Top 20 Songs to Sing in the Shower



Top 20 Songs to Sing in the Shower

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We've all sung these songs in the shower. For this list, we'll be looking at the most satisfying tunes to belt out as you bathe. Our countdown includes "Good as Hell," "The Climb," "Let It Go," and more!

Top 20 Songs to Sing in the Shower

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 20 Songs to Sing in the Shower.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most satisfying tunes to belt out as you bathe.

Which tracks are on your shower playlist? Let us know in the comments below!

#20: “Drivers License” (2021)
Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo took the world by storm when she released this heartbreak anthem, and for good reason. This emotional track captures the sense of love lost beautifully. No matter your relationship status, “Drivers License” perfectly balances feelings of sadness, anger, and angst. Sometimes you just need to belt at the top of your lungs and feel all the feels, and it gives you permission to do so. It’s no secret that showers are a great place to cry. So it’s the perfect song to crank up when you need to channel those heavy emotions and let them out. You’re practically guaranteed to feel better afterward.

#19: “Before He Cheats” (2005)
Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood knows exactly how to make a good breakup tune that’s full of grit and strength. Some people react to betrayal by grabbing a pint of ice cream and crying it out. And that’s as good a technique as any. But “Before He Cheats” is all about getting even. If you're ever feeling wronged and wishing you could get a little revenge, we’d recommend blasting this song at full volume during your shower. After all, rocking out to this hit might be the closest you can get to actually destroying someone’s car. And it’s probably a safer way to cope.

#18: “Good as Hell” (2016)

There’s arguably no better time to pump yourself up for the day ahead than during your morning wash. And there’s no better song than Lizzo’s “Good as Hell” to help you do it. It’s safe to say that we all operate at our best when we’re confident. But it’s easy to lose that feeling as we get bogged down in the problems of everyday life. Luckily, this energetic tune is full of feel-good lyrics that remind us just how special we are. Turn it up, do a little hair toss, and remember that you’re good as hell.

#17: “Go Your Own Way” (1976)
Fleetwood Mac

Lindsey Buckingham reportedly penned this 1976 classic after his break-up with Stevie Nicks. We’d imagine it’s pretty awkward to sing about your ex when they’re in the same band as you. But those dynamics aside, there’s no denying Buckingham tapped into something special with this song. The proof is that it’s gone on to become a huge commercial success. Of course, the track’s raw vulnerability is a big part of why it resonates with people to this day. The hurt shines through every lyric, which is precisely why your bathroom’s the perfect place to let loose and rock out your frustrations.

#16: “Livin’ on a Prayer” (1986)
Bon Jovi

When people think of Bon Jovi, they probably think of this 1986 song. And it’s not hard to see why. “Livin’ on a Prayer” has everything you could possibly want in a rock anthem. That’s what makes it the perfect number to blast while you lather, rinse, and repeat. The tune follows characters dubbed Tommy and Gina. They’re regular working-class folks, and things aren’t always easy for them. But they get through by holding onto hope - and each other. The story is emblematic of what life is like for many, and provides a sense of optimism. If they could make it, so can you.

#15: “I Want It That Way” (1999)
Backstreet Boys

A good shower playlist wouldn’t be complete without a classic boy band hit. And there’s arguably no better choice to fulfill that need than the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” Released in 1999, the track still hasn’t lost its cultural relevance. Just ask the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” writers! It’s catchy, melodic, and hooks you from start to finish. The chorus practically begs listeners to join in. So feel free to channel your favorite Backstreet Boy - or your inner Jake Peralta - and shamelessly perform the tune. Tell us why no other song hits quite like this one!

#14: “Dancing Queen” (1976)

Swedish pop band ABBA released this track in 1976, and we’ve been grooving to it ever since. Of course, the “Mamma Mia!” movies subsequently introduced the tune to a whole new generation of people who love it just as much. “Dancing Queen” is full of a vitality and enthusiasm that’s simply contagious. It’s entertaining, with catchy lyrics and a captivating beat to boot. What more could you possibly want in a shower song?! Just don’t forget to bust out your best moves as you feel the beat from the tambourine while you shampoo your hair!

#13: “Since U Been Gone” (2004)
Kelly Clarkson

As you’ve probably gathered by now, we love a good angry breakup tune. That’s why Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” has a special place in our hearts. It just never loses its punch. The song focuses on calling out the one who wronged you, letting them know why you’re better off, and starting fresh. Jamming along to it is the perfect way to release your rage, and focus on how life is better when the wrong people aren’t holding you back. You can cleanse a lot more than just your body if this iconic bop is playing!

#12: “The Climb” (2009)
Miley Cyrus

We’ve all stared out the car window while it’s raining and pretended we were in a music video or movie at one time or another. But who said that treatment had to be reserved for the road? If you ask us, a shower or bathtub is as good a place as any to pretend you’re in a meaningful media montage. Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” is all about tackling life’s challenges head-on, and focusing on the journey instead of the destination. In other words, it’s the perfect song for the job. The huge dose of Hannah Montana nostalgia it brings doesn’t hurt either!

#11: “Shallow” (2018)
Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper broke the internet and captured hearts everywhere when they brought this song to life in “A Star Is Born.” Who could forget their electric performance at the 2019 Oscars? We still get chills every time we listen to this track, which makes it the ideal bathtime ballad. It’s a commanding piece, full of emotion and depth both lyrically and melodically. Starting out calmly, it swells into a climactic and invigorating chorus. It’s incredibly easy to just close your eyes and immerse yourself in the narrative. And big bonus points to anyone who can master both parts of the duet!

#10: “Let It Go” (2013)
Idina Menzel

There’s no shortage of Disney classics to sing along to as you scrub yourself clean. They could probably form a list all their own. But there’s no doubt that “Let It Go” is the most thrilling. It comes at a pivotal point in “Frozen,” and measures up to the moment’s intensity. Elsa really lets go of all the rules and restrictions she’s been living with, and finally embraces who she is. Her solo captures her journey perfectly, and makes us want to channel the same confidence. So don’t be shy. Make sure to belt as loud as you can, and let the number’s powerful message wash over you.

#9: “I Will Survive” (1978)
Gloria Gaynor

Some songs simply stand the test of time. Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” is just as impactful today as it was in 1978. And we don’t think it’ll lose its place amongst the classics anytime soon. The commanding essence of the star’s voice, paired with the passionate lyrics and electrifying music, makes for a truly unbeatable mix. The track is the epitome of an empowering ballad. And you know what that means: it’s tailor-made for a singalong. So grab anything in your shower that can double as a microphone and own your strength as you let the music move through you.

#8: “Best Thing I Never Had” (2011)

If you like to take a little attitude into the bathroom, then Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had” could just be the best thing you ever sang. Queen Bee is star showering material, just because it’s almost impossible not to sing her songs as loudly as you possibly can! This one’s especially satisfying if you’re going through a breakup, or if your new relationship proves just how painfully bad your last one was! It’s girl power to the max; a song to get you out of bed in the morning!

#7: “Purple Rain” (1984)
Prince and the Revolution

What does every good shower singalong need? An awesome air guitar solo! And there aren’t many better records than Prince’s “Purple Rain” when you’re looking to shred a make=believe six-string! By the time you’ve finished nailing this number, your only regret will be that your bathroom lighting doesn’t have a purple setting, or that the water from your shower is frustratingly standard-colored. Those high-pitched calls at the song’s end deserve to be sung loud and proud. Wake your neighbors if you have too!

#6: “Stay with Me” (2014)
Sam Smith

The thing about shower singing is that as soon as we lock that bathroom door, we’re all suddenly super confident! In the shower, there’s no song we can’t sing, and no vocal range we can’t match. Which is why so many of us force our voices around songs like this. Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” is notoriously difficult to get right, but with a bar of soap as a mic and a stack of hair products as an audience, we go for it anyway! And hey, why not? We are all superstars in our own right!

#5: “Chandelier” (2014)

Try singing this next song and not getting at least a little carried away with the dance moves… It can’t be done! While MsMojo implores you all to keep steady on your feet in the shower, Sia always turns a boring wash routine into something a little more expressive – in line with Maddie Ziegler’s iconic music video performance. One, two, three (one, two, three) soap! One, two, three (one, two three) rinse! You’ll not only be swinging from chandeliers when you’re done; you’ll smell amazing as well!

#4: “Hero” (1993)
Mariah Carey

As we get toward the business end of today’s countdown, it’s time to bust out the love ballads. If you’re ever shower-bound and feeling a little insecure, then this is one of the most uplifting anthems out there. Pre-shower you may be tired, a little unclean and generally lacking enthusiasm. But stick this on the stereo and don’t hold back. In a little over four minutes, with some well-timed scrubbing and shampooing, you’ll turn lyrics into reality; you’ll “See the truth, and the hero that lies in you.”

#3: “The Power of Love” (1993)
Céline Dion

As Céline Dion slows things down a little, we might’ve included “My Heart Will Go On” next; despite being synonymous with water of a more depressing variety, it’s undoubtedly a shower standard! But instead we’ve plunged for “The Power of Love,” and some more heartfelt lyrics and hard-to-hit notes! It was Jennifer Rush who first co-wrote and recorded this tune in the mid-80s, but Celine sent it soaring back to the top of the charts in the mid-90s. It’s been a guilty pleasure record for a lot of us since then – and something to shower-sing with gusto!

#2: “Hello” (2015)

For second place, we get real sultry! Adele’s back catalogue is awash with potential shower songs, and “Rolling in the Deep” was very nearly our runner-up. But “Hello” has to be the singer’s best bathroom number! It’s the sort of song that you simply can’t get out of your head unless you sing it out loud. And we mean really, really loud! Try not to get too carried away, though. The last thing you need is a worried passerby mistaking your tuneful “Hello” as a cry for help! Conversations don’t get much more awkward than that.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“I Turn to You” (2000), Christina Aguilera
An Emotional Ballad to Cry To

“Pocketful of Sunshine” (2008), Natasha Bedingfield
Pretend You’re Emma Stone in “Easy A” as You Sing Along

“Don't Stop Believin’” (1981), Journey
Whether You’re a Journey Fan or a “Glee” Fan, Chances Are You Know This Song Like the Back of Your Hand

“Alexander Hamilton” (2015), Leslie Odom Jr., Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Christopher Jackson, & Original Broadway Cast of “Hamilton”
Use Your Shower Time to Refine Your Rap Skills & Your Knowledge of American History

“You Belong with Me (Taylor's Version)” (2021), Taylor Swift
Travel Back to 2008 & Act Out the Story

#1: “I Will Always Love You” (1992)
Whitney Houston

If you’ve gotten this far and your vocal chords aren’t shredded, then you’ve done very well! You may even feel like “Dancing with somebody,” or “Feeling the heat with somebody,” but Whitney Houston has an even bigger finish in store! Your hair’s washed, your body’s clean, but the shower’s still running – “I Will Always Love You” is exactly what you need! When you nail the first note to this song’s iconic chorus, it’s like the planets have aligned and they’re all orbiting your bathroom! So rinse off once more, it’s time for your (shower) curtain call – sing like your life depends on it!