Top 10 Black DC Superheroes



Top 10 Black DC Superheroes

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This DC heroes are iconic! For this list, we'll be looking at the most notable Black heroes and heroines that have appeared in the company's comics, tv and film over the years. Our countdown includes Michael Holt [AKA Mr. Terrific], John Henry Irons [AKA Steel], Victor Stone [AKA Cyborg], and more!

Top 10 Black DC Superheroes

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Black DC Superheroes.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most notable Black heroes and heroines that have appeared in the company’s comics, tv and film over the years.

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#10: Michael Holt [AKA Mr. Terrific]

After the loss of his wife left Michael Holt aimless, he heard stories about an old hero. He then decided to use his genius and Olympic-level physical abilities to become the new Mr. Terrific. While he could easily take enemies down with his fists alone, he’s known for using his versatile T-spheres to solve a wide range of problems. Over the years, Holt has become such a valued hero that he was elected as the chairman of the Justice League. A variation of the character also served as one of Oliver Queen’s most reliable allies on “Arrow.” Whether he’s animated or in live-action, Holt’s got more than enough brains and brawn to be extremely memorable.

#9: Augustus Freeman [AKA Icon]

When an Alien named Arnus landed on Earth in the 1800s, a Black woman found his wrecked spacecraft. His pod changed his body so he’d look just like her. More than 100 years later, he was living a normal life as Augustus Freeman IV until he used his powers to stop a robbery. This incident set him down a path to become the superhero known as Icon. He’s powerful enough to send Superman flying with a punch and can manipulate energy. Although Icon hasn’t received his own show or movie yet, he’d be an interesting character to explore. He’s coped with being an alien outsider while dealing with societal obstacles that Black people faced. Icon’s incredible story could inspire others to become heroes too.

#8: Karen Beecher [AKA Bumblebee]

Once Karen Beecher put on her Bumblebee suit, she flew right into the history books. She debuted as one of the original black heroines in the DC Comics continuity. Since Bumblebee’s grand entrance, she’s worked with the Doom Patrol, Birds of Prey, and Teen Titans. Her powers have also shifted over the years to include everything from shooting stinging blasts to changing her size. Bumblebee’s battle prowess and high confidence have made her a popular recurring character in a number of animated DC adaptations. It’s only a matter of time before a live-action version of this historic character lights up the screen with her charm and awesome powers.

#7: Lucas “Luke” Fox [AKA Batwing]

A Congolese man named David Zavimbe initially wore the mantle of Batwing to tackle international issues. After he retired, Batman decided to pass the torch to his first choice, Luke Fox. The new Batwing immediately made a huge impression on fans in and out of his incredibly advanced suit. The intelligent Luke had been honing his fighting skills for years in hopes that he could join the bat-family. When he finally got in the Batwing suit, his composure and brilliance made him a natural hero. Despite the fact that he jumped into the suit for the first time in 2013, Luke’s live-action counterpart debuted on “Batwoman” just eight years later. The quick turnaround is a testament to how strong Luke’s legacy is becoming.

#6: John Henry Irons [AKA Steel]

John Henry Irons wanted to stop making weapons once he saw how sinister people chose to use his inventions. But after being saved by Superman, he decided to forge a powerful suit of armor, occasionally emblazon in with an S and grab a badass hammer. Irons carried the name of a real life African-Amercian folk hero while being known to the world as Steel. His origins and motivations have definitely been remixed a few times across his many adaptations. However, John usually ends up proudly raising his hammer to take down the worst beings imaginable. While he may not be as powerful as Superman outside his suit of armor, Steel’s will is strong enough to withstand any dangerous threat.

#5: Mari McCabe [AKA Vixen]

Years after Mari McCabe left her home in Zambesi to avoid violence, she returned and reclaimed the Tantu Totem her ancestors had passed down. This mystical item gave her the power to imitate the abilities of any animal that ever walked on Earth. Mari, aka, Vixen can run fast as a cheetah, strike with the force of an elephant, fly like a hawk and much more. Her vast range of abilities have made her a valuable member of many superpowered alliances. Vixen’s been seen modeling and fighting crime with her animalistic powers since the 1980s. Her unique totem, fantastic backstory and continued pop culture presence should keep her story alive for generations to come.

#4: Virgil Hawkins [AKA Static]

An incident known as the Big Bang gave a teenager named Virgil Hawkins tremendous electromagnetic abilities. He wasted no time using his newly gained powers to become a wisecracking superhero known as Static. While Static’s fun abilities and youthful energy make him entertaining, the types of stories he starred in made him incredibly relatable. We’ve seen him tackle everything from gun violence to prejudice throughout his long history. Although Static has appeared in a great animated series, fans are still hungry to see more of this electrifying hero. The relatable and powerful Virgil definitely deserves more time in the spotlight.

#3: Jefferson Pierce [AKA Black Lightning]

The very first DC comic book to be led by an African-American character starred Jefferson Pierce. He’s another hero that has fantastic lightning powers and the fighting skill to strike enemies as hard as thunder. When Jefferson’s not patrolling the streets of Freeland, he’s giving back to his community as an inspiring school principal. He's also willing to team up with other superheroes to help them solve their own issues. And if all that wasn't enough, Jefferson also does his best to raise his two super-powered daughters to follow the fantastic example he sets. While Black Lightning occasionally struggles to balance all his responsibilities, he always perseveres and pushes himself to an even higher level.

#2: Victor Stone [AKA Cyborg]

Although Cyborg was a Teen Titan in his first collection of stories, he got a major upgrade in later years and became one of the first heroes in the Justice League. This massive promotion is a great reflection of how popular he’s become with fans. Fan-favorite Victor received cybernetic parts to save his life. After the procedure becomes stronger, tougher and gains control of ridiculously powerful technology. Although he has trouble acclimating to his new body in many adaptations, he’s still willing to rise above his internal conflict to fight evil on Earth and beyond. Cyborg reminds us that we should accept who we are while being true to ourselves every time he stands up to fight.

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#1: John Stewart

In the 1970s, John Stewart was chosen to be a backup Green Lantern. But it was soon apparent that he was a natural leader. John’s architecture studies allowed him to take full advantage of the ring’s ability to make whatever you can imagine. At the same time, his military experience had helped him become more strategic in battle. And outside of cosmic threats, John’s been standing up for people of color since his very first comic panel. His nobility and perseverance have made him shine brighter than any of his green constructs. It’s now unimaginable to think of a Green Lantern corps that doesn’t have this legendary lantern bearing a ring.