Top 10 Times Wrestlers Couldn't Keep a Straight Face



Top 10 Times Wrestlers Couldn't Keep a Straight Face

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: George Pacheco
These wrestlers broke more than Jimmy Fallon on SNL. For this list, we'll be looking at instances where professional wrestlers broke character by losing their in composure one way or another. Our countdown includes John Cena, CM Punk, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and more!

Top 10 Times Wrestlers Couldn’t Keep a Straight Face

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Wrestlers Couldn’t Keep a Straight Face.

For this list, we’ll be looking at instances where professional wrestlers broke character by losing their in composure one way or another.

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#10: The Key of Jericho

Mick Foley’s tenure as an on-camera WWE commissioner made for some very memorable moments. One such instance occurred when he nearly lost his composure in front of “The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n Rolla” himself, Chris Jericho. “Le Champiòn” was in the middle of another golden run with the company, and was working a storyline with Kevin Owens around the time of the 2016 “Hell in a Cell” pay-per-view. During an in-ring interview segment, Foley seemed incredibly amused at Chris’ “Key of Jericho” remark. We were sure the “Hardcore Hall of Famer” was going to completely lose it!

#9: Taker’s Travel Problems

Everyone respects The Undertaker. There have also been certain members of the WWE roster that belong to his inner circle - one of which being John Bradshaw Layfield. So, when JBL decided to have some fun and play a little “inside baseball” during a promo, it caught Taker completely off guard. To the audience, JBL’s comment about “going on a relaxing vacation in an air-conditioned RV” seemed like a throw-away line. However, it was actually an inside joke about The Undertaker’s real-life experience. One that included his van unexpectedly breaking down during a hot Texas day. It’s slight, but you can totally see the Undertaker crack jusssst a little.

#8: CM Punk Has Heard Enough

By all accounts, CM Punk had mentally checked out during his run with the WWE by the time this segment aired. How else can we explain the exasperated grin on his face, not to mention the intentional fidgeting, while The Authority cut a promo in the ring? Punk seems incredulous at the sight of a ring packed with former champions, himself included, but refuses to sell what’s going on between the ropes. Instead, he’s caught on the “hard camera” laughing at Stephanie McMahon’s commentary about her husband, Triple H. In short, he basically looks as if he’d rather be anywhere else than where he was at that moment in time.

#7: Randy Orton Likes Groups

Factions and tag teams are a great way to get talent “over” with the audience. “The Viper,” Randy Orton, is no stranger to team-ups over the course of his career, and The New Day took great delight in poking gentle fun at this. During an interview segment on “Monday Night Raw,” the team was rattling off their recent accomplishments. They then proceeded to point out just how many teams Orton has joined over the years. This included the likes of Evolution and Legacy, to name a few. Orton seemed quite amused by the whole thing, and the camera even catches the veteran superstar breaking character a number of times. Oh Randy!

#6: Paul London’s Smile

It’s one of the most infamous instances of wrestling weirdness ever, and that’s saying something. It all occurred during the impending storyline “death” of Mr. McMahon. An array of talent is seen lined-up in the backroom halls as “The Chairman” makes his exit from the building. Everyone looks on in a serious manner, except Paul London, who has a goofy smile on his face. London has gone on record detailing that the segment was taped multiple times with this same, odd smile on his face with no one telling him to do otherwise. Rumors flew that this was the reason why London was let go from the company, but, given that he remained employed for a while after this incident, it’s likely not the case.

#5: A Stone Cold Smirk

When the feud between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon was good, it was great. When it was weird, it was arguably even better. Usually during their interactions, and there were a lot of them, Austin maintained his bad to the bone persona. But, not even “Stone Cold” could contain his joy at the sight of Vince’s dance moves. In the ever-expanding storyline,Vince had hitched his wagon to Mick Foley/Dude Love. This led to an odd celebration in the aisleway. We’re pretty certain Austin was supposed to be unamused during the ordeal, but the camera catches the Hall of Famer smirking ear-to-ear at the absurdity of it all. We don’t blame him!

#4: Try the Fish

Fact: Shayna Baszler is tough as nails. However, not even she could hope to survive against R-Truth and his not-so-hidden superpower: being hilarious. It all happened when Baszler was going on a rant during an episode of “Raw Talk.” The fighter would go on to criticize the backstage catering. Apparently, this was too much for R-Truth, because he jumped in to defend the fried fish. He then suggested that Shayna should’ve used tartar sauce. Naturally, this puts Baszler over the edge, as we can clearly see that she’s struggling to keep it together. Don’t mess with R-Truth’s fried fish, ok?

#3: John Chena

The art of comedy in wrestling can be a delicate tightrope. Thankfully, Santino Marella succeeded in making us laugh more times than not, especially when he was playing the “bad guy.” There was just something absurdly likeable about the star. Santino certainly knew how to make fun of himself, something that endeared him to the WWE Universe. We can even count John Cena as a fan of his comedy. This is evidenced by an interview segment where Santino over-emphasizes his accent when pronouncing Cena’s name. The “You Can’t See Me” superstar can be seen barely containing his grin, despite the fact that he’s supposed to be mad at Marella. There was no hiding that smile!

#2: The “Macho Man” Loses It

This next entry is an infamous incident that we kinda wish we couldn’t recall, but it did indeed take place. In this somewhat obscure WCW storyline featuring the legendary Randy “Macho Man” Savage, the wrestler was portraying a dangerously unhinged tormentor of women. It’s here that he became physical with his personal valet Gorgeous George in the backroom area. Unfortunately, Randy went off script and landed an unplanned slap to Torrie Wilson as well. Torrie seems confused by the hit, laughing nervously to perhaps diffuse the situation. This is an uncomfortable moment for all, but especially for Torrie.

#1: Dean Ambrose Corpsing?

This segment from WWE’s 2014 “Old School Raw” represented a homecoming for the one and only Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Jake’s battles with addiction and other personal demons have been well documented. Thankfully, the legend of the ring made it to a place of happiness, satisfaction and good health. So, when Roberts and his pet of choice returned for a bit of nostalgia, Dean Ambrose was more than happy to “lay down” for the classic spot. Perhaps he was a bit too happy, as The Lunatic Fringe was clearly giddy on the mat after Jake hit the ring. But hey, who are we to judge? We can only imagine how cool this moment would be for just about anyone.
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