Top 10 Easter Eggs in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers You Missed



Top 10 Easter Eggs in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers You Missed

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
Sometimes, some Easter eggs go slippin' through the cracks. For this list, we'll be looking at little details in the “Rescue Rangers” feature film. Our countdown includes Dip, voices, frozen food, and more!

Top 10 Easter Eggs in Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers You Missed

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Easter Eggs in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers You Missed.

For this list, we’ll be looking at little details in the “Rescue Rangers” feature film that you might’ve let slip through the cracks. Since there’s a mystery at the heart of the story and the cameos are countless, a spoiler alert is in order.

Which “Rescue Rangers” Easter eggs stood out to you? Let us know in the comments.

#10: Main Street Characters

On the case, Chip and Dale visit Main Street, which looks an awful lot like the one in Disneyland. Instead of costumed performers, though, actual animated characters sell goods. Among the recognizable faces is Linda Flynn-Fletcher from “Phineas and Ferb.” Wart and Mepps, who were members of Fat Cat’s gang in the original “Rescue Rangers” series, can be found in the background. From a window, The Colonel from “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” is seen blowing bubbles… at least that’s what he appears to be doing. As Dale notes, the characters on Main Street are always up to something behind the scenes, especially Keegan-Michael Key as Bjornson the Cheesemonger. While this puppet is an original character, he does mimic the Swedish Chef in one instance.

#9: Transformed Pete

If you thought middle-aged Peter Pan was jarring, get a load of bootlegged Pete. As everything goes haywire, Sweet Pete becomes a hodgepodge of different characters. While Peter’s torso is about the same, he now sports a pair of red pants like Mickey Mouse’s. One leg resembles that of a Transformers’ while his other leg is modeled after Woody’s from “Toy Story.” Pete directly references “Wreck-It Ralph” as he commands his oversized left arm. His right shoulder armor is a bit like the Shredder’s in “Ninja Turtles.” Of course, Shredder didn’t have a cannon for an arm! And to top it all off, he gets a cat head that could be mistaken for Marie from “The Aristocats.” This ain’t no happy little thought.

#8: Double-O Dale

You can’t have Chip without Dale and vice versa. Dale learns this the hard way when he signs up for a failed pilot entitled “Double-O Dale.” While this wasn’t actually a show, there was a “Rescue Rangers” episode entitled “Double 'O Chipmunk” where Dale and Zipper get roped into a secret agent caper. Before that, “DuckTales” had an episode entitled “Double-O-Duck,” which served as Launchpad’s spy nickname. With this episode providing something of a launchpad (pun intended), Tad Stones went on to create “Darkwing Duck.” Although that show largely dropped the James Bond angle, it’d still work in elements like the organization F.O.W.L. Stones was also the co-creator of “Rescue Rangers.” So, we guess “Double-O Dale” brings things full circle.

#7: Dip

The filmmakers make it no secret that they were heavily inspired by “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Roger himself even makes a cameo while Jessica is mentioned in passing. While it was hard to miss those references, you’d have to be a private investigator of Eddie Valiant’s caliber to catch this Easter egg. Preparing to give Chip the bootleg treatment, Sweet Pete breaks out an assortment of lethal instruments. Among his collection is a bottle of the Dip. In “Roger Rabbit,” Judge Doom develops this dastardly concoction of turpentine, acetone, and benzene to wipe toons off the face of the Earth. Fortunately, Pete reaches for an eraser instead of the deadly chemical. Let’s just be grateful Chip didn’t meet the same fate as the toon shoe.

#6: Frozen Food

Returning home, Chip opens the fridge where a few items stand out. Chip reaches for a box of Frozone Food with Lucius Best from “The Incredibles” on the packaging. To the left, you can spot cartons of Ice Age Cream with Scrat the saber-toothed squirrel featured. While those franchises are under the Disney umbrella, we were genuinely surprised to see a box of Foghorn Leghorn & Henery Hawk Pasta in Chip’s freezer. This was one of several Looney Tunes Meals that Tyson Foods produced during the early 90s. And apparently, Chip still hasn’t gotten around to microwaving this retro TV dinner. It’s not Daffy pion dueling Donald or Bugs parachuting with Mickey, but seeing a Looney Tunes product in a modern Disney movie is mind-blowing nonetheless.

#5: Chip 'n Dale Animation Styles

Trapped in a bootleg machine, Chip and Dale risk getting a complete design. Honestly, though, we’d kind of like to see some of these alternate versions of the chipmunks get a spinoff. We mean, a Chip and Dale anime? Just substitute Dragon Balls with acorns! Another design sees Chip and Dale as “Rick and Morty” characters. Hey, they’re bound to exist in some reality. Although Chip and Dale started their cartoon careers in color, one design takes them back to the black-and-white era. A standout design sees them Simpson-ized while a superhero makeover turns them into a dynamic duo resembling Deadpool and Batman. We even get a nod to the madcap style of “Ren & Stimpy.” We’ve heard of sick little monkeys, but sick little chipmunks?

#4: Bootlegged Toons

As the case is closed, the Rescue Rangers stumble upon all of the kidnapped toons that have been bootlegged. The first bootlegged toon to emerge is none other than Bigfoot from “A Goofy Movie.” In addition to having underwear back on his head, Bigfoot has been given Fred Flintstones’ iconic outfit. Many of the bootlegged toons resemble distorted versions of Disney characters, including Abu from “Aladdin,” Zazu from “The Lion King,” Jiminy Cricket, Gus-Gus, Phineas Flynn, the Cheshire Cat, and Bonkers. Outside of Disney properties, there are bootlegged characters resembling Samurai Jack, Woody Woodpecker, Patrick Star, and Mighty Mouse. We’re curious if Disney got permission to bootleg those copyrighted characters or if this counts as parody. Either way, it’s a surreal crossover event!

#3: Voices

Although John Mulaney and Andy Samberg headline the film, most of the original “Rescue Ranger” cast members play a part. Corey Burton is briefly heard as Dale and Zipper, the latter of whom goes on to be voiced by Dennis Haysbert of “24.” Although Tress MacNeille can only be heard for a few seconds as Chip, she remains Gadget’s voice throughout. Eric Bana voices Monterey Jack, who Peter Cullen and Jim Cummings originally voiced. At least Cummings gets to reprise his roles as Fat Cat, Pete, and Darkwing Duck. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s” Rachel Bloom, who’s married to co-screenwriter Dan Gregor, voices several characters, including Chip’s Mom and Flounder. Tim Robinson brings out Ugly Sonic’s grit and Tad Stones even lends his voice to a studio executive.

#2: Billboards & Ads

Some of the film’s funniest cameos flash by in billboard form. As Chip and Dale drive through the streets, there are billboards for “Johnny Bravo Fitness” and the law team of Doug Funnie and Porkchop. Remember, “Your injury is not Funnie!” We’re not sure how they turned the Waze app into a movie, but we’d totally pay to see “Lego Miserables.” We’d dare even say it might be better than the Russell Crowe version. At first, the bench ad for Senator Butt-Head caught us off guard, but we’ve admittedly elected less qualified candidates to office. Although they don’t make appearances on screen, Squidward and Yogi Bear’s names are on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So is Samurai Jack’s. It’s a small Toontown after all.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Professor Norton Nimnul
The Mad Scientist is Seen on the Rescue Rangers Set

“Wreck-It Ralph” Donut Cops
Wynnchel & Duncan Are On the Case

Randy Marsh
“South Park” Meets Disney? It’s Not the First Time!

Seth Rogen Characters
Mantis From “Kung Fu Panda,” B.O.B. From “Monsters vs. Aliens,” & Pumbaa United

T-1000 Reference
From Liquid Metal to Clay

#1: Items on the Wall

Locating the villain’s hideout, our heroes find various parts and items taken from animated characters. A pause button is required to catch them all. Disney fans will recognize Jiminy Cricket’s hat and umbrella, a Potato Head body, and the Kingdom Key from “Kingdom Hearts.” Some parts seemingly belong to Nickelodeon characters, including Jimmy Neutron’s hair and the mouth of Ickis from “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.” Other accessories include Rocky the Flying Squirrel’s aviator hat, a Smurf’s cap, a tail belonging to Shenron from “Dragon Ball,” Pikachu’s tail, and Bartok the Bat’s ears. Not even the crafty Pink Panther is safe. If counting these Easter eggs wasn’t so much fun, we might find it disturbing that so many cartoon body parts are hanging on the wall.