Top 10 Funniest Opening Movie Scenes



Top 10 Funniest Opening Movie Scenes

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These movies had us laughing from the word go! For this list, we'll be looking at the most hilarious moments that kicked off films. Our countdown includes “Super Troopers”, “Scary Movie”, "Borat", and more!

Top 10 Funniest Opening Scenes in Movies

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Opening Scenes in Movies

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most hilarious moments that kicked off films. While not all of these movies are entirely comedic, these openings are all intentionally uproarious.

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#10: “Super Troopers” (2001)

Cult cop comedy “Super Troopers” is arrestingly funny from the very start. A trio of stoners are spotted by Vermont state troopers Thorny and Rabbit. In a panic, one of them eats their stash, including some special mushrooms. When they’re pulled over, things start off tense and soon become utterly surreal, especially for our intoxicated passenger. A high-speed chase then commences, and things get even weirder from there. It’s pretty clear that these troopers and their colleagues aren’t particularly good at protecting or serving the community. But they can definitely serve up some laughs.

#9: “Deadpool” (2016)

While most superhero movies have moments of levity, few aim to make you laugh from beginning to end the way “Deadpool” does. Starring Ryan Reynolds as the “Merc with a Mouth”, the film immediately establishes its irreverent tone. The opening credits alone are hysterical, crediting the cast and creators not by name but by things like “God’s Perfect Idiot.” Then, we get a great introduction to Deadpool in which he rides in a cab on the way to get some much-needed revenge. In terms of honor, he might not be a Superman or Batman. But this opening proves Deadpool is stupendously funny.

#8: “Bring It On” (2000)

Great choreography and big laughs come together for the opening of this cheerleading comedy. At a pep rally, we meet the cheerleading squad at Rancho Carne High School and newly crowned captain Torrance Shipman, played by Kirsten Dunst. But Torrance’s joy soon turns to horror as she’s humiliated in front of the entire school. Thankfully, it’s all a dream, complete with a classic “waking up from a bad dream” pose. This opening establishes that the film is both about cheerleading and that it’s incredibly funny as well. 2, 4, 6, 8, what do we appreciate? This opening.

#7: “The Other Guys” (2010)

An action movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson is definitely a promising concept, and “The Other Guys” delivers on that idea, at least for a few minutes. Jackson and Johnson’s hotshot detectives pursue some suspects in a scene that parodies over-the-top cop movies. As it turns out, the crime doesn’t justify the millions of dollars in damage caused by their pursuit. That still doesn’t stop them from being ridiculously cocky, of course. They might not be in the movie for long, but we cherish the little time we do get with them.

#6: “Scary Movie” (2000)

When we first saw “Scary Movie,” we all felt like we were having some déjà vu. Someone receives a creepy call late at night and ends up murdered? Didn’t we see that a few years ago? But while the “Scary Movie” opening imitates that of “Scream,” it leans in a far-more comedic direction. The appropriately-named Drew, played by Carmen Electra, answers a stranger’s question about her favorite scary movie and gives a truly terrifying response. Before long, she’s running from the killer and meeting a memorable end. Violence and comedy don’t always work well together, but “Scary Movie’s” opening is so irreverent and full of gags that, well, it’s a scream.

#5: “Reservoir Dogs” (1992)

The name “Quentin Tarantino” didn’t mean much to most moviegoers who bought a ticket to see his first feature. But with its opening scene, “Reservoir Dogs” establishes itself as a different kind of crime movie and its director as a different kind of filmmaker. At a diner, a group of guys in suits discuss Madonna. But it’s when the bill comes that the debate really starts. Mr. Pink, played by Steve Buscemi, refuses to tip and explains his reasoning. You might not agree with his rationale, but it’s riveting to experience Tarantino’s dialogue, which manages to be clever while feeling authentic. His first scene was a great one, and he’s had plenty more since.

#4: “Pineapple Express” (2008)

So many memorable movie openings happen when the filmmakers get truly weird, like in the opening to this pot comedy. In an underground lab, an army private is given a special substance that causes him to act disrespectful towards authority, and the substance is declared illegal. While this is a not-quite accurate history lesson on how marijuana was outlawed, it is the perfect way to start the movie. Bill Hader is hysterical as the defiant-but-doomed Private Miller, and the spoofing of old thrillers is pitch-perfect. “Pineapple Express” kicks off on a high note.

#3: “Full Metal Jacket” (1987)

For the most part, Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece about US Marines training at boot camp and fighting in Vietnam is gravely serious. And its opening isn’t exactly relaxing. But through the tension, it manages to be incredibly funny. A drill sergeant, played by R. Lee Ermey, sizes up the newest batch of recruits, giving them demeaning nicknames and saying things we can’t possibly mention here. It’s un-PC but also unforgettable. Ermey, an actual drill sergeant who was initially hired as a consultant, improvised his famous remarks, lending to the authenticity of the moment. We’d hate to be in Sgt. Hartman’s barracks, but we love to be in his audience.

#2: “Borat” (2006)

In 2006, Borat was everywhere, but considering how great the first scene of his movie was, we certainly didn’t mind. In the opening of this mockumentary, we meet the Kazakhstani journalist in his home village and learn about his neighbors and family. It’s not exactly the most wholesome environment, but Borat’s local pride and upbeat attitude warm our hearts as well as make us laugh. The comedic genius of Sacha Baron Cohen is well known at this point. But for many of us, this scene is where we first began to recognize it.

#1: “Tropic Thunder” (2008)

On a typical movie-going night, if you’re lucky, you might see one memorable trailer. “Tropic Thunder” ups the ante with three great trailers and a ridiculous energy drink commercial. The only catch is, they’re all fake. Instead of a typical comedy opening scene, this Hollywood satire went straight for the jugular, parodying movie trends like Oscar bait and gross-out comedies. The effort put into these fake trailers is more than the amount put into most movies. And as ridiculous as some of these movies look, we also secretly want to see all of them. This isn’t just a funny opening; it’s the funniest.