Top 10 Most Romantic Downton Abbey Moments



Top 10 Most Romantic Downton Abbey Moments

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"Downton Abbey" has given us so many romantic moments. For this list, we'll be looking at scenes from both the series and the first film that show a deep love between two characters. Our countdown includes Robert's ulcer bursts, Mr. Bates's proposal, Atticus proposes to Lady Rose, and more!

Top 10 Most Romantic Downton Abbey Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Romantic “Downton Abbey” Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at scenes from both the series and the first film that show a deep love between two characters.

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#10: Lord Merton Proposes to Isobel Crawley
“Episode Four”

For much of the series, romance is the last thing the widowed Isobel Crawley expects to have return in her life. Yet she nonetheless catches the eye of the Lord Merton, Richard Grey. Feeling emboldened to speak his mind, Lord Merton visits Isobel with the express interest in asking for her hand in marriage, no matter the answer. Worried she thinks he’s only asking out of convenience or comfort, Dickie makes clear his intentions are as pure as any youth’s because he’s fallen for her. Simple as that. Dickie knows he’s not going to get a yes right then and there, but he has our full blessing thanks to his candor and sincerity. And thankfully, his patience eventually pays off.

#9: Daisy & William’s Wedding
“Episode Five”

These nuptials have everything for the makings of a truly tragic romantic scene. Well, except for requited feelings, but a myriad of complications make this anything but your average ceremony. Indeed, Daisy understandably can’t force herself to have romantic sentiments for William, even after he’s fatally wounded in war and slipping away on his deathbed. But William cares for her so deeply that he wants to make sure she’s taken care of after he’s gone. Daisy however couldn’t care less about widow’s benefits, and can only go through with it to make her friend happy in his final hours. Conflicts aside, the wedding itself is beautiful. Tragic, but beautiful all the same.

#8: Robert’s Ulcer Bursts
“Episode Five”

Having been married a good two decades before the series starts, Robert and Cora don’t get too many affirmations of love, though there are some tender moments. Ones that come to mind are their last night with Isis and when Robert opens up about their finances. However, if there’s one intimate moment that no one saw coming - including them - it’s when Robert’s ulcer bursts in the middle of dinner. The cascade of blood is indeed shocking, but Robert’s main concern is making sure Cora knows how much he loves her. Cora, however, is staunch in the belief that this isn’t their last interaction, and thankfully, she’s right. Still, talk about true character revealing itself.

#7: Thomas Barrow & Richard Ellis Kiss
“Downton Abbey” (2019)

Being a closeted gay man in early 20th century England has a damaging effect on Thomas, making him feel alienated from everyone and stoking his disagreeable behavior. He’s a subtly tragic character, but he finally gets a glimmer of hope in the first theatrical movie when he meets the King’s Royal Dresser Richard. Richard seems much more comfortable with his sexuality, and manages to get Thomas to come out of his shell. A friendship soon blooms, but after Richard uses his royal influence to spring Thomas from prison for visiting a gay nightclub, we know it’s more than that. Finally, just before Richard is to leave for London, Thomas gets a much deserved and affectionate kiss.

#6: Atticus Proposes to Lady Rose
“Episode Seven”

From the moment they met in the rain, we knew these two were meant to be. Though Rose and Atticus’s courtship is relatively short, it still faces its fair share of challenges. Namely, Atticus’s father and Rose’s mother both disapprove of the coupling, each finding it to be a conflict of faith. Atticus remains undeterred, however. In fact, the obstacle only fortifies his love for her and rouses him to pop the question. Thankfully, Rose is on exactly the same page he is, as they both know their union is inevitable no matter the circumstances. Seriously, is there a couple on “Downton” cuter than Atticus and Rose?

#5: Bertie Pelham’s Confession of Love
“The Finale”

Edith has had more than one relationship go awry. Though some of that comes down to bad luck, we knew from her first kiss with Bertie Pelham that this one might be the real deal. Still, their subsequent engagement is put in jeopardy when Mary spitefully reveals to Bertie Marigold’s true parentage. Bertie is understandably thrown for a loop and calls it off, but thankfully they reunite in the finale where he reaffirms his love for her. While Edith makes it clear things will never be simple, Bertie knows that a complicated life with her is better than a simple life without her. This time Edith really does tie the knot, and we couldn’t be happier.

#4: Mr. Bates’s Proposal
“Episode One”

More than any other relationship on “Downton,” Anna and Mr. Bates’s has put us on an emotional rollercoaster, with romantic moments ranging from him bringing her dinner, to her confessing her love, to their wedding, and even to their reunion following his exoneration. Still, if there’s one moment we can’t help but come back to the most, it’s Mr. Bates’s marriage proposal. Upon believing that he can finally divorce his estranged wife Vera, Bates comes to Anna with the prospective news. Anna’s understandably cross that he broached the subject with Robert first, but the fact that her joy shines through regardless has our hearts cheering alongside theirs.

#3: Tom Branson Would “Wait Forever” for Lady Sybil
“Episode Six”

Despite all the class obstacles, Tom’s love for Lady Sybil during their time together is unwavering. While he often prompts her to believe in their potential, he’s also realistic in knowing that sacrifices must be made for the things you love. Sybil takes a while to commit to it all, but her asking him to wait until the end of the war does elicit one of the most romantic exchanges in the entire series. While no one should have to wait forever for someone else, the fact that Tom so earnestly would only reaffirms his dedication further. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to wait much longer at all as Sybil’s acceptance of his proposal finally leads to their first kiss. Some things are worth waiting for.

#2: Mr. Carson Proposes to Mrs. Hughes
“Episode One”

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes’s relationship is one that took a while to develop. But seeing as they’re already so comfortable with one another to the point that a romance is only logical, they probably should’ve seen it coming from the beginning. Still, we wouldn’t trade their day at the beach - where it became adorably obvious - for anything. We’d still have to wait a little longer for something to materialize, but his buying a cottage prompts him to put it in her name as well, spurring along a formal proposal. Mrs. Hughes gives him a little anticipation in relaying her answer, but from the look on her face, we knew the answer would be yes.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Tom Branson & Lucy’s Kiss, “Downton Abbey” (2019)
Lucy May Not Be Sybil, but We’re More Than Glad Tom Finally Found Someone Again

Lady Edith & Michael Gregson’s Last Kiss, “Episode One”
Though Edith Found Happiness, This Kiss Makes Us Wonder What Might’ve Been

Henry Talbot Confesses His Love to Lady Mary After Their First Kiss, “Episode Six”
Mary Wasn’t Sure About Him, but We Sure Were

Mr. Molesley Learns About Miss Baxter’s Past, “Episode Two”
The Fact That These Two Don’t Get Together in the Show Is a Crime

Prince Kuragin Confesses His Love to the Dowager Countess, “Episode Eight”
Finally, Someone Appreciates the Majesty That Is the Dowager Countess

#1: Matthew’s Proposal
“Christmas at Downton Abbey”

Even though they didn’t always see it, and even though it didn’t end well, Mary and Matthew were always endgame. We knew it from their first kiss to their one while dancing. But nothing blows all other romantic moments out of the water quite like one in the snow. Mary and Matthew have at this point been met with a slew of obstacles, from her scandal with Mr. Pamuk to the passing of Lavinia. Still, in the Christmas special, Matthew realizes it’s time for them to start living their lives together rather than apart. We’d imagined this moment for a long time prior to this, and thanks to the atmosphere and the emotion, it more than exceeded our expectations.