Top 9 Rules MCU Actors Have To Follow



Top 9 Rules MCU Actors Have To Follow

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MCU actors put up with a lot! For this list, we'll be looking at the requirements actors within this comic universe allegedly have to meet to continue starring in heroic films. Our countdown includes Sticking to the Safest Stunts, Lending Your Face to Merchandise, Be Prepared For Background Checks, and more!

Rules MCU Actors Have To Follow

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Rules MCU Actors Have To Follow.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the requirements actors within this comic universe allegedly have to meet to continue starring in heroic films. We’ll only be looking at rules the performers have to follow, so the restriction where Disney steers away from having its characters smoke won’t be considered.

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#9: Sticking to the Safest Stunts

In interviews, actors like Tom Holland recall impressing the Russo brothers by adding some extra acrobatics to his shots. However, the studio would probably prefer that the actors stick to flips and cool close-ups. The studio often makes sure their performers undergo fight training to be in top shape. But they’re still reluctant to risk an actor being injured during a really hairy stunt. Several actors like Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannson have a history of doing as much of the action themselves as they can. But whenever the stunt gets too intense, you can bet a double comes in to get the shot the studio needs.

#8: Cameos Are Necessary

Back in 2008, the first “Iron Man” left audiences stunned with a surprise cameo from Nick Fury. Ever since then, fans have grown to expect that every show and movie will have at least one unexpected appearance from a character that didn’t appear in the main story. There may be a reason why these cameos are so consistent. Apparently, the contracts actors sign require them to show up on sets for other Marvel properties if the studio deems it necessary. And if a performer is signed on to do a certain number of projects, the cameo is apparently considered extra credit. This alleged rule ensures that audiences will keep sticking around for post credits scenes.

#7: Can’t Turn Down Worldwide Promotion


Actors have a more significant responsibility to the stories they perform in than just showing up, throwing on a slick costume and acting in memorable scenes. They are also responsible for helping to market what they appeared in. Press tours and premieres play an essential part in making sure a project is a big success. The stars of Marvel properties will travel worldwide to do interviews while stopping to attend conventions to increase hype. And while traveling around the world sounds like it could be fun, it’s probably pretty tiring to answer similar questions for the same story again and again. Actors should be prepared for some jet lag when they enter the MCU.

#6: Make Sure You’re In Solid Shape

To become one of Marvel’s superheroes on the big screen, you’ve got to look the part. The big muscles and toned figures that many of these actors have take a lot of work. While not every single actor has to undergo a detailed exercise routine, many of the lead heroes do. Often these workout schedules take over their lives. Usually, these actors are assigned dedicated trainers to help them persevere through complex exercise regimens and strict diets. Because once they reach the set, the demanding hours mean that working on their bodies gets even harder! All of this pressure to be fit makes us doubt any Avenger is stopping at McDonalds while shooting a project.

#5: Lending Your Face to Merchandise

Whenever you become one of the headline acts of any major franchise, your face is probably going to be on more than just the big screen. It’s not much different in the Marvel Universe. Before Marvel makes a new Avengers action figure, the actor has already given permission for the studio to use their face on it. And even if a toy flies off the shelves at Christmas, it might not necessarily mean that the performer earns extra money too. The profits from the next Avengers lunch box you buy are likely going to go straight to the bank instead of your favorite hero.

#4: Signing Contracts For More Than One Film

For anyone who has followed the MCU since its early days, you’ll know there were a couple of early recastings and one off appearances. But signing onto a single Marvel project started opening the door for a performer to appear in several more. Throughout the early days of the MCU, it was common practice that actors signed on to be in anywhere between two and nine projects. This helped Marvel ensure that even minor characters are played by the same person. However, it seems like Marvel might be phasing out this rule soon for a looser model. Hopefully, actors will still keep coming back for more in this universe.

#3: Reshoots Are a Must

With so much riding on the success of each project, adjustments are bound be made to a show or movie to make sure everything is just right. Reshoots might be necessary if something seems off in a test screening, a character is added at the last minute or the Avengers need to assemble again for a bonus scene. Even the famous shawarma scene from the 2012 “Avengers” movie wasn’t originally planned. The reason why Cap is covering his face during their funny dinner is because he had a beard for “Snowpiercer” during this reshoot. Coming back to fix or add to a project is par for the course for an actor no matter what else they’re working on..

#2: Be Prepared For Background Checks

Whenever a company is investing millions of dollars into who will be the face of Marvel Cinematic Universe, they need to be sure you’re going to play the part. They also want to make sure you haven’t done anything that will come back to bite you. As a result, some stars have reportedly had background checks done on them before being signed. It’s become increasingly common for celebrities and organizations to be held accountable for past actions. So, it’s not hard to believe Disney wants to make sure that actors don’t have red in their ledgers.

#1: Do Not Spill the Secrets

Marvel Studios is extremely careful about not letting the details of future MCU projects get out to the public. Unfortunately, some stars haven’t been the best at keeping these details under wraps. As things have become more and more challenging to keep hidden, Marvel has taken some extreme preventative measures. This includes fake and chopped-up scripts, separate shooting schedules, and even going as far as to mislead cast members about what a scene will be in the final cut! But all this doesn’t detract from how exciting it must be to keep these secrets as a member of Marvel’s superhero roster.