Top 10 Anime Songs We Can't Stop Listening To



Top 10 Anime Songs We Can't Stop Listening To

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
We can't get these bangers out of our head! Join Ashley as we look over the songs in anime that are constantly on repeat in our music libraries, as heard in series such as "Jujutsu Kaisen", "My Dress Up Darling", "Ranking of Kings", and more!
Script written by Garrett Alden

Top 10 Anime Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To

Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 anime songs we can’t stop listening to.

For this list, we’ll be going over the songs from relatively recent anime openings and endings that are incredibly addictive. To be clear, we aren’t necessarily ranking the openings and endings in question, just the music itself.

If there’s an anime song you keep coming back to, share your favorites in the comments!

#10: “Your Name” by Little Glee Monster

“The Case Study of Vanitas” (2021-)

The second opening theme of this flashy, vampiric shounen, the song has a wonderful chill feeling to it, with its multiple singers alternating between harmonies and solos naturally. “Your Name” features several highlights of unusual instruments among its general vibe of downtempo beats, including piano and accordion. It also has both a Japanese and English version, and each of them sounds fantastic. Regardless of which one you prefer, “Your Name” makes for a great listen, whether you have it on in the background or are working hard on Vanitas fanart!

#9: “Koi no Yukue” by Akari Akase

“My Dress-Up Darling” (2022-)

The ending theme for one of the year’s biggest hits is simply adorable. Fittingly performed by cosplayer extraordinaire Akari Akase, “Koi no Yukue” is an utterly charming and bubbly tune. Its chorus will wriggle its way into your brain and never leave because of how “kyute kyute kyute” it is! Plus that synthesizer will ensure that it doesn’t get too syrupy sweet. It will undoubtedly put a bounce in your step thanks to its various jazzy interludes. Basically, it’s Marin personified.

#8: “Kamigami” by Maximum the Hormone

“Record of Ragnarok” (2021-)

This heavy metal band has plenty of bangers under their belt, and Kamigami is no exception. Along with the screaming vocals that evoke the apocalyptic contest the show focuses on, there’s also sections of slower, mournful moments to really up the ante. Big props need drumming however, which absolutely goes OFF! With so much jam packed into so short a time, we can’t wait for the full version! How many gods do we have to slay to get one?

#7: “No.7” by Jibaku Shōnen Band

“Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun” (2020)

You’d think it would be bizarre for an anime about a ghost haunting a toilet bowl to have an opening track with so much energy, and yet it's oddly fitting! A hard rock, borderline metal song, “No.7” will have you vibing whether you listen to it in the bathroom or elsewhere. The guitar and drums are particularly impressive here, hyping up what’s admittedly a crazy concept into something radical. If this overlooked gem does make a return, we want this band back for another slamming showcase!

#6: “MAYDAY” by Coldrain (Feat. Ryo Kinoshita)

“Fire Force” (2019-20)

We can say without hyperbole that this metalcore groups’ contribution is the hottest thing since Shinra’s Adolla Burst. This song is fire, through and through. “MAYDAY” touches on plenty of thematic elements of “Fire Force,” from the opening moments evocative of emergency response, to the titular chorus, to lyrics involving devils and burning bridges. Along with the heavy instrumentals, the plaintive and powerful vocals are not only catchy, but compelling. We’ve burned through the repeat button a fair number of times with this one.

#5: “Treasure Pleasure” by Granrodeo

“Baki Hanma” (2021)

Never has going to prison sounded like so much fun! Granrodeo specializes in writing songs for anime openings, and they don’t miss! Featuring a lot of brass instrumentals and a downright funky guitar, “Treasure Pleasure” sounds like it came right out of the ‘70s. Its festive tone and intense pacing perfectly fit the over-the-top fights of “Baki Hanma” and the bombastic vocals only further cement this impression. It’s a blast to listen to on its own or if you want to get your groove on.

#4: “Flyers” by BRADIO

“Death Parade” (2015)

It may not fit the morose tone of the show…like, at all, but this track is such a bop you won’t even care! Funk, rock, and big band rolled into one, “Flyers” features some belting lead vocals, with velvety smooth backing, with every instrument getting at least one moment to strut its stuff. Even if dancing isn’t your thing, you’ll be hard pressed not to at least tap your feet to this joyful number. “Everybody put your hands up!”

#3: “Kaen” by Queen Bee

“Dororo” (2019)

There are few things that hit as hard as this song, bringing to life one of the God of Manga’s greatest works with flair and fury. The instrumentals range from traditional Japanese to modern rock staples to some haunting pianowork all dance together in a superb harmony. Over all these diverse sounds though, the song’s soulful vocals carry you through, evoking sadness and anger in equal measure. “Kaen” never fails to light a fire under us, no matter how many times we hear it.

#2: “Naked Hero” by Vaundy

“Ranking of Kings” (2021-)

Even if you’ve never seen this top tier show, this song will give you the feels! “Hadaka no Yuusha” or “Naked Hero” is a poignant rollercoaster that feels almost like a mirror of the journey of protagonist Bojji. It begins and occasionally returns to breathy vocals and soft acoustic guitar. Only to build and build,, until the drop when it positively explodes into a beautiful, powerful melody! The singer’s passion bursts through with every bar and it’s positively infectious. It holds nothing back and we love every second of it!


“Jujutsu Kaisen” (2020-)

The ultimate vibing track, “LOST IN PARADISE” is just so damn fresh! So much so it makes us forget all the horror that Idatori just went through. The instrumentation features prominently piano and saxophone, but they all work together to deliver a funky and smooth experience that has everyone who hears it grooving. The amount of swagger exuded by the vocalist is almost enviable, as he effortlessly ushers out more and more of that jazzy JPop goodness.. What else could we expect from a song approved by Gojo?