maintaining her responsibilities was incredibly taxing. So understandably, there were times where she was exhausted and simply didn’t want to deal with it all anymore. Still, her friends always encouraged her to hold on through those overwhelming moments. And thankfully, she did.

#6: Motherhood

While it was far from easy, Adele knew that getting a divorce was the best thing to do not only for herself, but for her son, Angelo. This way, he gets to see his mom happy as her truest self. While speaking with Oprah, the performer shared a bit more about her life as a mother. And she touchingly noted that she’s sharing the deepest parts of who she is with her son through her new album. As for her dreams for her child? Like most moms, she just wants Angelo to be a good person, and wishes happiness for him. She doesn’t care what career path he one day chooses to pursue, simply hoping he’s passionate about it.

#5: Weight Loss

Adele underwent a physical transformation over the past two years. But despite everyone's obsession with her weight, she clarified that it was never really about getting skinny. She actually struggled with anxiety in the midst of her divorce, and exercising with her trainer helped her work through that. In effect, the structure the gym gave her life helped her feel grounded. And it turns out the star is quite the athlete! At her peak, she could lift roughly 160 pounds on a deadlift. But she doesn’t deprive herself of foods she enjoys, and doesn’t care if her weight fluctuates. Rather, it sounds like the gym is her happy place - and we love that for her.

#4: Dating Again

Ever since we learned that Adele and Rich Paul have been dating, the world has wanted to know more. And the singer gave Oprah some insight into her romance with the sports agent. According to her, he’s quite funny and intelligent. What’s more, things flow easily between them. But more importantly, the songstress explained that this is the first time she’s truly loved and accepted herself in a relationship. By the same token, she’s more open to giving and receiving affection. She’s finally secure in who she is, and is crucially putting self-love first. The vocalist knows that she wants peace of mind and stability, not just from her relationships but from life in general. And we’d say that’s a pretty powerful thing.

#3: Childhood Wounds

In a deeply honest moment, Adele revealed that her fractured relationship with her father negatively impacted her relationships as she grew up. Though she eventually realized that his bad behavior was largely due to issues with alcohol consumption, the damage was already done. She desperately wanted to be loved, yet felt it was impossible because of what she’d endured. So she made sure not to have expectations, and often hurt people before they could do the same to her. But just as she was finding herself following her divorce, her dad fell ill. Before he passed away, he listened to her discography for the first time, and finally understood her. Ultimately, they made peace, which gave Adele the closure she needed and helped her truly heal.

#2: Her Relationship With Simon Konecki Today

While Adele’s marriage to Simon Konecki ultimately didn’t work out, there are absolutely no hard feelings between the pair. She credits him - and their son Angelo - for coming into her life at the perfect time. They gave her a stability she thinks likely saved her life, as it kept her grounded and stopped her from engaging in self-destructive behaviors. And even though Adele and Konecki are no longer together, she still trusts him with her life. They aren’t in love anymore, but there’s no doubt they still love each other. Their friendship remains strong, and they maintain a good relationship. In fact, the duo actually live across the street from one another!

#1: The Divorce

Though things are good now, Adele’s divorce was hard on her. Growing up, she dreamed of one day having the perfect “nuclear family.” She never imagined she’d split from the father of her child. But though she tried her hardest, it wasn’t meant to be. There came a time where the artist told her friends that she wasn’t actually happy. When she admitted that, she realized something had to change. And the break-up led to some major personal breakthroughs. She sat in her feelings, no matter how difficult they were. She also stopped drinking, and started exercising to stay centered. Through it all, Adele got to know herself in a much deeper way than ever before, which is beautifully reflected in her upcoming album.