Top 10 Cringiest Camp Rock Scenes



Top 10 Cringiest Camp Rock Scenes

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Val Namaki
"Camp Rock" or "Cringe Rock?" For this list, we'll be looking at the most awkward moments from both “Camp Rock” movies that gave us second-hand embarrassment. Our countdown includes not so cool, the hand gesture, the march, and more!

Top 10 Cringiest Camp Rock Scenes

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cringiest Camp Rock Scenes.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most awkward moments from both “Camp Rock” movies that gave us second-hand embarrassment.

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#10: Rocking Out?
“Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” (2010)

If you hear the words “let’s rock,” you probably expect the music that follows to have you on your feet. But, when Mitchie asks her friends to play their melody again, that’s not exactly what we get. Instead, their initial eagerness is followed by the mellowest thing ever. Granted, the song ramps up eventually, but we’d expected them to immediately start going hard! So, the premature enthusiasm makes the whole thing feel pretty anticlimactic. The beat and lyrics that kick off this so-called jam session aren’t exactly a rock vibe... so, it’s just a little too much excitement, too soon.

#9: Not Backing Down
“Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” (2010)

When a rival camp, Camp Star, opens up nearby, they poach some of the Camp Rock kids, and as a result, Brown has to close up shop. Naturally, though, Mitchie and her friends have to figure out how to stop that from happening. Most of them are worried and aren’t sure what to do. But when Caitlyn tries to voice her concern, Mitchie cuts in with this uncomfortable song and dance. We know it’s a music camp, but a standard conversation where people just speak to each other wouldn’t hurt, would it? Sure, it leads to a big catchy musical number, but this moment itself felt a little abrupt.

#8: An Unfortunate Reprise
“Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” (2010)

When the second film begins, it really seems like Tess has changed her ways. But then, the newly formed Camp Star puts on a wild performance of a song called “Fire.” And, when they invite the Camp Rockers to switch over to their side, Tess jumps ship. While we didn’t love the move, we weren’t exactly shocked. The part that has us cringing, though, is when she’s speaking to Camp Star’s lead singer Luke and then performs a mini reprise of “Fire.” Tess thinks she’s proving her talent. But in reality, it comes out of nowhere and is tragically awkward.

#7: A Face Full of Flour
"Camp Rock" (2008)

Mitchie doesn’t want anyone to know she works in the kitchen with her mom. So, someone walking in while she’s working causes her to panic a little bit. To make matters worse, the visitor is the one and only superstar Shane Gray. So, in an attempt to hide her identity, Mitchie douses her own face in flour. Her expression when she comes up from behind the counter is the stuff of nightmares. Shane acts like a jerk, complaining about the camp food., and Mitchie rightfully calls him out for his bad attitude. But it’s honestly hard to take her seriously when she looks like she took a bath in flour.

#6: Not So Cool
“Camp Rock” (2008)

The campfire is supposed to be Tess’ moment to shine. We totally get that this song is meant to convey her “cool popular girl energy”, and that subtlety is perhaps not this franchise’s forte… but everything from the lyrics to the dance moves here is pretty cringe. Tess was bobbing her shoulders so hard we were genuinely worried she might dislocate them at one point. In hindsight, we’re not so sure why everyone was so afraid of Tess back in 2008. After this performance of “Too Cool”, we’re more embarrassed on her behalf. And Mitchie’s face in the background truly says it all.

#5: An Obnoxious Pop Star Moment
"Camp Rock" (2008)

The “Camp Rock” movies give us the Jonas Brothers as the fictional band Connect 3. And it’s truly priceless. The first film focuses most on Joe’s character Shane Gray. But the trio’s car scene lives in our heads rent-free to this day. Shane needs to go to Camp Rock in an effort to fix his bad boy image and get the group some good press. Watching him behave like a spoiled popstar refusing to go to camp, then, is truly something to behold. He’s acting like they’re sending him to jail. It’s so unforgettable that the band recreated the scene on TikTok in 2020 — and it’s just as amazingly cringeworthy as the original.

#4: The Hand Gesture
“Camp Rock” (2008)

The rivalry between Tess and Caitlyn is a big part of the first “Camp Rock” film. So, we’d be remiss not to mention this moment between the pair, which is both hilarious and absolutely ridiculous. As we all know, Tess thinks she's too cool for pretty much everything regular people do. Apparently, that means she’s also above using words to speak. Instead, she uses her hands to spell “W-E-M-L,” and her minions have to translate. If we’re being honest, many of us jokingly recreated this gesture after seeing the movie for the first time. But we can admit that it’s smug, silly, and just plain weird. It’s safe to say that Mitchie was right on the money with her comeback.

#3: “Blingalicious”
“Camp Rock” (2008)

In an attempt to distract her new friends from her less than stylish wardrobe, Mitchie compliments Tess’ charm bracelet. And it works because the diva’s favorite subject is herself. Tess then explains that it was a gift from her mother, who adds to it every time she wins a Grammy. That obnoxious response aside, it’s Mitchie’s reaction that really rubs us the wrong way. There were so many words she could’ve used to describe the accessory. Pretty, cute, or shiny are just a few that come to mind. Instead, she goes with this: [“Totally blingalicious”]. OK, so she’s trying to keep up and seem like she’s in the know, but this certainly didn’t help her case.

#2: The March
"Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" (2010)

As Mitchie and the gang get comfortable with their new jobs as counselors, they decide to show Camp Star what they’re capable of. We definitely appreciate the sentiment here. But we also wish they skipped the part where they laid the challenge to them in the most mortifying way possible. First, Camp Rock marches across the lake chanting while doing some super odd choreography (which is meant to be intimidating, but is quite the opposite) and then things don’t get much better once they’re on stage. When the two camps begin facing off, everything just feels way too intense(x-ref). It’s cringe at almost every turn.

#1: A Questionable Performance
“Camp Rock” (2008)

We get a glimpse of Caitlyn’s talent a few times before the Final Jam, and it never inspires a great deal of confidence. Just look at how she introduces herself to Mitchie(x-ref). But things only get cringier when Caitlyn delivers a full-blown performance at Pajama Jam. And the characters all act as though it’s revolutionary. But you know what they say, hindsight is 20/20. And, now, oh how we wish we could unsee the keyboard smashing and unfortunate “dance moves” that turned this moment iconic for all the wrong reasons. We’re not fans of Tess’ motives, but we can’t say we’re mad that she made it stop.