Top 10 Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc Moments



Top 10 Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc Moments

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
Demon decapitation has never looked so beautiful. Join Ashley as we count down the most iconic moments from Demon Slayer's second series, including the likes of "Godlike Speed", "Breathless Beatdown", "Alpha Nezuko", and more!
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc Moments

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking over the highlights from Demon Slayer’s explosive second season. If you’re not caught up, best prepare yourselves because savagery and spoilers are on the horizon. Think we missed a crucial moment? Squawk like a messenger crow in the comments and let us know.

#10: Zenitsu Plays Hero

When it comes to dealing with members of the opposite sex, Zenitsu is…well…not the best. If he’s not begging ladies to marry him, he’s going loco over the thought of touching them. So, to see him come to the aid of a young girl against a vicious yet gorgeous woman like Daki was a sign of major growth. Even knowing that he’s potentially tangoing with a high-level demon, Zenitsu doesn’t hesitate to save a child from being potentially maimed. Look how far our boy has come!

#9: Lullaby

There’s certainly more to touch on as far as Nezuko is concerned, but we have to give credit for this unexpectedly poignant conclusion to her mini rampage. Overcome by her demonic urges, Nezuko comes within a hair’s breadth of killing innocents. Thankfully, her big brother is there to bring her back from the edge. Overcome by the memory of a lullaby that her mother used to sing to her, seeing Nezuko weep uncontrollably really hit deep. Even with all that bloodlust, she’s still a mommy’s girl underneath it all.

#8: Combination Breathing

Throughout Tanjiro’s various battles across the Entertainment District, he not only pushed himself to his limit, but also had the chance to reflect on his own brand of swordsmanship. While devoted to the Water Breathing techniques of his teacher, he comes to the realization that his body isn’t suited to it, and so chooses to adapt by blending together both Water Breathing and Hinokami. Good thing too, since the results not only works wonders, but allows him to save one for Uzui’s wives from being taken out.

#7: Godlike Speed

Lightning does indeed strike twice, and so too does this sleepwalking swordsman. Throwing his all into one last gambit to decapitate Daki, Zenitsu unleashes his strongest attack to date – one that pushes his speed beyond all limits. The swing is so swift that if it weren’t for Daki’s thread neck, she would have had her head sliced off then and there. We’re hoping to see a lot more of this attack going forward, because having Zenitsu bolt around like he’s the feudal Flash is just too cool for words.

#6: Gyutaro Emerges

Surprise! Turns out that what everyone thought was a lone boss fight was actually a tag-team showdown. Just as Uzui had effortlessly decapitated the likes of Daki, it’s revealed that she’s got an ace up her sleeve. Or rather, a sibling. As the second half of the Upper Six Demon Moon, Gyataro quickly demonstrates that he’s the powerhouse of the duo, very much the beast to Daki’s beauty, and oh see eager to sink his scythes into the Sound Hashira.

#5: Sawing the Thread

There’s a lot of competition for who is the true MVP of this season, but Inosuke certainly makes a claim for himself with this incredible execution. With Tanjiro and Zenitsu paving the way, the boar-headed swordsman goes in for the kill, dashing his way through Daki’s constant bombardment until he’s within striking distance. Her cloth-like neck may be able to shrug off most attacks, but it doesn’t count for much while getting shredded by Inosuke’s personal brand of dual-wielding DIY.

#4: Flashback

Damn it, they’ve done it again. They’ve made us feel sorry for the very things we’re supposed to despise. Moments before his death, Gyutaro reminisces the terrible upbringing both he and his sister had to endure, that despite crawling their way towards a better future for themselves, the world still found a way to take everything from them, and in doing so put them on the path to become demons. Guess life truly can make monsters of us all, especially when an Upper Moon makes you an offer you can’t refuse.

#3: Breathless Beatdown

Tanjiro may be the sweetest soul around, but even he has a breaking point, and seeing Daki devastate the whole district tipped him over the edge. Flipping his kill switch, Tanjiro goes on the warpath, where he proceeds to completely outclass the Upper Moon. While immensely effective, this new burst of strength is soon revealed to be a double-edged sword…since Tanjiro isn’t breathing. With every strike inching him closer to death, it’s scary to think what kind of new ability this is, and just how much he’ll come to rely on it.

#2: Alpha Nezuko

Puberty hits everyone differently, and in the case of Nezuko, she went from adorable bamboo biter to an absolute unit. Along with a more buxom body and slick set of tattoos, Nezuko’s transformation revealed that Muzan was right to be concerned about her. Along with some insane regenerative skills, her strength is monstrous, enough to make an Upper Moon like Daki to regret squaring up to her. It’s crazy to think what she'll be capable of when she learns to control her new hellish form, and we can’t wait to see more. We swear we’re not saying that because of the bust boost.

#1: The Final Fight

UFOtable and their Unlimited Budget Works come in clutch once again. An incredible union of exquisite animation and narrative finality, the climax to the battle between the resident Demon Slayers and the Upper Six Demon duo is truly next level. You’ve got Uzui going toe to toe with Gyutaro as a symphony of destruction goes off all around them, all the while our three amigos go all out with everything they’ve got, resulting in the most stunning example of simultaneous decapitation ever put to anime.