Top 10 Best Charlie Puth Songs



Top 10 Best Charlie Puth Songs

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These Charlie Puth songs command our attention. For this list, we'll be looking at the best tracks from the artist's discography. Our countdown includes "Light Switch," " Marvin Gaye," "Gilfriend," and more!

Top 10 Charlie Puth Songs

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Charlie Puth Songs.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best tracks from the artist’s discography. We’re considering works he recorded alone and with other singers, meaning songs he’s been featured on will also be included.

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#10: “I Warned Myself”
Single (2019)

“I Warned Myself” is a minimal and effective single that captures the singer’s style perfectly. Regretting a relationship gone bad, he mentions how he knew that everything would go south. The self-aware track explores the mental struggle to leave an unhealthy relationship. Delving into the topic with nuance, the artist provides a mature look at love with an adept lyrical style. Singing much of the song in an upper register, the vocalist’s performance and the accompanying chorus give the song a memorable flair. Never one to shy away from personal subjects, this moody look into Puth’s soul proved he could explore the darkness and the light.

#9: “Dangerously”
“Nine Track Mind” (2016)

Describing a toxic relationship, Puth puts an added power behind this vocal performance. The bombastic production design only punctuates his singing, with piercing lyrics and a furious execution. Off of his first studio album, “Nine Track Mind,” this single has something for every kind of pop fan. There’s an energetic piano riff, harmonies, and beats that draw in the listener to its layered instrumentations. Not only does it give the singer a chance to push his voice to the limit, it also proves that he's a well-rounded writer, and producer. Even if “Dangerously” didn’t have the chart performance of Puth’s other hits, it still showcased the ingenuity of his songwriting.

#8: “Girlfriend”
Single (2020)

Puth crafts a sensual love song with a bouncy and upbeat production. In a high-pitched chorus, the singer shoots his shot in one of his catchiest hooks. Released in June of 2020, the song has just the right amount of fun-loving energy to get listeners ready for the warm weather. Lyrically, it describes that happy moment where you want somebody to be something more. It’s the kind of track that puts a smile on your face, no matter where your musical taste lies. Building to a stellar falsetto, this hit brings out the best of Puth’s effortless pop sensibilities.

#7: “How Long”
“Voicenotes” (2018)

In this single, the vocalist dives headfirst into an inviting sound reminiscent of the best of solo pop artists like Justin Timberlake. Puth turns up the funk, creating one of his most danceable tracks. A number of inventive techniques separate this perfectly crafted pop song from the pack, including the use of instruments alongside well-crafted electronic beats. In it, the singer tells the tale of a couple torn apart by cheating, but it’s no heartbreaking ballad. Although the song tells a tragic story, "How Long" still represents one of Puth’s most energetic dance hits.

#6: “The Way I Am”
“Voicenotes” (2018)

From his second album “Voicenotes,” this complicated track gives listeners the best of pop infused with a little rock edge. An electric guitar riff energizes the single with a different feel. It all leads to a catchy chorus, where Puth embraces his desire to be himself. Underneath one of his slickest productions, "The Way I Am" is about the performer's pent up feelings about fame. Certified gold, this song manages to show the artist's evolution from pop idol to risk taker. Infused with a personal message and an attitude, "The Way I Am" gives Charlie Puth fans an awesome hook and a deep set of lyrics all rolled into one.

#5: “Light Switch”
“Charlie” (2022)

A dance pop track with an infectious and pulsating beat, "Light Switch" is another breath of fresh air. Even years into his success, the songwriter proves he can compete with the best musicians today. With a funk groove and some signature harmonies, the track feels tuned into a mix of throwback and current music trends. From its TikTok origins to the final product, this catchy track doesn’t disappoint with its enticing rhythms and sensual lyrics. Not taking himself too seriously, the performer leans into the number’s bubblegum aesthetic. Proving that Puth still hasn't lost his talents, the earworm qualities of "Light Switch" make it a pop song with perennial appeal.

#4: “Marvin Gaye”
“Nine Track Mind” (2016)

With “Marvin Gaye,” Puth made his first big splash into the mainstream. With some help from Meghan Trainor, the singer brought out this salute to the title musical icon with references galore. The musician's piano playing drives the tribute to the soul and R&B icon with an enjoyable pop flavor. Together with Trainor's star power, this single made people take notice of the newest kid on the musical block. Turning Gaye's name into a euphemism for hooking up, this hit's bold content gets right to the point in a tongue-in-cheek way. Love it or not, there's no denying "Marvin Gaye" showed just how much promise Puth had as a pop star.

#3: “We Don’t Talk Anymore”
“Nine Track Mind” (2016)

This single serves as proof that Puth’s voice plays well with others. A searing duet with Selena Gomez, “We Don’t Talk Anymore” gives the vocalist a platform for his perfect pitch. After his breakthrough success in 2015, Puth seemingly brought a new energy and writing upgrade to his songs. After all, a track like this only comes from a pop scientist that mastered his formula. Gomez provides that exact counterpoint needed to sell the other side of this story, proving that she too can duet with anyone. Along with tightly wound production values, “We Don’t Talk Anymore” gives two performers a platform to excel in a sizzling takedown of amicable exes who’ve lost touch.

#2: “See You Again”
“Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (2015)

In a tribute to Paul Walker, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth came together for this beautifully heart-wrenching song. Written for the late actor's final film “Furious 7,” the track details the love we have for people long after they're gone. Providing the soulful chorus to this poignant number, Puth reached a global audience with this passionate performance. The song ranks among the artist's most well-known, but also most heartfelt and moving. Khalifa’s verses give the hit an added depth that further cements its power. For his contributions to "See You Again," Puth delivered a stirring piece about never forgetting the ones we love.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“If You Leave Me Now”, “Voicenotes” (2018)
Puth Harmonizes With the Kings of ‘90s R&B in an Underappreciated Track

“One Call Away”, “Nine Track Mind” (2016)
A Piano Ballad That Mixes Soul & Pop Influences Into a Hugely Successful Single

“Done for Me”, “Voicenotes” (2018)
Puth’s Pop Collaboration with Kehlani Is Sure to Get You Grooving

“Look at Me Now”, “Ego” (2013)
This Track From an Early EP Showed Huge Promise

“Change”, “Voicenotes” (2018)
This Song Featuring the Legendary James Taylor Sends a Powerful Message

#1: “Attention”
“Voicenotes” (2018)

Encapsulating Charlie’s inimitable talents, this track mixes pop and rock elements into his ultimate musical creation. In the midst of a rising career, “Attention” was the first off his hugely successful second album. Saluting a variety of ‘80s influences, the singer comes to the realization that his significant other isn't really in love with him in this single. Standing his ground, this is undoubtedly one of his most relatable pieces. After going platinum four times over, the hit became one of his most successful works. Even with all of Puth’s notable songwriting credits and collaborations, “Attention” consistently stands out from the crowd.