Top 10 Jurassic World Dominion Callbacks



Top 10 Jurassic World Dominion Callbacks

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
This film series loves digging up the past! For this list, we'll be looking at instances where the third “Jurassic World” film dug up references to its predecessors. Our countdown includes Ellie's “In Awe” Expression, Malcolm's Kids, The Barbasol Can, and more!

Top 10 Jurassic World Dominion Callbacks

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Jurassic World Dominion Callbacks.

For this list, we’ll be looking at instances where the third “Jurassic World” film dug up references to its predecessors. This means spoilers for the whole “Jurassic” franchise.

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#10: Dodgson! We’ve Got Dodgson Here!

Dr. Lewis Dodgson plays a small but essential role in “Jurassic Park,” paying Dennis Nedry to steal the dinosaur embryos. In doing so, Dodgson’s company, Biosyn, stands to catch up on years of research. Dodgson is upgraded to a main villain in “The Lost World” novel, but the 1997 film adaptation essentially replaced him with Peter Ludlow. After 29 years, Dodgson returns to the “Jurassic” movie universe, taking his place as the big bad. If you think Dodgson looks different, that’s not only because he lost the hat and sunglasses. In “Jurassic Park,” he was played by Cameron Thor, who received a six-year prison sentence in 2016 for what he did to a 13-year-old. Makes sense why they recast the role with Campbell Scott here.

#9: Ellie’s “In Awe” Expression

You can replace Dodgson, but Laura Dern is our one and only Dr. Ellie Sattler. Sattler has been MIA since “Jurassic Park III,” and even in that film, she stayed away from any dinosaurs. “Dominion” finds her back in action, donning a familiar look. In “Jurassic Park,” Sattler wore a pink shirt tied in a knot over a blue tank top. Sattler takes on a similar look in this scene, although she’s ditched the khaki shorts. We all remember when Sattler first laid eyes on a live dinosaur, removing her sunglasses in disbelief. Sattler has the same reaction in “Dominion,” but instead of a Brachiosaurus, she dramatically takes off her sunglasses to gaze upon a field that was previously swarmed with giant locusts.

#8: The Electric Fence

Jurassic Park is full of dangers, including the thing that was supposed to separate the dinosaurs from visitors. With most of the electric fences down, Alan Grant is able to climb over with Hammond’s grandchildren. Of course, Grant partakes in a little fun first. As bad timing would have it, the power turns back on before Tim lets go, but he thankfully bounces back. This is subtly referenced in “Dominion” shortly after Grant and Sattler arrive at the Biosyn site. Thanks to technological advances, Biosyn isn’t reliant on electric fences to herd dinosaurs. At one point, Grant is asked if he remembers how much electricity went through the fences at the original park. Grant simply replies yes, but his face tells a much longer story.

#7: Malcolm’s Kids

In “Jurassic Park,” Ian Malcolm mentions that he has three kids from various marriages. “The Lost World” introduces one of Malcolm’s children, Kelly Curtis, who proves that a Velociraptor is no match for a 13-year-old gymnast. As the original trio gets reacquainted in “Dominion,” Malcolm once again brings up fatherhood. This time, though, Malcolm mentions that he has five children, meaning that he had two more sometime after the first film. It isn’t mentioned if the mother is Sarah Harding, Malcolm’s girlfriend in “The Lost World.” “How I Met Your Jurassic Mom,” maybe that’ll be a spinoff? In any case, it’s good to know that there are more kids out there with the Malcolm gene.

#6: “Logosaurus” Comes Alive

We’re all familiar with the “Jurassic Park” logo, which consists of the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton silhouette enclosed in a circle. While the logo has been prominently displayed throughout the franchise, “Dominion” brings “Logosaurus” - as some fans call it - into the real world. As our heroes race to escape the Biosyn facility, they’re suddenly confronted by the T-Rex. Rexy emerges from behind a circular fountain, posing with a roar before springing into action. Despite being the most imposing dinosaur, T-Rex has saved our heroes on multiple occasions. The T-Rex thwarted the raptors in “Jurassic Park” and took on the Indominus rex in “Jurassic World.” Rexy once again inadvertently saves the day in “Dominion,” holding off its rival long enough for our heroes to flee.

#5: Sexy Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum - actor, jazz musician, sex symbol. “Jurassic Park” has given us numerous memes, but none are steamier than a wounded Ian Malcolm lying down with his shirt partially unbuttoned, revealing a chest draped in sweat, hair, and rugged masculinity. We’re not sure if this scene was meant to be so seductive, but it’s become a viral sensation, even getting a Funko pop. While Goldblum doesn’t recreate this iconic scene precisely in “Dominion,” it is briefly referenced. Following one near-death experience, Malcolm looks down to find that his shirt is coming undone. He quickly buttons back up, but from that brief glimpse, Malcolm’s still got it. If you want to see Goldblum fully recapture that magic moment, we’ve got you covered:

#4: Dilophosaurus Strike Back

Dennis Nedry is often blamed for everything that goes wrong in the “Jurassic” franchise. Then again, if Dodgson hadn’t paid Nedry in the first place, he wouldn’t have sabotaged the security system and the park might’ve gotten a glowing endorsement. So, it’s only fitting that Dodgson receives a death in the same vein as Nedry’s. In the first movie, the slimy computer programmer becomes even slimier when a Dilophosaurus covers him in venom. Nedry tries to escape, only to find another Dilophosaurus in the jeep where he meets his end. In “Dominion,” Dodgson’s escape pod is stalled during a power outage. It isn’t long until Dodgson is confronted by multiple neck-frilled fiends, receiving a death that’s at least three times worse than Nedry’s.

#3: Automobile Trouble

During the first film’s initial T-Rex attack, the Jeep gets rolled over with Lex and Tim inside. While Lex gets out, Tim goes over the edge with the Jeep. Fortunately, Grant pulls off a daring rescue, only for them to both wind up back in the car. “Dominion” offers more car trouble, but instead of just a few characters, all of our heroes are stuck in an automobile when it gets sent tumbling down a cliff. Landing upside down, everyone miraculously survives, but their problems are just getting started. Facing a Giganotosaurus, Grant and Owen fight over a familiar line: “Don’t move.” The bad news is that they don’t have a flare this time. Luckily, fire is easy to come by and Malcolm is always resourceful.

#2: Alan & Ellie Make It Official

Although there’s always been a spark between them, “Jurassic Park” refreshingly underplays the romance between Grant and Sattler. They don’t even kiss, which is especially rare in mainstream blockbusters. We were all disappointed when the third movie revealed that the relationship didn’t last and Sattler settled down with someone else. “Dominion” corrects this with the two rekindling their feelings. When the scientists reunite, it’s reminiscent of when John Hammond recruited them to visit Jurassic Park. This time, though, Sattler fills the Hammond role, enlisting Grant for one more mission. This won’t be their last journey, as the final act sees Grant ready to follow Sattler wherever she goes next. They seal the deal with a kiss that’s been in the making for almost three decades.

#1: The Barbasol Can

Product placement isn’t always done tastefully, but “Jurassic Park” has some of the best in cinematic history. To steal the embryos, Nedry is given a container disguised as a ​Barbasol can. As Nedry meets his end, the shaving cream can sits on the side of the road, becoming covered in mud. While many assumed that the can was lost, “Dominion” reveals that Biosyn recovered it. Dodgson keeps the decaying can in his office as a memento. How did Biosyn find the can? It’s never made clear. In “Jurassic Park: The Game,” BioSyn employees recover the can, which either gets crushed by a T-Rex or left behind depending on the players’ choice. However Dodgson got it, seeing the ​Barbasol can took us right back to 1993.