Top 10 Epic Anime Villain Returns



Top 10 Epic Anime Villain Returns

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Matthew Guida
They're baaaaaack! Join Ashley as we count down the times anime villains made their triumphant returns, as seen in series such as "One Piece", "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", "Naruto", and more!
Script written by Matthew Guida

Top 10 Epic Anime Villain Returns

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Epic Anime Villain Returns.

For this list, we'll be looking at the moments when villains in anime returned from a defeat or a long hiatus for a long overdue rematch with their protagonists. We'll also be considering moments when villains returned to aid the protagonist to fight a common enemy.

Be advised that an antagonistic spoiler warning is now in effect.

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#10: Elsa Granhiert Returns for More Bloodshed

“Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World” (2016-21)

With a nickname like “Bowel Hunter,” this gut slashing femme fatale is as ferocious as they come. Not only is Elsa the first major villain that Subaru crosses paths with, she is also the one responsible for his first demise. In the end, Subaru just barely survives his third encounter with Elsa, who leaves him fighting for his life. It isn’t until season two, that Elsa returns to make Subaru's tragic life an even bigger hell than it already is. Not only does Elsa kill Subaru during her first reappearance, she eventually goes on to slaughter his friends and comrades. All while indulging in the suffering she creates.

#9: Baran Saves Chiu

“Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” (2020-)

Grief and anger drove this mighty warrior down the path of villainy. After losing his wife to humanity’s prejudice, the Dragon Knight Baran develops an intense hatred towards all humans. Baran’s rage is so great that he doesn't hesitate to inflict physical and mental anguish onto his son Dai who fights to protect them. Fortunately, Dai is able to beat his father, allowing the rage consuming his heart to finally clear. Following his defeat, Baran seeks to atone for his former ways and returns to save Dai’s friend Chiu from the sadistic Fenbran. While he still hates humans, Baran’s willingness to put his grudge aside to help his son and his friends proves that deep down there’s still an element of good inside him

#8: Greed’s Resurrection

“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” (2009-10)

With avarice so powerful it drove him to defy his creator, Greed’s desire for everything the world has to offer makes him a unique antagonist, even amongst the homunculi. Unfortunately, Greed’s ambitions and freedom meet a brutal end after an encounter with Wrath. After a savage one-sided beatdown, Greed finds himself at Father’s mercy. Fortunately, Greed survives this nasty experience and is able to return thanks to Ling Yao’s greedy, yet noble ambitions. Although he is brought back as Father’s loyal servant, there’s no being alive that can restrain the overwhelming desires of Greed.

#7: Myotismon Lives

“Digimon Adventure 02” (2000-01)

With his ruthless nature, Myotismon’s evil ambitions put the fate of two worlds in jeopardy. While powerful, the combined strength of the Digidestined allowed them to triumph over Myotismon, reducing him to mere data. Unfortunately, even that wasn't enough to stop him. With a will to live as large as his dark ego, Myotismon survives by possessing the body of Yukio Oikawa. This allows Myotismon to perform many evil deeds behind the scenes such as turning Ken Ichijouji into the Digimon Emperor and corrupting several children with dark spores. All for the sake of his resurrection. His efforts finally come to fruition when he returns as MaloMyotismon, with his first evil act being the destruction of his loyal subordinates. Brutal much?

#6: Crocodile’s Jailbreak

“One Piece” (1999-)

There’s nothing Luffy won’t do to protect those close to him. Even if it means making a deal with the proverbial devil. Desperate to save Ace from execution, Luffy risks his life to travel to the deepest depths of Impel down. When he arrives too late and finds himself trapped in the bowels of Level 6, Luffy’s only hope for escape lies in the hands of the unlikeliest of allies, the sandman himself, Crocodile. While reluctant to liberate the former warlord, a little help from the revolutionary Ivankov convinces Luffy to set his grudge aside… at least for the time being. As much as Luffy may despise Crocodile, he still proves an invaluable ally against the forces of Impel Down.

#5: Madara Uchiha Is Revived

“Naruto Shippuden” (2007-17)

The power of this legendary figure is so great that he strikes fear into even the most seasoned shinobi. While only appearing in flashbacks, Madara’s influence and legacy have both directly and indirectly shaped most of the ninja world. This includes the isolation of the Uchiha clan, as well as turning Kakashi’s closest friend to the darkside. His name alone was enough to convince the Five Great Shinobi Countries to join forces and go to war. When he finally makes his return during the Fourth Shinobi War, Madara unleashes hell onto the battlefield, wiping out an entire army by himself. Whether he’s destroying armies or dropping meteors, Madara’s return to the world of the living surpasses all expectations.

#4: Aizen Returns for the Winter War

“Bleach” (2004-12)

Who could have guessed that underneath his charming facade, was the soul of a ruthless tyrant? After revealing his true nature and stealing the Hogyoku, Aizen escapes from his fellow Shinigami with a little help from his Hollow underlings. Once he’s done preparing for war, Aizen begins the next phase of his master plan; a full-on invasion of Karakura Town. When the day of battle finally arrives, Aizen and his army hold nothing back. Mullet or not, the man who knows how to make an entrance.

#3: Frieza Comes Back for Revenge

“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F” (2015)

After their last battle caused the destruction of an entire planet, it only makes sense that their rematch would be just as epic. After spending nearly two decades in literal Hell, Frieza is resurrected by his loyal underlings, giving him a golden opportunity to get revenge on Goku. From there, all it takes is a few months for Frieza to catch up to Goku’s current level of power. With the power of his Golden form, Frieza easily demonstrates why he deserves the honor of being called Goku’s nemesis.

#2: Welcome to Dio’s World

“JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders” (2014-15)

This meme-lord’s thirst for power and revenge was so strong that he was able to cheat death not once, but twice. After fighting their way through Dio’s horde of minions and Stand users, Jotaro and the rest of team Joestar finally reach Dio’s lair to finish him off once and for all. It turns out to be easier said than done when they’re forced to contend with the power of his Stand. With the power to stop time at his fingertips, Dio sadistically toyed with the Joestars and their allies, leaving many of them bloody and broke, now far beyond that of an ordinary vampire.

#1: Griffith’s Rebirth

“Berserk” (2016-17)

From the depths of despair, this fallen hero was reborn as a god. Unfortunately, he sold out his loyal comrades to get it. While being a deity certainly has its advantages, it also comes with a hefty cost. Eager to achieve his dream of having his own kingdom, Griffith uses events at the Tower of Conviction to reincarnate himself back into the physical world. Not only does this ritual fully restore his human body, he also retains his supernatural abilities and acquires an army of loyal apostles, ready and willing to serve his every command. As both a god and a man, Griffith is beyond reach.