Top 10 Poppy Playtime Easter Eggs



Top 10 Poppy Playtime Easter Eggs

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Johnny Reynolds
With only two chapters, "Poppy Playtime" has pulled in players with terrifying antagonists and a ton of great Easter Eggs to obsess over. For this list, we'll be looking at the coolest hidden details found in the first two chapters of this indie horror sensation. Our countdown includes Owen the Oven, the significance of Poppy's name, a cameo from Jacksepticeye, and more!
Script written by Johnny Reynolds

With only two chapters, "Poppy Playtime" has pulled in players with terrifying antagonists and a ton of great Easter Eggs to obsess over. For this list, we’ll be looking at the coolest hidden details found in the first two chapters of this indie horror sensation. Our countdown includes Owen the Oven, the significance of Poppy's name, a cameo from Jacksepticeye, and more! Did you notice these details? What’s your favorite Easter Egg in “Poppy Playtime?” Sound off in the comments below!

#10: The Hanging Toys

By now, we know full well that essentially every single toy seen in “Poppy Playtime” is somehow alive. And not just the giant, horrific behemoths that chase you around. Throughout Chapter 1, you’ll find multiple regular-sized toys lying around with missing parts. If there was any question that these toys had also been alive at one point, it’s answered towards the end of the chapter. Before entering Poppy’s room, you’ll see a bunch of amputated toys hanging from the ceiling. Scribbled on the walls are warnings of “Danger,” “Stop,” and “Run.” Regardless of which toys wrote these messages, it means that every single one of them was made real and that not all of them wish you harm.

#9: Jacksepticeye’s Tape

Across both chapters, you can collect optional video tapes that add to the worldbuilding. They’re definitely worth grabbing if you want to know more about what’s happening. In Chapter 2, one VHS tape even has a pretty cool cameo. One of YouTube’s most popular Let’s Players, Jacksepticeye, appears as a former Playtime Co. employee. The tape is an interview between his character, Marcas Brickley, and the facility’s Head of Innovation, Leith Pierre. Marcas saw a creature that clearly scared him half to death, stating it was “50 feet long with a thousand legs.” The creature was likely PJ Pug-a-Pillar, who you encounter during a minigame in the same chapter. For fans, it was a neat surprise to see Jacksepticeye pop up here.

#8: Markiplier’s Birthday

Jacksepticeye isn’t the only popular Let’s Play YouTuber who got an Easter Egg in Chapter 2. But the one for Markiplier is a bit more personal. In this chapter, players can find cardboard standees of Playtime Co.’s various characters. Pressing their respective buttons will cause them to say phrases, usually getting more unsettling the more you press them. Markiplier, who played both chapters on his channel, found a special message for him with the Bunzo Bunny standee. Pressing Bunzo’s button will cause him to creepily say, “I know when your birthday is…June 28th!” This is Markiplier’s birthday, who definitely seemed creeped out when he discovered the Easter Egg.

#7: Owen the Oven

At a certain point in Chapter 2, you’ll come across a storage room with rejected toys. Next to them, you can read about why they were rejected. In the case of Owen the Oven, it’s because it would consistently give kids third degree burns. But that isn’t the Easter Egg. If you look at Owen from the other side, you’ll find a hidden message written on his back. It reads, “Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?” Absolute gibberish to the uninitiated. But it’s a reference to a popular copypasta, which was made into a “Garfield” meme with Jon Arbuckle saying it.

#6: Always Watching

Chapter 1 wastes no time in creeping you out. Early on, you’ll come across what appears to be a statue of Huggy Wuggy, one of Playtime Co.’s signature characters. Unfortunately for you, he’ll soon be gone when you return to the room. The chapter closes with a terrifying chase through vents as Huggy attempts to gobble you up. But you actually see him a handful of times before this climactic moment. One that many players missed the first time around is during the sequence where you must activate a conveyor belt. Huggy can be seen watching you from a vent before swiftly closing the gate. Other keen-eyed players noticed Huggy is organic as he bleeds after falling during the tense chase.

#5: Twisted Orphanage

“Poppy Playtime” is still shrouded in mystery, but Chapter 2 definitely cleared up some hints from Chapter 1. As we know from the opening letter, Playtime Co. employees are still trapped inside the facility. But it seems they aren’t the only ones who may have been turned into toys. Part 1 gave us several hints about the company’s orphanage program, like an adoption poster and a VHS tape of an annoyed employee. Just in case that didn’t get the point across, Chapter 2 does with multiple children's drawings plastered on the walls and the tests you take clearly being aimed at kids. It seems likely we’ll find out exactly what happened to these orphans in the coming chapters.

#4: Hidden Poppy Dialogue

We’re still not sure how to feel about Poppy. The doll is definitely creepy, but she seemed grateful to us for freeing her and helped us during the start of Chapter 2 before Mommy Long Legs captured her. The end of Chapter 2 had her betray us, leading us not to freedom but deeper into the facility. However, by exploring a prototype version of the chapter, some players discovered something very interesting. Poppy’s final lines were seemingly much longer and hinted towards Chapter 3. The unused lines state she’s responsible for the deaths and disappearances and that she believes you’re the one who can help her make things right.

#3: All in the Name

Poppy isn’t just a cute name for a doll. She seems to have been named after the red flower, a giant painting of which marks the room you find her in at the end of Chapter 1. However, there is a mountain of symbolism attached to red poppies that the developers included. Poppies are often used as a symbol for sleep; their seeds make for a powerful sedative and you find Poppy dozing at the end of Chapter 1. Unfortunately, they can also represent death due to their bright red color and how they’ve been used in remembrance for fallen soldiers. In some branches of mythology, it can even represent rebirth after death, which certainly plays into the lore of “Poppy Playtime.”

#2: Experiment 1006

Giant, demonic toys are bad enough but it seems something much worse is coming. One of the VHS tapes from Chapter 1 mentions Experiment 1006, AKA The Prototype, who can presumably be heard in the background killing people. Many may have assumed this experiment was Huggy Wuggy, but Chapter 2 debunked that theory with another VHS tape. At the end of the Mommy Long Legs chase, she screams, “He’ll make me a part of him!” before she dies, with part of her body being dragged away by a disturbing claw. Remember all those amputated toys we mentioned? Well, it seems Experiment 1006 likes to take bits of others to add to himself. Great…can’t wait to see that monstrosity.

#1: Stella Greyber

Of all the characters mentioned throughout the environmental storytelling of “Poppy Playtime,” we find Stella Greyber the most fascinating. A VHS tape in Chapter 1 showed her interview for a potential position. She notably speaks of wishing she could have stayed a kid. Chapter 2 told us she’d been hired on; she’s the voice players hear over the intercom of the Game Station. What earns Stella the top spot, however, is that she shares the same voice actress with Poppy herself: Nola Klop. This could mean nothing and Klop could just voice both characters. But given the plot revolves around people being turned into toys, and Stella’s expressed desire to have stayed a kid, many have theorized Stella and Poppy are one and the same.