Top 10 Restaurants from Sex and the City You Can Actually Go To



Top 10 Restaurants from Sex and the City You Can Actually Go To

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You can actually go to these "Sex and the City" restaurants. For this list, we'll be looking at the most fabulous eateries from the original show, its movies, and the revival where you can dine in style like Carrie Bradshaw. Our countdown includes Perry Street, Buddakan, TAO, and more!

Top 10 Restaurants from Sex and the City You Can Actually Go To

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Restaurants from “Sex and the City” You Can Actually Go To.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most fabulous eateries from the original show, its movies, and the revival where you can dine in style like Carrie Bradshaw. Certain plot points will be brought up, so beware of potential spoilers!

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#10: Grand Bar & Salon at the Soho Grand Hotel

If you want to paint the town red, look no further than this upscale establishment. It reportedly served as the picture-perfect backdrop for “Sex and the City’s” pivotal season 4 episode titled “Change of a Dress.” Samantha’s wealthy beau, Richard Wright, used the locale to host his “Black and White Ball”, a charity fundraiser. The venue was incredibly elegant, but you may have been too distracted by the events that unfolded to pay much attention to it. Of course, it’s where Ms. Jones confronted Richard about his multiple relationships. Well, at least we know the Grand Bar always guarantees a memorable night out, no matter the occasion.

#9: Perry Street

Located right near the Hudson River, Perry Street’s modern and chic decor was featured in the finale of “And Just Like That…”. Their menu has a little something for everyone, including an impressive cocktail selection and a wide variety of both vegetarian and non-veg dishes. During a bittersweet lunch with Big’s brother, Carrie is faced with having to find the right place to scatter her late husband’s ashes, and fast. This sort of conversation is far from easy, but Perry’s, with its immense style and class, provided a beautiful place to have it.

#8: Pastis

Before Carrie was strolling the streets of Paris, she was living out her Parisian dreams at Pastis. In its prime, the French restaurant was all the range among the rich and famous, and was featured on "Sex and the City" more than once. Despite its popularity, Pastis closed in 2014, breaking hearts everywhere. Thankfully, the beloved establishment made its triumphant return to the Meatpacking District in 2019 with a facelift. Luckily though, it still features its signature booths. So fans can channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw and cozy up on a chilly winter afternoon for hors d'œuvres and cocktails.

#7: Quality Bistro

The absence of Samantha Jones was a hot topic among viewers when "And Just Like That…" premiered. Naturally, fans wondered if any of the new characters could fill the void. Well, in the latter half of the season, the women went to Quality Bistro. But this time, Carrie's new friend and realtor Seema came along too. Thus, the trio was briefly a quartet once again. While at the midtown restaurant, the foursome enjoyed a delicious-looking selection of drinks. Now, whether you’re in the mood for cocktails or a full-blown meal, this elegant and charming bistro is sure to satisfy all your cravings. Their steak and seafood offerings are something to behold, and the beautiful setting will make you want to stay until closing time.

#6: Buddakan

For foodies, Buddakan is one of NYC's hottest joints, but for "Sex and the City" fans, it's the place that changed everything. In the first film, Big and Carrie held their rehearsal dinner at the Asian cuisine spot. Unfortunately, after a surprise appearance from Steve, Miranda's broken heart gets the best of her, and she makes a careless remark to Big. This gave him a case of cold feet, resulting in the subsequent fallout between him and Carrie on what was supposed to be their wedding day. Granted, it's not the happiest memory. But that doesn't mean viewers should skip out on enjoying Buddakan's delicious menu and awe-inspiring decor!

#5: The Loeb Boathouse

Tucked away in the heart of Central Park, The Loeb Boathouse is a New York City staple. With a picturesque view of the lake, it provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The restaurant also served as the backdrop for one of the original show's most memorable moments. In season 3, Carrie and Big met up there after his marriage to Natasha fell apart. When his attempt at a kiss went awry, the two tumbled into the lake as shocked patrons looked on. If you're planning to dine at Loeb, we’d suggest bringing a backup outfit…just in case!

#4: Whitney Cafe

There’s no doubt that the revival needed an unforgettable backdrop to hook viewers after so many years. In the opening scene of the first episode, we found Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte together, ready to grab a bite as they famously love doing. This time, the place of choice is a fictional spot called Clee. In reality, they’re at The Whitney Museum of American Art’s ground floor eatery. Until March 2021, the area housed a restaurant called Untitled. Now, it's home to the “grab and go” style Whitney Cafe, which is presumably where filming took place. The crisp and spacious location was the perfect place to reintroduce the gals, proving that though ages have passed, they’re just as fabulous as ever.

#3: TAO

Over the past decades, this has become one of the biggest brands in the culinary industry, with a business that also includes hospitality. On the restaurant side of things, TAO is renowned for its Asian-inspired menu and lively atmosphere. One of its early mainstream media appearances was “Sex and the City,” as the series replicated its grand opening in the fourth season. At the event, Carrie and her date run into Big and his. They all end up sitting together, alongside Samantha and her “friend.” It’s a pretty awkward night, but that’s not the restaurant’s fault! Still one of the city’s hottest joints, TAO is one you’re going to want to cross off your “Sex and the City” bucket list.

#2: Magnolia Bakery

Thanks to “Sex and the City,” Magnolia Bakery basically went from being a local favorite to a tourist hotspot. While discussing their love lives in the third season, Carrie and Miranda chow down on the bakery’s decadent cupcakes. The short and sweet appearance prompted fans from all over the world to visit the bakery. Becoming a sensation, Magnolia has expanded, with locales popping up all across New York and beyond. They even have a cupcake named after Ms. Bradshaw if you’re looking for the full experience. Years later, the popular eatery is still reaping the benefits of its brief on-camera appearance. But given how delicious the treats are, we’d say it’s well-deserved.

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#1: Cafeteria

Cafeteria holds many memories for “Sex and the City” fans. We all know the fab four love their brunch dates, a trademark get-together that’s part of each incarnation of the show. Now, they didn’t always employ the same location. And rumor has it that they sometimes used a set. But Cafeteria was among the main places Carrie and the women met up to gossip and have deep talks. Who wouldn’t want to eat at such a beautiful and energetic place? This eatery has seen the ladies through some major highs and lows, so let it do the same for you! Offering a mix of comfort food like mac and cheese, burgers, and soups, it's the quintessential spot for every fan of the franchise to visit.