Top 10 Times Claire Was a Badass on Outlander



Top 10 Times Claire Was a Badass on Outlander

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Sammie Purcell
"Outlander" should be entitled "Badass" after Claire. For this list, we'll be looking at all the times our favorite time-traveling sassenach proved her mettle. Our countdown includes Dr. Rawlings, mking penicillin, becoming a doctor, and more!

Top 10 Times Claire Was a Badass on Outlander

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Claire was a Badass on Outlander.

For this list, we’ll be looking at all the times our favorite time-traveling sassenach proved her mettle. Look out for spoilers, and let us “ken” if we missed any badass moments in the comments below.

#10: Dr. Rawlings

There are plenty of times throughout “Outlander” where Claire’s 20th-century sensibilities come into conflict with 18th-century life. Throughout the series, one of the things she constantly has problems with is the lack of proper medical care available to her when she’s back in the past, in particular for women. In Season 5– in typical Claire fashion – she takes matters into her own hands. Not only does she literally invent penicillin, but she begins giving out medical and sex advice under the pseudonym Dr. Rawlings. It’s a dangerous move, and one that she’s literally kidnapped and assaulted for later in the season, but Claire knows it’s something she has to do.

#9: “I Will Cut Your Heart Out”
“The Reckoning”

Jamie and Claire are soulmates, but things weren’t always so written in the stars – and Jamie wasn’t always the gallant gentleman. We all remember the spanking scene in Season 1, a punishment Jamie thinks he must give to Claire after she tries to run back to the stones, and the men risk their lives to save her after she’s kidnapped. Claire’s incredibly angry – understandably! – and after some soul searching, Jamie apologizes. The two make up the only way they know how – with some great sex. But this time, Claire lets Jamie know that if he ever touches her like that again, that she will cut his heart out and have it for breakfast. You tell him, Claire!

#8: Goodbye, Le Comte

Season 2’s most despicable villain was Le Comte St. Germain, a French merchant who puts Claire on his enemy list from the moment she and Jamie step foot in France. He tries to thwart her and Jamie at every turn, even poisoning Claire at one point. But Claire ultimately gets the last laugh. While pleading with the king to let Jamie out of prison, Claire is asked to help the king discern whether or not Le Comte and Claire’s friend, Master Raymond, have committed crimes of sorcery. Claire attempts to save both men’s lives – she is a doctor after all – but Le Comte ends up poisoned. Even if she did try to save him, we can’t imagine Claire was all that upset by this outcome.

#7: Setting Jamie’s Shoulder

From the jump, it was very clear that Claire would have a hard time fitting in in 18th century Scotland – we mean, who among us wouldn’t? A lot of that stems from her strong-willed nature, but even from the beginning, Claire couldn’t hold back the fact that she had a breadth of medical knowledge uncommon for a woman at the time. When she first meets Jamie, the men are about to set his shoulder back into place, but Claire intervenes, afraid they might break his arm. With them holding him down, she’s able to properly set Jamie’s shoulder – but it’s scary to think about what might have happened if she hadn’t been there.

#6: The Claire & Jenny Roadshow
“The Search”

If there’s one person (other than Jamie) in the “Outlander”-verse who can match Claire’s stubbornness and passion, it’s Jenny Murray. Jenny has that signature Fraser hot-headed streak, and in Episode 14 of Season 1, she puts it to work. After Jamie is kidnapped by the British, Claire and Jenny set off to track the soldiers who took him and find out what happened. Along the way, the two prove to be a pretty great team – even if they don’t always agree on how to properly dispose of a soldier after they’ve taken him hostage. We love this duo of swashbuckling ladies, and wish we got more of them together.

#5: Cursing the King
“Untimely Resurrection”

“Outlander” has a lot of fun with Claire’s signature potty mouth, especially when people have zero clue what she’s actually talking about when she curses. At one point in the first season, Jamie has to ask Claire what a certain expletive that starts with “F” means, but even knowing that the word hasn’t quite caught on yet in this time doesn’t stop her from using it. In Season 2, Claire meets back up with the despicable “Black Jack” Randall, who tries to keep her from walking away from him by invoking the King of France. But Claire’s got some choice words for the monarch. It’s a badass moment – although it does lose some heat when Claire realizes the king in question is right behind her.

#4: Making Penicillin
“Perpetual Adoration”

We mentioned this one in passing before, but it’s too great to not get its own entry. Throughout much of Season 5, Claire is on a scientific mission to create penicillin – well over a hundred years before it would be actually discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928. In Episode 5 of Season 5, we see Claire peering into her microscope with shock before inviting Marsali to witness her brilliance – she’s finally done it. “Outlander” doesn’t really give thought to how Claire’s creation of penicillin might affect the future timeline, but it’s such a showing of her smarts and perseverance that we’ll let that slide. Eat your heart out, Fleming!

#3: Back From Darkness
“To Ransom a Man’s Soul”

In one of the toughest and most brutal scenes in “Outlander” history, at the end of Season 1, Jamie is assaulted by “Black Jack” Randall. Claire and company are able to rescue him, but he’s understandably so scarred by the experience that he begins to push everyone away – not even Claire or Murtagh are able to bring him out of the darkness. So, Claire decides to jump into the darkness with him. It’s a really intense moment for both Jamie and Claire, and maybe not initially the best way to handle things considering what he’s been through, but Claire is at her wit’s end. If anything, this moment proves she will do whatever she must for this relationship.

#2: Becoming a Doctor

Claire always knew that healing was her calling. Whether on a battlefield in World War II or in the 18th century Scottish highlands, medicine and healing was just something she was born to do. So, in Season 3 she takes the necessary next steps to make that dream happen. After Brianna is old enough to go to school, Claire gets into Harvard Medical School – yes, you heard that right, HARVARD. She faces discrimination for her gender right off the jump, but proves herself again and again, and also forges a bond with Joe, a Black man who understands a bit of what she’s going through. Claire is able to graduate and become a surgeon before heading back to the past, bringing even more knowledge with her.

#1: “Am I Not Lady Broch Tuarach?” (Brock Toor-uhk)
“Vengeance is Mine”

And here’s our number one entry, folks. After deciding to return to Scotland mid-Season 2, things heat up for our favorite pair as war looms on the horizon. After a battle at Prestonpans, Jamie, Claire, and friends find themselves trapped in an abandoned church surrounded by the British. Claire has the brilliant plan to pretend she’s being held captive by the group so they can trade her perceived safety for everyone’s freedom, but Jamie refuses. Listen, we appreciate the chivalry, but now is not the time! And Claire agrees – she implores Jamie to let her do this, asking him, “Am I not Lady Broch Tuarach?” He has no choice but to let her go.