Top 10 Rewatchable Moments in Everything Everywhere All at Once



Top 10 Rewatchable Moments in Everything Everywhere All at Once

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This wild movie deserves multiple viewings. For this list, we'll be looking at the most mind blowing, exciting and emotional scenes in this creative multiverse movie. Our countdown includes Jobu Tupaki Introduces the Everything Bagel, Alpha Waymond's Fanny Pack Fight, A Multiversal Melee, and more!

Top 10 Rewatchable Moments in Everything Everywhere All at Once

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Rewatchable Moments in “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most mind blowing, exciting and emotional scenes in this creative multiverse movie. If you haven’t seen every bit of “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, beware of spoilers ahead.

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#10: Jobu Tupaki Introduces the Everything Bagel

After Evelyn learns that the multiverse exists, she’s confronted by a sinister alternate version of her daughter named Jobu Tupaki. During their conversation, the antagonist reveals that she combined a bunch of random elements and essentially made a black hole she calls an everything bagel. Since the Jobu Tupaki creation partly consists of a few Craiglist's ads, the scene is worth going back to and slowing down to read the bizarre posts. This sequence also introduces the dangerous bagel at the center of the plot and makes audiences understand what’s at stake. Packed with hilarious details and weighty ideas, this bagel scene is worth sinking your teeth into multiple times.

#9: Pinky Kung Fu

The process known as verse jumping allows people to borrow useful skills from their alternate selves. But although Evelyn Wang becomes a master of Kung fu, she still has trouble fighting off her enemies. Fortunately, she had a secret technique hidden up her sleeves. A montage reveals that one of her counterparts forged their pinkies into deadly weapons. This paved the way for a hilarious scene where Evelyn wrecks enemies with just a couple of fingers. Thanks to great stunt work, this silly idea becomes endlessly fun to rewatch. And as a bonus, the concept cleverly returns at a crucial moment in the narrative. Who knew pinkies could be such powerful and entertaining weapons?

#8: Rolling Into the Rock Universe

Once Evelyn begins to understand just how many worlds are out there, her mind becomes overwhelmed with the possibilities. She accidentally takes a break from it all by traveling to a universe where she and Jobu Tupaki are sentient rocks. Their highly unexpected detour initially seems like it'll be a quick gag. However, it soon becomes a poignant scene where the mother and daughter discuss what makes life meaningful. Along the way, they also grow a little closer and even share a laugh. The choice to have this scene rely entirely on subtitles instead of spoken dialogue helps it stand out as one of the film’s more unique sequences. Watching a pair of rocks talk doesn’t get much more impactful than this.

#7: Alpha Waymond’s Fanny Pack Fight

When Evelyn gets in trouble with security, the heroic Alpha Waymond steps up and…eats some chapstick. Instead of making him sick, this odd choice allows him to borrow fighting skills from one of his multiverse counterparts. Alpha Waymond immediately uses his newly gained abilities to make his fanny pack into a fearsome weapon. The fight scene that follows is slick, extremely clever and surprisingly brutal at points. And to make matters more impressive, Waymond actor Ke Huy Quan did most of the stunt work in this tense and funny confrontation himself. This fight scene is so good that you might be inspired to start carrying around a fanny pack everywhere you go.

#6: Evelyn Defends Her Family

A group of experienced verse jumpers were ready to subdue three members of the Wang family in hopes of saving the multiverse. Just when hope seems to be lost, Evelyn finds a way to fight back. During this breathtaking scene, she borrows heightened senses from a counterpart who was blinded at a young age and borrows sign spinning techniques from another variant. We’d revisit this fantastic sequence for the fight choreography alone! But what really makes this scene wonderful is how it seamlessly blends scenes from the main universe and the two that Evelyn jumps to. Although this fight could’ve been disorienting, it became another excellent demonstration of the film’s complex and fun multiverse concept.

#5: Evelyn Stands Up to Her Father

For most of the movie’s runtime, Evelyn is desperate to get any version of her father to approve of her decisions. But when he stands between her and saving her daughter, she decides to finally speak out against him. Evelyn uses her stirring speech to let her dad know that it’s okay to make mistakes. Although her monologue contains a lot of specific problems from her own life, it feels remarkably universal for anyone who’s ever struggled to get approval from a parent or mentor. Evelyn’s inspiring words remind us that even if someone you care about doesn’t fully understand or accept who you are, you should never apologize for being yourself.

#4: The Raccacoonie Rescue Mission

While Evelyn is describing the multiverse, she accidentally refers to the movie “Ratatouille” as “Raccacoonie ”. Although this seemed like a throwaway joke, she later finds a universe where this mammal exists. It was immensely surprising and funny to see the racoon control a chef named Chad by pulling hair just like Remy the rat did in “Ratatouille”. But the best part of this plotline is its conclusion. After animal control comes for Raccacoonie, Evelyn decides to help get the animal back. The humans hilariously take turns controlling each other’s hair to save the little chef. Watching a simple movie title mixup blossom into a successful rescue mission was absurd, wonderful and shockingly satisfying.

#3: A Multiversal Melee

Jobu Tupaki’s ability to effortlessly jump through the multiverse made her virtually impossible to beat in a one-on-one battle. But after walking through most opponents, she finally meets her match when Evelyn catches up. While every one of their fights is fantastic, their final clash is the best of them all. This visually stunning duel sees them travel through countless universes as they trade blows. While parts of the fight are played completely straight, the movie also sneaks some comedy into their clash. The battle’s brilliant balance of humor and tragedy, excellent choreography, and arresting visuals made it the movie’s most tremendous fight.

#2: Waymond Shows Eleanor Another Way

Right before a violent battle breaks out, Waymond steps forward and calls for peace. Although he’s afraid and hopelessly outnumbered, he still believes that he can prevent a bloody conflict. Waymond’s emotional words are beautifully intercut with scenes where alternate versions of himself encourage kindness and optimism in the face of any difficulty. This incredibly inspiring scene is supported by stellar performances and gorgeous cinematography. And after Waymond finishes talking, Eleanor stops trying to inflict pain and tries to help others heal. His words lead to a series of quick scenes where multiversal warriors get to experience true happiness. Waymond’s pivotal scene ultimately showed the characters and the audience how powerful kindness can be.

Before we highlight our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Evelyn Learns Martial Arts
She Effortlessly Turns the Tables on Her Angry Opponent

Opening Sequence
Going Back and Finding All the Foreshadowing Is Ridiculously Fun

Deirdre & Evelyn Have A Heart to Heart
It’s Nice to See This Duo Talk Instead of Being at Each Other’s Throats

The Hot Dog Universe Love Story
Who Knew Such a Bizarre Romance Could Feel So Sweet?

Evelyn’s Multiverse Montage
Fans Have to Rewatch It Several Times to Catch All the Verses She Appears In

#1: Evelyn Doesn’t Let Her Daughter Go

One version of Joy Wang became the villainous Jobu Tupaki after her mind and attention became split across the vast multiverse. The constant noise and overstimulation drove her to want to jump into an all consuming everything bagel in the hopes of permanently finding peace. However, Evelyn refuses to let her daughter go through with this plot. After Jobu Tupaki steps into the bagel, her mom makes one last attempt to keep her child in the multiverse. Evelyn’s words beautifully summarize all the movie’s themes and fittingly bring the story full circle. And as she speaks, the movie features weird, action-packed and heartwarming imagery. This climactic scene perfectly captures why we love rewatching “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.