Top 10 Celebs You Forgot Dated When They Were Younger
Trivia Top 10 Celebs You Forgot Dated When They Were Younger



Top 10 Celebs You Forgot Dated When They Were Younger

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Remember when these celeb couples were a thing? For this list, we're looking at former celebrity couples whose relationships didn't last long enough to make much of an impact. Our countdown includes Rashida Jones & Tobey Maguire, Ryan Reynolds & Kristen Johnston, Pink & Joey Fatone, and more!

Top 10 Celebs You Forgot Dated When They Were Younger

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebs You Forgot Dated When They Were Younger.

For this list, we’re looking at former celebrity couples whose relationships you might not have known about, might not have remembered, or relationships that just didn't last long enough to make much of an impact.

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#10: Leighton Meester & Sebastian Stan

“Gossip Girl” had its fair share of high-profile romances on set and off, but this one might surprise even the most obsessed fan. The pair met back while Meester was starring as the manipulative socialite Blair Waldorf, and Stan had a recurring role on the teen drama as Carter Baizen. The co-stars reportedly dated between 2008-2010 before calling it quits. Meester would go on to date her now-husband, former teen star Adam Brody, while Stan’s career really took off when he joined the MCU as Bucky Barnes. His growing popularity since then and his decision to keep his private life private might explain why the couple’s on-set romance slipped through the cracks.

#9: Pink & Joey Fatone

The Grammy Award-winning pop star and former boy bander can both agree on one thing: they did go out at least once. Everything else about their relationship is up for interpretation. Pink says Fatone was “in love with [her],” even asking her father’s permission before taking her out, and that all they did was have ice cream. Fatone’s version of events is somewhat different. He says he never asked her father for permission and that he asked her out on a few dates before they ended things. Both are married with children now, and while neither one has any hard feelings, the fact they can’t seem to agree on minor details is probably a good indication that romance was never in the cards.

#8: Minka Kelly & Donald Faison

Though not much is known about the details of their relationship, Faison reportedly got together with Kelly sometime in 2004. Kelly was an up-and-coming actress, just breaking into the business, while Faison was a household name due to his starring role in the medical sitcom, “Scrubs.” The two dated for about a year. Since then, Kelly has made a name for herself on shows like “Friday Night Lights” and “Titans.” She’s been romantically linked to other A-listers, namely Chris Evans and Derek Jeter. Faison would go on to finish out his run as the lovable Dr. Turk in 2010 and marry his second wife two years later.

#7: Jennifer Love Hewitt & Will Friedle

Depending on the source, Hewitt and Friedle began dating in either 1996 or 1997. But it’s undeniable that both were household names at the time. Both actors were at the height of their fame in the ‘90s, with Friedle starring as Eric Matthews on “Boys Meets World,” and Hewitt enjoying roles on “Party of Five” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” The couple even appeared as an on-screen item on two separate occasions: once on “Boys Meets World” and once in the 1997 movie “Trojan War.” The relationship may not have stuck in the public’s mind, but both performers are still remembered fondly as two of the biggest teen stars of the 1990s.

#6: Ryan Reynolds & Kristen Johnston

Besides Alanis Morissette and Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds had another famous ex long before he married Blake Lively. When asked about her short-lived romance with Reynolds, “3rd Rock from the Sun” star Kristen Johnston admitted it was so long ago she’d actually forgotten about it. But Johnston wasn't being shady toward her old flame. She had nothing but nice things to say about the “Deadpool” star. The two were seen together publicly after appearing at the 1999 premiere of “The Green Mile,” but apparently, the relationship didn’t last long. If only more Hollywood couples had such nice things to say after breaking up.

#5: David Gallagher & Megan Fox

Megan Fox’s personal life has been tabloid fodder for years, but her first high-profile relationship came before her big break. In 2004, Fox and “7th Heaven” actor David Gallagher were photographed together at the premiere of “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,” one of Fox’s first movies. The couple reportedly dated for around a year before breaking up. Soon after, Fox started her longtime romance with “90210” star Brian Austin Green and enjoyed a breakthrough performance in the first “Transformers” movie. Her romance with Gallagher seems to have been lost in the endless media spotlight that followed.

#4: Rashida Jones & Tobey Maguire

Before he was slinging webs and fighting crime in the “Spider-Man” trilogy, Tobey Maguire was on the edge of superstardom in the late 1990s. He had also been dating Rashida Jones since 1997. The future “Parks and Rec” star was just starting her career and would soon score a regular spot on “Boston Public.” The relationship was allegedly serious, with some reports even suggesting the two were engaged at one point. Rashida and Tobey broke up in 2000 after three years together. Maybe his iconic dance moves were just too much to handle.

#3: Drew Barrymore & Corey Feldman

Few Hollywood stars grew up as fast as Drew Barrymore and Corey Feldman. Both have been open about their substance addictions during their turbulent early careers. Less discussed, though, is their short-lived relationship in the late 80s when Barrymore was 14 and Feldman was 18. They reportedly started dating after appearing on an addiction-related episode of “CBS Schoolbreak Special” in 1989. They were together for only a few months before ending the relationship. In the chaos of the industry, it seems like Barrymore’s subsequent career and Feldman’s personal struggles have overshadowed this shared past.

#2: Sarah Jessica Parker & Robert Downey Jr.

Although RDJ's troubled history with various substances isn’t a secret, his very serious relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker may not be as well-known. The future stars of “Iron Man” and “Sex and the City" were just young actors trying to carve out careers in Hollywood when they met on the set of 1984’s “Firstborn. The two moved in together, beginning an almost 8-year relationship that went sour when Downey Jr.'s dependence on drugs and alcohol became too much for Parker to handle. But the two remain on friendly terms, looking back fondly on the time they spent together.

#1: Taylor Lautner & Lily Collins

On-set romance is a recurring theme on this list, but our #1 pick didn't even make it to the premiere of their movie. Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins met on the set of 2011’s “Abduction” when Taylor was still bearing his soul—and his shirt—in the ultra-successful “Twilight Saga.” The two stars’ chemistry was reportedly undeniable during script readings and even throughout the shoot, but it’s reported that Lautner pulled the plug on the relationship just a week before “Abduction”’s star-studded premiere. Apparently, at the premiere’s afterparty, the two were barely on speaking terms. If this list proves anything, it's that dating your co-stars is not always the way to everlasting love and happiness.