Top 10 Most Romantic LGBTQ+ TV Proposals



Top 10 Most Romantic LGBTQ+ TV Proposals

VOICE OVER: Sophia Franklin WRITTEN BY: Isabelle Brown
The most romantic LGBTQ+ TV proposals broke new ground. For this list, we'll be looking at our favorite times that small screen, fictional LGBTQ+ couples agreed to tie the knot. Our countdown includes "Black Mirror," "Pose," "Glee," and more!

Top 10 Most Romantic LGBTQ+ TV Proposals

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Romantic LGBTQ+ TV Proposals.

For this list, we’ll be looking at our favorite times that small screen, fictional LGBTQ+ couples agreed to tie the knot. Since most of these couples are endgame, a spoiler warning is in effect.

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#10: Reese Williams Proposes to Bianca Montgomery
“All My Children” (1970-2011)

This history-making pair changed television in 2008 by being the first same sex couple to get engaged on an American soap opera. The beginning of their relationship happens mostly off screen in Paris. However, the couple has returned to Pine Valley when they agree to get married. Architect Reese starts by giving Bianca the plans for their newly constructed house. She then gets on one knee and asks for Bianca’s hand in marriage. Bianca of course says yes, and later proposes to Reese herself when she gives her fiancée an engagement ring for Christmas. Their romance, though not perfect, is the first of its kind and huge step for LGBTQ+ representation on screen.

#9: Danielle “Dani” Clayton Proposes to Jamie Taylor
“The Haunting of Bly Manor” (2020)

These star-crossed lovers find themselves working at the same great, good place in 1987 England. Amidst the spooky atmosphere and uninvited spektors, the gardener and the au pair manage to fall in love. Dani continues to be haunted by the Lady in the Lake even after the couple leaves the manor. Love is stronger than fear though, and Dani proposes to Jamie in spite of her ghosts. She hides the ring in a potted plant for Jamie to find, showing she still has a sense of fun. Although they can’t legally get married, the women decide being together during the time they have left is enough. For a show about a haunted house, Dani and Jamie’s love story is as romantic as they come.

#8: Mitchell “Mitch” Pritchett & Cameron “Cam” Tucker Get Engaged
“Modern Family” (2009-20)

Mitch and Cam have been together for many years by the time they get engaged. A 2013 change in legislation allows for same-sex marriage and finally gives the couple a reason to plan a wedding. The question remains though, who is going to propose to whom? Both men want the chance to put on a grand romantic gesture, enough so that they’re willing to sabotage the other person’s efforts. In the end, fate ruins both of their plans when a flat tire leaves them stranded on the side of the road. As the two kneel down to change the tire, they agree to get married without either needing to ask the question. While their respective plans are pretty romantic, there’s nothing like a spontaneous proposal.

#7: Kelly Proposes to Yorkie
“Black Mirror” (2011-19)

Like Dani and Jamie, Kelly and Yorkie are young women when they meet each other in the year 1987. Only, their California coastal town is part of a simulation. In the physical world, both women are older and carry a lot of life’s baggage. Yorkie reveals she’s already engaged, but that doesn’t stop Kelly from pursuing a romantic relationship in their virtual reality. Kelly eventually learns Yorkie is physically paralyzed but unable to pass on without her family’s consent. In a swoon worthy moment on the beaches of San Junipero, Kelly asks Yorkie to marry her instead. By saying yes, Yorkie gets to marry for love and keep her dignity as she enters San Junipero permanently.

#6: Angel Vasquez & Esteban “Lil Papi” Martinez Get Engaged
“Pose” (2018-21)

While they might not have been walking the floor, Angel and Papi win a prize in each other when they spontaneously get engaged at a ball. Their engagement comes after Papi informs Angel he’s booked her for a gig in Germany where she won’t have to hide her transgender identity. The qualities that make Papi a good manager are the same ones that make him a good boyfriend: he thinks Angel is a star and will do anything to help her succeed. Angel realizes she never wants to be without Papi and gets on her knees to pop the question. Papi cuts her off before she can finish so the two can simultaneously propose.

#5: Blaine Anderson Proposes to Kurt Hummel
“Glee” (2009-15)

From high school sweethearts to husbands, Klaine is one of the more stable relationships in the musical series. Though they’re not the only gay alumni from New Directions to get engaged, Klaine’s proposal makes the list over Brittana’s because of their full circle moment. Blaine proposes to Kurt with a Beatles song, of course, accompanied by four glee clubs, a marching band, and a few familiar faces. Dancing around Dalton Academy, the company leads Kurt to the spot where it all began. Blaine pops the question on the steps where the two first met, surrounded by their friends. Kurt says yes and while it's not a straight shot to the altar, their dual wedding with Brittana is the perfect ending for these gleeks.

#4: Nomi Marks & Amanita “Neets” Caplan Get Engaged
“Sense8” (2015-18)

While these two characters might not have a psychic connection, they’re on the same page about getting married. The couple is getting ready for bed in their San Francisco apartment when Amanita begins to propose. Before saying yes, Nomi reveals the engagement ring she has hidden for Amanita, and the two agree to marry each other. Compared to their exciting life of hacking and saving international strangers, Nomi and Amanita’s dual proposal is pretty low-key. The women are at home and in their underwear, demonstrating that they feel comfortable being vulnerable with each other. As for Nomi’s seven psychic connections, Amanita is more than willing to help the cluster. The two are excellent examples of lesbian and transgender representation.

#3: Ian Gallagher Proposes to Mickey Milkovich
“Shameless” (2011-21)

The road to engagement for this couple is a long one. Like, ten seasons long. After years of being in the closet, in relationships with other people, or in jail, Mickey and Ian finally consider getting married to each other. Ian first proposes to Mickey when their parole officer is found dead. Although Mickey says yes, not even the appeal of spousal privilege is enough to keep Ian from getting cold feet. It’s not until Ian overhears Mickey being criticized by his new boyfriend that he starts a bar fight and proposes to Mickey again. The proposal is complicated and messy, which is why it suits them. It reflects the nature of the on-again off-again relationship in which they always return to each other.

#2: Patrick Brewer Proposes to David Rose
“Schitt’s Creek” (2015-20)

This next couple is simply the best. When David decides to make the most of his life in small town North America by opening a local shop, he probably doesn’t expect his business partner to become his life partner. His chemistry with Patrick is undeniable though, and the two inevitably end up together. In true “Schitt’s Creek” fashion, the hike and picnic Patrick plans for the proposal doesn’t go as intended. Patrick hurts his foot stepping on a branch and it seems like they should turn back. But David, who is not usually the outdoorsy type, saves the day by carrying Patrick up the hill. In the end, the couple makes it to the picturesque clearing and Patrick pops the question.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Piper Chapman & Alex Vause, “Orange Is the New Black” (2013-19)
A Prison Riot May Not Be the Most Romantic Setting, But Piper’s Speech Makes Up for It

Sapphire & Ruby, “Steven Universe” (2013-20)
After Being Fused Together for Years on End, These Two Gems Can Probably Handle Marriage

Stef Foster & Lena Adams, “The Fosters” (2013-18)
In the End Stef Proposes to Lena Not Once, Not Twice, But Three Times!

Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught, “Wynonna Earp” (2016-21)
Momentarily Safe From Mortal Peril, Waverly Asks Nicole a Life-Changing Question

Valencia Perez & Beth, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (2015-19)
Instead of Waiting to Be Proposed To, Valencia Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

#1: Magnus Bane Proposes to Alec Lightwood
“Shadowhunters” (2016-19)

Although Malec hits a few bumps along the way, not even a rift between worlds can stop this proposal from happening. Alec’s first attempt to propose goes wrong when Magnus arrives drunk, grieving the loss of his magic. Out of his love for the warlock, Alec sacrifices their relationship so Magnus’s powers can be returned. It’s not until later that Magnus learns about the deal. When a rift opens in Alicante, it's up to Magnus and his restored magic to close it. But not before reuniting with Alec. As everything around them is being destroyed by demons, Magnus proposes to the shadowhunter with a ring for them both. While there’s not much that should take priority over saving the world, a Malec proposal certainly does.