Top 10 Best One Hit Wonders of the 2010s



Top 10 Best One Hit Wonders of the 2010s

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These artists may have kept making music, but nothing ever came close to their one defining hit. For this list, we'll be looking at any artist known primarily by one huge song in the 2010s. Our countdown includes Cali Swag District, Icona Pop, Gotye, and more!

Top 10 Best One Hit Wonders of the 2010s

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best One Hit Wonders of the 2010s.

For this list, we’ll be looking at any artist known primarily by one huge song in the 2010s. They might have kept making music afterwards, but nothing ever came close to their one defining hit.

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#10: “Teach Me How to Dougie” (2010)

Cali Swag District

Sometimes you don't need to break new ground lyrically to produce a smash hit. Take for example this Cali Swag District hit, which describes the regional dance craze known as the “Dougie.” The California-based Cali Swag District took the Dallas dance and brought it to national attention. It's a catchy earworm that makes it near impossible to stand still, prompting the listener to try the dance out for themselves. The two-times platinum song hit 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The following year the group released their debut album "The Kickback," which remains their only release. The ultimate destiny of Cali Swag District remains to be seen, but "Teach Me How to Dougie" will be the star of dance parties for years to come.

#9: “Am I Wrong” (2013)

Nico & Vinz

Previously known as Envy, this Norwegian duo made a name for themselves in their home country before this breakthrough hit. With “Am I Wrong,” they reached a global audience with their special blend of pop and dance music. Following in the footsteps of Scandinavian one-hit wonders A-ha, the duo climbed the charts with a set of inspirational lyrics and soaring vocals. Along with a catchy melody, “Am I Wrong” offers a hopeful message along with an enjoyable pop sound. Hitting number four on the Billboard Hot 100, the song delivered a dash of positivity to the music-loving world. As the group churns out more music, this enjoyable track continues to be their one substantial hit.

#8: “Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)” (2014)


After its initial release in 2012, Omi’s “Cheerleader” got a popular remix from Felix Jaehn in 2014. Several years in the making, the deep house version fills out the Jamaican singer’s unique voice. The song soared to the top of international charts with its bright and cheery sound. In the track, Omi sings about his significant other being supportive of him. While not the most radical songwriting, “Cheerleader” carries on the legacy of popular music’s fascination with romance in a sincere and lovable way. After this massive hit, Omi continued to release songs, but could never reach the unfathomable heights of “Cheerleader.”

#7: “Rude” (2013)


Released in 2013, Canadian reggae fusion band Magic! crossed the border into the United States with their smash hit “Rude.” By the following year, the song had sky-rocketed to the top of the Billboard charts. In "Rude," the singer unsuccessfully asks his girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage. Among the more effective pop hooks in recent memory, it's hard not to sing along with the frustrated singer as he belts the chorus. Along with an inviting tone and indelible lyrics, the band struck a chord with its relatable storytelling and undeniable reggae grooves. Magic! followed up their initial hit with a less successful sophomore album, unable to replicate the success of “Rude.”

#6: “Whip My Hair” (2010)

Willow Smith

Unsurprisingly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Smith family. After her brother got into acting, Willow Smith decided to make a name for herself in the music industry. Charged with an undeniable and explosive energy, “Whip My Hair” carries an empowering message for listeners of all ages. Whatever you think of the song, it’s hard not to credit the nine-year-old for trying her hardest. Ultimately, “Whip My Hair” functions as a fun outlet for an emerging artist. In recent years, Willow continues to make adventurous strides with various music genres. Venturing into more alternative territory, Willow's newfound pop punk inspirations might guide her to another hit.

#5: “Shut Up and Dance” (2014)

Walk the Moon

Filled with nothing but raw energy, Cincinnati band Walk the Moon infused “Shut Up and Dance” with an infectious spirit. Off their third studio album “Talking Is Hard,” the tune propelled the rock band into the musical limelight. Inspired by a real life story, the song tells the tale of a fateful dance floor encounter. Rising to four on the Hot 100, the track joyfully commands listeners to release their inhibitions and dance the night away. Needless to say, the pop rocker functions as an ideal selection for any dance setting. Walk the Moon received some modest attention for their follow-up releases. However, the band has yet to garner another hit to rival "Shut Up and Dance."

#4: “Say Something” (2013)

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

After a few years in the industry, A Great Big World reached the mainstream with “Say Something.” Two months after recording their own version, Christina Aguilera joined them for a second take that made a colossal impact on the music world. Regardless of its one-hit wonder status, the true quality of the track shines through with an emotional story about the demise of a rocky relationship. Both singers Ian Axel and Christina Aguilera carry beautiful melodies over a touching instrumental. Complementing Axel's delicate pitch, Aguilera’s professional voice enhances the song in every possible way. A Great Big World's next releases failed to gain the same traction as "Say Something," but their songwriting abilities were unquestioned on this unforgettable track.

#3: “I Love It” (2012)

Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX

In 2012, Swedish pop duo Icona Pop and Charli XCX unleashed this electronic banger on the masses. Punctuated by Charli XCX's fierce singing, “I Love It” details a woman’s escape from the constraints of relationships or rules of any kind. It’s big, bold, and brash beat sends the song into overdrive in the best way. Most importantly, the entire song oozes with an unmistakable and fun-loving intensity. Cracking the Billboard top ten, “I Love It” enjoyed both commercial and critical mentions. Icona Pop hasn't maintained the same success in the U.S., but the legacy of “I Love It” lives on with its contagious rhythms and standout chorus.

#2: “Take Me to Church” (2013)


Leave it to Hozier to level you with a soulful and thought-provoking track like no other. In 2013, the Irish musician went from unknown singer to worldwide hitmaker with “Take Me to Church.” With religious overtones, the singer’s deep and textured voice speaks to a spiteful breakup. Full of densely packed metaphors, Hozier’s poetic words expertly cut through his incredible arrangements. His second album “Wasteland, Baby!” did well, but failed to produce the same kind of earth-shattering work on the level of his first hit. After all, it’s nearly impossible to reproduce the sonic passion of “Take Me to Church.”

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions.

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“Barbra Streisand” (2012), Duck Sauce
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“Panda” (2015), Desiigner
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#1: “Friday” (2011)

Rebecca Black

We always knew you had to get down on Friday and this song proves it. Just kidding! On to our real number one.

#1: “Somebody That I Used to Know” (2011)

Gotye feat. Kimbra

With his third album, singer/songwriter Gotye struck gold with this classic track. Lyrically dense, the song features Gotye and Kimbra portraying the competing perspectives of a former love affair. Instead of an overproduced track, “Somebody That I Used to Know” stands as an expertly simple mashup of pop and rock influences. Capturing heartbreak in its purest musical form, the hit song represents the height of pop songwriting for the decade. Soaring to number one on a variety of Billboard charts, the song went a staggering fourteen times platinum in the U.S. Even after winning two Grammys for the track, Gotye went on hiatus to focus on other projects. As we await his comeback, there's always this masterful track to tide fans over.
I'd remember that song,like,"Somebody That I Used to Know",obviously,it's performed by Gotye feat. Kimbra.