Top 10 Times Aliens Were Caught on Camera



Top 10 Times Aliens Were Caught on Camera

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio WRITTEN BY: David Foster
These extraterrestrial encounters will creep you out! For this list, we'll be looking at those grainy photos and videos that aliens allegedly make an appearance in. Our countdown includes Fresno Nightcrawler, The Glasgow Glower, The Peekaboo Alien, and more!

Top 10 Times Aliens Were Caught on Camera

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Aliens Were Caught on Camera.

For this list, we’ll be looking at those grainy photos and videos that aliens allegedly make an appearance in.

But are our picks real or fake? We’ll let you be the judge and sound off in the comments.

#10: Fresno Nightcrawler

Though this creature is so named for where it was first spotted, technically the “Fresno Nightcrawler” is a bit of a jetsetter. It has also been spotted on the other side of California, in Yosemite, and the other side of the world in Poland. By all accounts, the Nightcrawler is pale, slender and walks as though it is crawling–despite being an upright bi-ped. Since the Fresno sighting that was documented, other people have claimed to have witnessed the same creature in the immediate area. Sometimes, there has been a pair seen together–with the only differences being in height. Footage of the creature exists–and it is clearly not a creature of this world.

#9: North Carolina’s “Critter”

North Carolina’s Candid Critters social media management got a tad more than they bargained for when they posted a picture of an entity caught on one of their nighttime trail cameras, with the invitation to guess the “critter.” The group was a camera trap survey that took place in the North Carolina woodland and rural areas with the intention to capture wildlife and natural events. But this particular shot stumped them, as it was unlike anything they’d ever seen before. Whilst skeptics were quick to point out that it was probably an owl or something, the group wasn’t totally convinced, which is intriguing in its own right. Whatever it is, the truth is out there.

#8: The Redgate Alien

Over in Montana, another trail camera captured a candid photo of a creature that appears to be out of this world, and certainly out of its clothes. The Redgate area has garnered a reputation in recent years as being somewhat of a UFO and alien sighting hotspot. Many witnesses claim to have seen unidentified flying objects in the air, but it’s a photo taken by Deer Lodge’s Donald Bromley that has generated a lot of debate. At first view it simply looks like a person walking past, but it could be argued the proportions are off; humanoid, but not human. Perhaps if more people set up trail cameras in Redgate, we might get an even better look at them aliens.

#7: Ghost or Alien Haunts Cornwall

When it comes to paranormal and extraterrestrial investigation, sometimes there’s a bit of an overlap. According to Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic–” though we suspect that is of little comfort to Cornwall-based ghosthunter Mark Davies. In 2019, he led an exhibition into Kennall Vale in search of any paranormal activity. Not long into the trip, the camera picked up a strange silhouette moving along the bridge ahead of them–all whilst their equipment went haywire. But whilst the video footage did capture something, it was the feeling of unease and soreness that engulfed him and members of the group. Sans words, is it not possible that extra-terrestrial visitors would communicate through feelings?

#6: The Glasgow Glower

Back over the Atlantic to the UK, this time there are two entries for the price of one. It could be that these two sightings are depicting the same general phenomena, given their shared location and similar timeframe, but it’s hard to tell as the descriptions have discrepancies. The first, taken by a Glasgow student, shows a strange glow over the night skies. Around the same time of the year, a local Glasgow woman caught a static, almost humanoid, shape flying across the skies of the Scottish city. As it was taken during the day, the light is good enough to get a clear image. There are numerous differences in the shape and behavior, but the timing and the location are suspicious to say the least.

#5: Jharkhand’s Roadside Visitor

2021 seemed to be the year of the off-world visitors. We can only assume that with so many people remaining in their homes, extra-terrestrials didn’t have to worry about being spotted. Clearly one or two slipped through, however, as this footage from the Indian state of Jharkhand appears to show. Not only is it a clear view of a creature walking very incongruously alongside a road, it appears taller and thinner than the average person. The footage also shows that there were multiple witnesses to the event, so it would be more difficult to debunk should many come forward and corroborate the story.

#4: The Salford Grey

We’re back in the United Kingdom for this entry, which is unsurprising given that the county of Yorkshire has reportedly seen over 200 alien and UFO sightings in the last twenty years. But while there isn’t a lot of footage that’s readily available, just a few miles away in Salford, there is quite the compelling video of a Grey alien wandering around. Greys tend to be the ones that most people think of when they think of aliens, and are often what alleged abductees describe after they’ve been returned. Alternatively, just think of Paul from the movie of the same name if you need a visual reference. Whether this footage is a hoax or the real deal, it’s always fun to speculate.

#3: A Turning Point for Turkey

For Yalcin Yalman, Aliens and UFOs are seemingly all in a day's work. Though he doesn’t work for Area 51, or the CIA or even the Men in Black, the Turkish night watchman is so used to encounters with the third kind that he’s pretty much unfazed by them. There are two glaring facts about his sightings that make them stand out from many others. Firstly, his documentation of UFO sightings doesn’t just span a few minutes or hours, but years of repeated visitations. The second, on some of his footage you can make out two pilots of the craft he has shot… This night watchman doesn’t just look out for intruders, but aliens as well.

#2: The Crashed Visitor

This entry is not for the faint of heart, so fair warning. In 2011, footage emerged that alleged to be the aftermath of a UFO crash in Siberia. The people in the video claim to have found an alien creature that has been caught up in the wreckage and lost its life in the process. However, not long after, it was reported that the people in the video had faked the alien body with chicken pieces and breadcrumbs, and received a stern word from the Russian authorities. But doesn’t this hoax look a little bit too good for tomfoolery? And does it really look like chicken and breadcrumbs? We’re not saying there’s a conspiracy within the conspiracy, but we’re not saying there’s not, either.

#1: The Peekaboo Alien

While the person who shot and released this footage doesn’t deserve the publicity, and thus his name will not even be mentioned here, the “Boo Alien” footage has generated too much debate to omit. Released in 2008, it appears to show an alien engaging in a quick game of peekaboo, and although it isn’t completely clear in the video, the image does appear to be that of a previously mentioned Grey alien. There are other videos like it, created in an attempt to parody and debunk the original, but still the Boo alien persists, and cannot seem to be thoroughly let go of as fake.