Top 10 Young Sheldon Easter Eggs Only Big Bang Theory Fans Will Get



Top 10 Young Sheldon Easter Eggs Only Big Bang Theory Fans Will Get

VOICE OVER: Samantha Clinch WRITTEN BY: Jesse Singer
You'll only get these "Young Sheldon" easter eggs if you've seen "The Big Bang Theory." For this list, we'll be looking at some things from “Young Sheldon” that “Big Bang” fans have a little extra insight into. Our countdown includes a hot beverage, perfect pitch, Blossom, and more!

Top 10 Young Sheldon Easter Eggs You'll Only Get If You've Seen The Big Bang Theory

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Young Sheldon Easter Eggs You'll Only Get if You've Seen “The Big Bang Theory.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at some things from “Young Sheldon” that “Big Bang” fans have a little extra insight into.

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#10: A Hot Beverage

In the Season 3 episode “Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit,” viewers got to watch as a young Sheldon made his first hot beverage for a friend in need of support. His friend Paige is having a real hard time dealing with her parents divorce, and when Sheldon realizes there’s nothing he can do to fix it, he offers her a hot beverage, or, more specifically, as the voiceover states, the “hot beverage of comfort.” He also mentions that the drink would be a go-to for him, but that’s something “Big Bang” fans were already well aware of as the “hot beverage” was a running gag throughout the series.

#9: The Bathroom Schedule

In Season 1, while Sheldon’s father is preparing to take him and his brother on a road trip to Cape Canaveral, Mary grills her husband about all of young Sheldon’s specific needs. One of which is her son’s very particular bathroom schedule and the fact that his number ones and twos are pretty much all timed out throughout the day. While this might seem like an odd quirk to some, it fits perfectly with what Leonard and the rest of the “Big Bang” gang had come to know about the grown-up Sheldon.

#8: Perfect Pitch

On his first day of high school, a nine-year-old Sheldon, briefcase in hand, walks by the music room. He hears the teacher playing a song on the cello - no, it isn’t Leonard - and he sits down at the piano and plays the tune back to her. The amazing part is that he’s never played the piano before. After a few test chords, the teacher proclaims to Sheldon that he has perfect pitch. Although, this ability is something us fans of “The Big Bang Theory” already knew about, because Sheldon liked to proclaim it himself whenever he had the chance.

#7: Spaghetti With Hot Dogs

Everyone has that meal from childhood that just sticks with them, that meal that a loved one used to make that, just by the smell of it, brings back such fond memories of comfort and happiness. For Sheldon Cooper, that meal is spaghetti with little pieces of hot dogs cut up in it. The meal is so attached to happy memories that Amy even uses it in combination with Nintendo music and Strawberry Qwik to enhance his feelings for her. The meal was not only something of a running gag on “The Big Bang Theory,” but it has become one on “Young Sheldon” as well.

#6: Fun With College

In the Season 3 finale, a younger Sheldon makes a video in an attempt to convince his mother to let him go to college. However, if you’re a fan of the older Sheldon’s show, then there’s definitely something in that video that is going to catch your eye. Behind Sheldon in the video is a chalkboard with the words, “Sheldon Cooper presents: Why Sheldon Cooper Should Go to College.” This presentation is awesomely reminiscent of the whiteboard behind Sheldon for each episode of “Fun With Flags.” It even features the curly details on either side of “presents,” the lines of emphasis around “college” and “fun,” and the awkward, Vanna White-esque hand raise after reading the title.

#5: Blossom

In a Season 2 episode of “Young Sheldon,” Sheldon’s sister Missy is trying to pick a boyfriend for her Cabbage Patch doll. Of course Sheldon isn’t familiar with the popular nineties heartthrob. When Missy explains that he plays Blossom’s brother on “Blossom,” Sheldon confirms he still doesn’t know. It’s a funny scene on its own, but for those who know “The Big Bang Theory,” it has an added layer of humor given that Blossom was played by Mayim Bialik. And as we know, Bialik went on to play Amy Farrah Fowler, the woman who would eventually marry Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

#4: Younger “Big Bang” Characters

In the Season 2 finale, Sheldon invites the entire school to his house for a party to listen to the Nobel Prize announcements… at 5 AM. As Sheldon sits there alone, listening to the broadcast from Sweden, he feels understandably forlorn. This is followed by a montage of the younger versions of all the people who would become his best of friends in the future. The first is Leonard, whom viewers recognized right away because of the inhaler on his desk and that red bath robe. Similar indicators adorn the rooms of the other characters, like Raj’s astronomy sets and Amy’s copy of “Little House on the Prairie.”

#3: Professor Proton

In the “Young Sheldon” pilot episode, Sheldon and his sister have a scene in which they argue about what to watch on TV. Missy wants to watch “DuckTales,” whereas Sheldon wants to watch “Professor Proton.” Now, if you’ve never seen “The Big Bang Theory,” this moment will be nothing more than siblings arguing over television. However, for all of the “Big Bang” lovers out there, catching a glimpse of the Professor Proton show takes us right back to some of the best episodes of the series featuring Bob Newhart as Arthur Jeffries aka Professor Proton. As an added, deep-dive easter egg, the episode they’re watching features the professor powering a clock with a potato, a concept that truly amazed Penny.

#2: The First Bazinga

In an attempt to fit in with his peers, Sheldon is led to one of his greatest discoveries. No, not super-asymmetry; this is how Sheldon discovered Bazinga! On “The Big Bang Theory,” “Bazinga” is Sheldon’s go-to expression for jokes and pranks, kind of like a “got ya.” He uses it all the time and even has a email address. While “Big Bang” viewers knew all about the word, we never knew where it came from or how it became such a part of Sheldon’s vocabulary. That is, until young Sheldon walked up to that display of toys and pranks. To paraphrase Ace of Base, he saw the sign.

#1: George Sr.'s Fate

In the third episode of the series, Sheldon’s Father George Sr. has a minor heart attack. He recovers, and for anyone who’s never watched “The Big Bang Theory,” this may seem like nothing to worry about. However, when it comes to “Big Bang” and fathers, there are two sad stories that every fan is familiar with: Howard’s dad abandoning his family and Sheldon’s father passing away when Sheldon was fourteen. Given that Sheldon was only nine years old in the first season, his dad was obviously going to be okay. However, “Big Bang” fans know that it’s only a matter of time before George Sr. isn’t going to be okay.