Top 10 Sexiest Overwatch Characters



Top 10 Sexiest Overwatch Characters

VOICE OVER: Tom Aglio WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
We love playing as these “Overwatch” characters, but their awfully easy on the eyes too For this list, we're looking at the hunkiest and hottest heroes in Blizzard Entertainment's online hero shooter, “Overwatch." Our countdown includes Hanzo, Pharah, Widowmaker, Cole Cassidy, and more!
Script written by Ty Richardson

#10: Pharah

The second we laid eyes on Pharah, our hearts exploded. Pharah is a bonafide badass babe with her rocket launcher and mech suit, raining justice down upon any who challenge her. And she will take down any and all threats with some awesome mech suits such as the ones based on Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead. Or how about this summer-themed suit that shows off those sexy, rock-hard abs? With this much poise, noise, and confidence, Pharah is absolutely one of "Overwatch's" sexiest characters. (Whew, and thank god we got through this entry without any cheesy rocket-based innuendos.)

#9: Sombra

To everyone else, Sombra can be a real nuisance on the battlefield. We can’t blame folks for being incredibly aggravated with her as we’ve been in the same boat. Invisibility, teleporting to other parts of the map… Her masterful hacking skills already make her annoying, but damn, she’s also one of the most smoking heroes on the roster! Sombra makes neon and gradient colors look fine, and her alternative, more cyberpunk-themed looks make her shine brighter than diamonds. Just beware of that EMP blast - one wrong move and you’ll be forced offline, unable to defend yourself from her wrath.

#8: Mei

Since the online multiplayer shooter launched in 2016, Mei has been the ultimate cutie of the cast. Just look at her! With the puffy jacket and nerdy science girl personality, don’t you want to just reach out and give her a hug? Besides, she’s got that adorable drone friend of hers that makes its own boops and beeps! Aside from the cute personality, Mei is someone who clearly cares about comfort more than anything else. Seriously, have you seen her pajama outfit? We’d snuggle with her for a movie night on any given day.

#7: Hanzo

Honestly, Hanzo has some kind of “sexy dad” vibe going on for himself. Though he may not be a dad (...yet, at the time of this video), Hanzo is easily one of the most handsome of the “Overwatch” guys. What can we say? WatchMojo likes tattoos and fine goatees. We are a people of culture! Plus, the insane level of accuracy he possesses isn’t something to scoff at. Not many people are that skillful with a bow and arrow! So, can you really be mad at him? [*show Ultimate eliminating players*] …Okay, maybe you can, but you can’t deny it - Hanzo is hot and there isn’t anything anyone can do to change that!!

#6: Ashe

While we’re simping over characters with some level of authority, let’s talk about Ashe. Though she isn’t the only gunslinger in the game (we’ll get to THAT other one in a bit), Ashe is a total babe! Only she can rock platinum hair like that, and she makes trenchcoats look way more slimming than they typically do. And have you seen those stunning eyes? It’s like you can see the fire in her…or maybe you’re just seeing the remnants of her dynamite sticks. Who can really say? All we know is we like the way she handles that rifle. C’mon, have you seen killstreaks as big as the ones she racks up?

#5: Brigitte

Well, dang, who is this lovely lady, and where does she get her looks from? …Wait, she’s Torbjorn’s daughter??? …Nah, that can’t be right. Brigitte makes armor look sexy, and the braids only make her even hotter. Regardless, Brigitte is deserving to be on this list for way more reasons than just her looks. How many times has Brigitte come in to save our skins with her Repair Packs and Barrier Shield? What about the times she’s zipped in with a Shield Bash or Whip Shot to make it easier to down foes? She’s very much someone who has your back, and there is nothing as sexy as that level of support. Someone wife her!

#4: Cole Cassidy

Of course old king Cole had to be on this list. I mean, he’s voiced by Matthew Mercer, for crying out loud! Do you not know how sexy and sultry Matthew Mercer’s voice can get? That’s Cole Cassidy twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and he never lets up! From his polite demeanor towards his companions to the way he says “it’s high noon”, Cole can shoot us dead without even firing a bullet. He just needs to speak, and that’s it! …Either that or just show up in his Lifeguard outfit.

#3: Tracer

What!? Tracer is not number one?? Yes, even we managed to shock ourselves when ranking this list. But we understand why everyone has had the hots for our British timebender. First, there was the whole “buttgate” nontroversy. Then, there was the massive explosion of lewd art and videos of Tracer that we can’t even show you on YouTube. Oh, and there are the hundreds and hundreds of cosplayers that have put on their own sexy Tracer cosplays. Don’t get us wrong - Tracer is undeniably sexy, but when you see our last two entries, you’ll understand why she only clocked in at number three.

#2: Widowmaker

Are we sure the phrase is "one shot, one kill" and not "one look, one kill"? Because every time Widowmaker looks towards us, our soul leaves our bodies. Could it be that cold stare, her pouty lip, and menacing look? Could it be from her wardrobe of incredibly sexy and occasionally revealing outfits? Or maybe our crush has developed solely from that lovely French accent of hers? No matter the case, Widowmaker has certainly stolen our hearts, and we can't even be mad…even when she lands some asinine headshot that just barely grazes the wall.

#1: Mercy

Of course Mercy was going to be number one! Would it really be anyone different? Sure, we all have our favorite waifu and husbando, but Mercy hits different for everyone. All you have to do is look at all of her in-game skins and the thousands and thousands of cosplays fans have made of said skins. Clearly, folks have had the hots for the angelic medic and still do today. Hey, if we saw that heavenly face lending a hand to help us up, we’d grab it every time…and then, we’d die again just to relive the moment over and over until she deliberately ignores us like a real Healer.