Top 10 WatchMojo Lists That Don't Exist Anymore



Top 10 WatchMojo Lists That Don't Exist Anymore

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: George Pacheco
These videos deserve their spot on the ash heap of internet history. For this list, we'll be ranking the videos we once uploaded to YouTube that have since been deleted or made private. Our countdown includes “Top 5 Facts About Bath Salts”, “Top 10 Sexual Positions”, “Top 10 Most Dangerous Internet Challenges”, and more!

Top 10 WatchMojo Lists that Don’t Exist Anymore

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 WatchMojo Lists that Don’t Exist Anymore.

For this list, we’ll be ranking the videos we once uploaded to YouTube that have since been deleted or made private. This could’ve been done for many reasons, from changing social standards to voluntary retractions on our part. To be clear, some of these may still be viewable on some of our own websites, or elsewhere on the internet, but a common YouTube search will just NOT do it for any of these.

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#10: “Top 10 Most Dangerous Terrorist Groups”

Ranking things has always been WatchMojo’s bread-and-butter. However, some subjects are so dark, and the end results so disturbing, that there’s a point where we just have to take a step back. For example, our list of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Terrorist Groups just seemed flawed from inception, based upon the criteria set in place. Although we were measuring our entries based on the danger and notoriety of these groups, we realized that having a “top pick” terrorist group just looked extremely bad on our part, despite our best intentions to try and skew the list to stress information rather than exploitation.

#9: “Top 5 Facts About Bath Salts”

Speaking of informative, WatchMojo’s “Top 5 Facts” series was our attempt to discuss trending topics in a quick and easily digestible way, a “primer” of sorts for various subjects. That said, perhaps our “Top 5 Facts About Bath Salts” piece wasn’t long ENOUGH to properly devote enough time to this subject. The horrible and often deadly side effects of bath salts were trending in the news around the time of our original video. The last thing we would want to do was jeopardize the health of any of our viewers, so we decided to leave this subject alone, and remove the video.

#8: “Top 10 Emoji Innuendos to Up Your Sexting Game”

On a lighter note, hands up if you think that WatchMojo should be involved in giving you pointers on how you get it on? No one? Actually, we’re not surprised, especially given our history of releasing videos with titles like “Top 10 Emoji Innuendos to Up Your Sexting Game.” It was beyond cringy and awkward on our part, and none of our business, to be honest. Oh sure, we were just trying to have some harmless fun with symbolically dirty emojis, but we probably should’ve taken into account the wide span of ages of people who watch our videos. Oops!

#7: “Top 10 Celebrity Has-Beens Who Desperately Cling to Fame”

Okay, so this one was just mean. We’ll fully cop to the fact that the tone of our videos hasn’t always been consistent, and that the WatchMojo of old perhaps gave into our baser urges a bit too often. Case in point? Our clip for the “Top 10 Celebrity Has-Beens Who Desperately Cling to Fame.” Right off the bat, the title was a bit judgmental and petty, without taking into account the other side of fame, and the pressures that go along with it. We’re not saying that celebrities have it hard, per se, but perhaps this video could’ve been a bit more balanced.

#6: “Top 10 Sexual Positions”

Oh, did you think we were done talking about being inappropriate? Think again! Our video for the “Top 10 Sexual Positions” still makes us quake in our shoes with shame. Putting aside for a second our aforementioned point about WatchMojo NOT being the arbiter of what goes on in your bedroom, this one was just…well, gross. Brand safety almost certainly wasn’t on our minds when we discussed the pros and cons of missionary versus reverse cowgirl, and…hey, we’re doing it again! We’re just gonna leave this one here, and try to forget it ever happened.

#5: “Top 10 Most Dangerous Internet Challenges”

Full disclosure: we really appreciate all of the likes, comments, and discussions we have with you guys on every video we do. Additionally, we take your feedback very seriously, and don’t take any of our Mojo-holics for granted. That said, our video for the “Top 10 Most Dangerous Internet Challenges” no longer exists on YouTube for one very specific reason: we don’t want you guys to do ANY of them. It didn’t matter how much information we had describing how dangerous these online trends were, we just didn’t want to run the risk of any of you guys getting the wrong idea.

#4: “Top 10 Assassinations Ordered by the Government”

For our next entry, we’d actually like to point you in the direction of another one of our older videos, the “Top 10 Political Assassinations of the 20th Century.” We say this because it was here where we felt that the subject was better handled than when we did a similar topic, the “Top 10 Assassinations Ordered by the Government.” The latter version was too vague, and possessed a comparatively weaker title, whereas the former did its best to discuss a difficult subject. Sometimes, you just gotta try a different angle in order to get it right.

#3: “Top 10 Oral Sex Scenes in Movies”

Are you guys sensing a running theme throughout this list yet? Yup, it’s sexy time again! We admit that we just got way too specific with this one, although, to our credit, at least we were discussing fictional scenes in movies, rather than directly addressing our audience. And, we also admit that creating the video for the “Top 10 Oral Sex Scenes in Movies” was a blast, because we didn’t take populating the data and doing the, ahem, “research” too seriously. Yet, YouTube regulations and brand safety being what they are, this video had to be hidden away in the vault somewhere.

#2: “Top 10 Torture Scenes”

Although we were ranking scenes of “fake” torture from the world of cinema for this list, the “Top 10 Torture Scenes” video for WatchMojo still went the way of the dodo. This, again, was due more to how creating content on YouTube has changed over the years, rather than the quality achieved by the filmmakers and special effects artists for these films. This is actually a video we should probably take another stab at (no pun intended), just with more of an eye towards streamlining it to fit in with how the YouTube platform is today.

#1: “Top 10 Actors Who Actually Did It on Screen”

So, we’ll fully cop to enjoying the fruits of our labor back when this video originally dropped on the channel. We can’t help it, it’s just fascinating to research the careers of actors, and how sometimes they take paths to such varied performances… including some that call for un-simulated sex on screen. However, given that this video tackled such taboo subjects as adult films, erotica, and exploitation, it didn’t last long on the YouTube platform. The “Top 10 Actors Who Actually Did It on Screen” did see another life over on our streaming app, but you’ll have to do a little digging if you want to watch this one for yourselves.