10 Best Vehicles In The Halo Series

VOICE OVER: Aaron Brown WRITTEN BY: Aaron Brown
Welcome to MojoPlays and today we're prepping for landing and revving our engines counting down the Best Vehicles in the Halo Series. For this list, we'll be looking at only the vehicles players can directly pilot or drive in the Halo games. Our countdown includes the Wraith, the Brute Chopper, the Banshee, the Mongoose, and more!
Script written by Aaron Brown


Arguably the most true to life vehicle in the Halo games, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Mongoose is nonetheless an extremely agile and versatile vehicle despite its handling like an ATV with nitrous boost. The Mongoose controls much in the same way as the Warthog, but its lighter frame means gamers will have to adapt and overcome or risk losing control entirely. The best use of the Mongoose is in Forge where many gamers spend their time making custom races or challenges specifically designed for the Mongoose. If you can get a handle on controlling the UNSC ATV, some of the most fun with the Mongoose is you and buddy zooming around the map with your co-op partner laying down fire spray-and-pray style. If they can manage to bring along a rocket launcher, all the better.


Another real world vehicle that has been Halo-fied just a bit, the Falcon is basically the Marine Corps Osprey aircraft albeit with more speed in mind. Hence the name “Falcon” it would seem. The Falcon’s sleek design means it can quickly cross the battlefield and with a wide range of attachable armaments, as well as the ability for passengers to hang out the open bay doors and lay down cover fire, if you’re being overrun, the fleet of Falcons in the sky would definitely be a welcome sight. Used primarily in the New Alexandria mission in Halo Reach, the Falcon is also playable in multiplayer, giving your team absolute dominance over the map for as long as you can keep your comrades airborne.


If the UNSC has a tank, then of course the Covenant will have one too. However instead of the typical armor piercing or explosive ammunition found in the Scorpion, the Wraith opted for something a bit more “sci-fi”. Given the Covenant’s penchant for energy weapons, it’s not surprising their vehicle armaments are armed to the teeth with a crowd clearing mortar shot that might be slower but nevertheless devastating once it goes boom. The Wraith is certainly not as fast as its UNSC counterpart, but it makes up for this with increased mobility and the limited use of its boost to cross short distances and dodge incoming enemy fire. The Wraith is a devastating vehicle in multiplayer with the typically cramped corridors of many of the maps allowing the mortar shot to quickly and efficiently clear out the advancing enemy team.


Given the futuristic nature of the Halo series, it’s honestly surprising it took until Halo 4 for us to get a proper mech to play around with. The Mantis is a big part of the Infinity mission in Halo 4 and once Master Chief climbs into this bi-pedal robot, you just know you’re in for some fun. Mowing down the Covenant with your arm-equipped machine guns and missile launchers is sure to put a smile on any gamer’s face and the addition of the stomp attack is just icing on the cake. The Mantis is even capable of taking down Covenant drop ships if given a clear line of sight. On the multiplayer side of things, the Mantis could easily be seen as a grief vehicle, with its agile mobility and strength of its weapons making it an unstoppable powerhouse in the right hands.


Speedy little devil isn’t it? Much like the UNSC Mongoose, the Covenant Ghost is quite nimble and great for zipping around the battlefield at high speeds while also being small enough for tight quarter encounters. Being a hovercraft vehicle, the Ghost isn’t tethered to the ground when encountering rough terrain, in most cases it simply isn’t phased at all. It does have a low damage tolerance so remaining on the move is vital and in later entries the Ghost is easily hijackable so laying down fire with its mounted plasma guns from a distance is the best course of action. The Ghost is one of the most common Covenant vehicles in both campaign and multiplayer and given its versatility, it’s easy to see why it’s the go to ground vehicle for both the Covenant and a certain Spartan.

Brute Chopper

As one of the largest regular enemies in the Halo universe, the Brutes deserve a vehicle befitting of their stature and the Brute Chopper most definitely makes an impression. Clearly modeled after Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Brute Chopper is an absolutely devastating force during skirmishes. One of the only non-tank vehicles capable of taking down a UNSC Warthog by simply ramming it, the Brute Chopper’s armor and big front wheel are capable of turning the tide of battle with surprising ease and the quadruple mounted cannons make quick work of whatever remains. The fact that this monstrosity can essentially turn on a dime as well as fit into tight corridors makes escaping the Brutes nearly impossible without the right artillery to keep them at bay.


The Banshee is one of the first Covenant vehicles the Chief encounters upon landing on the ring in the first Halo, and every gamer collectively had the same thought: I wonder if I can fly that!? The good news is, you can! And we all have been for 2 decades. The Banshee is one of the Covenant’s main aerial assault vehicles and unlike many flying vehicles in other games, is surprisingly easy to control. The dual plasma cannons can rain down fire from above and are effective against most types of ground vehicles if you’re lucky enough to land enough shots. The Banshee suffers from the same durability issues as the Ghost however so only a couple well placed shots are enough to bring it down. But if you’re a good enough pilot, the Banshee is an invaluable asset to your fight whether in campaign or multiplayer.


It was a tossup between the Sabre launch in Halo: Reach or the Broadsword mission in Halo 4, but in the end, the Sabre managed to edge out the Broadsword due to the less linear nature of the Sabre mission. The Sabre marks the first-time long-time players of the Halo franchise were given the chance to pilot a ship in space and boy was the wait worth it. Pulling out all the stops, Bungie launched the Sabre into space and gave players full control over the Halo series’ first space dog fighting encounter. Not only do players need to fight their way to the Sabre, but watching the ship launch out of the atmosphere and the subsequent ability to pilot your craft in any direction was just a downright awe-inspiring moment for the series and one that has stuck with gamers even all these years later.


When the UNSC needs a tank, they get a TANK. One of the most versatile heavy weapon vehicles in the entire Halo series, not only does it come gunned up and loaded to the 9s, it can also transport extra foot soldiers to the battlefield via convenient passenger seats. The Scorpion is by far one of the strongest ground vehicles in the UNSC’s armory and every gamer undoubtably gets a smile on their face when given the chance to drive one of these into battle. Its cannon can easily decimate most any Covenant vehicles in a single shot and its independently moving treads mean that not much can stop this behemoth once it gets going. Grab a few buddies and ride into any battlefield and know that you’re coming out the other side when the UNSC Scorpion is your preferred ride.


Arguably the most recognizable vehicle in all of the Halo games, the Warthog is also one of the most adaptable. With the ability to attach anything from a chain gun to a mounted rocket launcher, the Warthog is one of the Halo Universe’s best vehicles to drop into any situation and even the odds. From the first time gamers climbed into the driver’s seat of the Warthog, the controls just felt so natural it's surprising more developers haven’t adopted a similar control scheme. From sliding around corners while a passenger lays down fire from the mounted machine gun, to the ability to literally run circles around your opponents never getting old and the first time your run over a group of grunts is sure to reduce any gamer to cackling laughter. Or maybe that was just me.